My Obsession with Chloe Claire Chapter 1526

My Obsession with Chloe Claire Chapter 1526

Jiang Chen rejected the offer.

Those outer circle disciples who were watching from the sidelines were all frightened. Finally, they had witnessed Jiang Chen's aggressiveness. Although they were scared, no one really felt sorry for these guys, some of them even felt satisfaction in their minds.

A Second Grade Combat King; the Old Great Emperor, the man who once deserved the name of strongest man in the Eastern Continent had just been killed by Jiang Chen. He had died in a miserable manner, and disappeared like vapor.

Nanbei replied.

"I thank the senior!" Jian Chen cupped his hands.

Jiang Chen had cultivated and mastered the Illusion Heart Sutra. An illusion skill like this was useless against warriors who had a much greater cultivation than him, as it was tough to affect their minds. But against these men in front of him, the skill was really effective.

"Hmph! Do not point your finger at us and accuse our Demon King Palace of starting this war! Not long ago, a human genius annihilated one of our big powers. We, the Demon King Palace are not someone you can bully without any reason! Now, we'll take this opportunity the Wu family has provided us to kill everyone in this city!"

The lord of mercenary city--that title had only one person in its history--and that person would be the strongest of the Tian Yuan Continent, Mo Tianyun!"

"What's going on? Why did they stop fighting? No one has won the match yet, right?"

"Senior disciple Ling, that's him, he's that Zhang Yang! He has killed many people!"

"Damn it! He dares challenge the authority of the Asura Palace?! He's courting death! Great Elder, work with me, let's lock down this guy's aura first. Once his Heavenly Tribulation is finished, we'll give him no chance to leave the Freezing Hell Jail."

Continuing to fly into the city like a bright bullet made of azure light, the two of them entered Lore City before Yun Lian could even properly study it. In seconds, they finally touched down in front of a giant compound, the Changyang Manor.

The excitement these men felt were instantly killed off, and a shadow was cast above their minds. Even more so for Guan Yiyun and Tian Yishan. Both of them were disciples of the Black Sect, so their feelings towards the sect was much stronger compared to the others. At this moment, when their own sect was in a life and death crisis, it was impossible for them to stay free of worries.

By the second morning, Jian Chen and Ming Dong both notified the village of their departure. Leaving behind a large amount of food, they left the village.

Tan Lang bowed deeply toward Great Master Ran Feng. As a junior, he had to act politely and respectfully to an eminent monk.

The only thing that put Jian Chen to ease was the fact that this decision was only just recently made. The official date for the marriage had not yet been announced, meaning the marriage was being put off indefinitely for the time being. This gave him a good time period to breathe. Jian Chen after all did not want to talk about this at all; in his previous life, Jian Chen was a wanderer who loved traveling around the world. Without a permanent residence to live in and using the mother earth as his bed, with another person by his side, he wouldn't be able to continue to that lifestyle anymore.

But the patriarch shook his head with a regretful look. "I don't even know what had happened at the time when I had the beast furs. At one point, it began to release a divinely aura before the mysteries of the world began to evolve around me. I took this chance to absorb its knowledge and comprehend it for myself to become a Saint Ruler."

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