Galactic Dark Net Chapter 625

Galactic Dark Net Chapter 625

Right at this moment, everyone stood up with their mouths wide open and stared at those three golden pills that were flying around in the air.

Without another word, Jian Chen's eyes gained an electrifying glow to them as he continued to shoot toward the five Heaven Saint Masters. A glow of azure and violet Sword Qi could be seen from his fingers, and killing intent leaked from his entire body. In a flash, he began to form the Origin energy with the sole intention to kill the Heaven Saint Masters as soon as possible.

However, Big Yellow had thick skin and strong muscles, and his head was the strongest part of his body. He didn't suffer any injuries after getting hit by Shangguan Yilong's palm.

Ming Dong walked toward Qin Xiao with a dusty face as he clasped onto Qin Xiao's shoulder, "Hey, brother Qin Xiao! Still remember me?"

Qing Tian nodded his head, "Correct, this worries my heart a little. However, no matter if the power standing behind Jian Chen is strong or not, his cultivation talent alone is enough to shock people. The amount of twenty year olds with that type of power on the Tian Yuan Continent can be almost counted on one hand. Given a few more years, then I'm afraid to see what type of expert Jian Chen will become."

Bang, bang, bang££

And aside from this, the Crown Prince was the Imperial Emperor's own son; he was a son the Imperial Emperor was very proud of. If not for this, the Imperial Emperor wouldn't have made him the Crown Prince. Now, the Imperial Emperor very own son had been castrated by someone. As a father, it wasn't difficult to imagine how angry he was.

"Hero, please spare me, I, Li San'er, am also willing to work like a slave for the hero££"

Jiang Chen slowly put away the Bloodthirsty Sword as he spoke. Hearing that Jiang Chen wasn't going to kill them, the men immediately let out sighs of relief. But, they were wondering what kind of punishment Jiang Chen would bestow upon them.

"Now then, have the seven of you decided what you will do in the future? Will you pick death? Or will you continue to live?" Jian Chen asked.

Just as the patriarch was about to continue speaking, his face suddenly slackened. Just as quickly as it changed, his face calmed down again, "Jian Chen, our ancestor wishes to meet with you. Please follow me, I will take you to the secluded part of the mountain where our ancestor is. Elder Feng, elder Yun, please show the rest of the Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom where they will be resting."

Jiang Chen said with his eyes wide open. The dog right in front of him really did look like the dog described by the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples.

"Wait, we need to wait for Little Chen."

A person immediately left the room in order to fetch the young lord Xia Liu.

After the strike, Georgien's body was sent flying back. With a startled look at Jian Chen, he exclaimed, "That was the energy of the world! If you can control the energy of the world, you've already stepped into the realm of the Heaven Saint Masters!"

"Can I ask, what does this dog look like?"

"We can't just keep wasting time like this, we have to strike now."

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