Rise of Myriad Magic Emperor Chapter 470

Rise of Myriad Magic Emperor Chapter 470

"Yes! The moment Jiang Chen withdrew from the Black Sect, the Martial Palace immediately announced that the Black Sect would be under their protection. Also, the current Ninth Emperor of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Martial Palace's Palace Chief had suddenly returned after having gone missing ten years ago after entering the Inferno Hell. I think his return might be related to Jiang Chen."

"I have no intentions of killing you, that's why you're still alive. I defeated you with fire, and I don't think you should consider that an insult to you. There is no deep hatred between us, and I have fulfilled your wish to fight with me today, and also spared your life. I hope you don't come to challenge me anymore."

Wu Cong was shocked, "Even I can't break this stone door? There must be some amazing treasures hiding in this ancient pagoda!"

"I can spare your lives, just hand over all your belongings, including your combat weapons. Oh, and, each of you cut off one of your arms

Jiang Chen moved again. He raised one leg up and crossed another five steps again. He was now at the 95th step.

"The Flood Dragon's blood essence, although inferior to a true dragon's blood essence, it can still make my Dragon Transformation skill evolve. With this blood essence, I'll be able to break through to the Mid Divine Core realm, and my foundation will stabilize. I also won't have to worry about any problems in the near future."

After talking for some time, Senior An left the area which allowed Jian Chen to continue to research the Heaven's Stolen Fortune. The Heaven Tier Battle Skill was unmistakably deep, and even with Jian Chen's strength, he had barely got past the introduction. He had only a small grasp of the fundamentals, but he was still able to manage to barely increase his strength by three times. Though, it was still extremely hard to control he absolutely needed to master this battle skill as quick as possible so he could use it.

So another three Heaven Saint Masters had stopped their attack on Chang Wuji to fight Xiao Tian. His strength wasn't that far away from Xiao Tian's, and after several exchanges, he had already begun to regain the advantage despite being set back earlier, giving the men he was fighting no time to retaliate.

Walking toward the pavilion, Jian Chen quickly approached the back of the white robed woman. Her black hair hung behind her shoulders down to her back. A white veil covered her face so that Jian Chen couldn't see her appearance.

The Combat Soul Evil Devil's speed was incredibly fast. Like an arrow leaving its bow, it shot towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow with incredible speed.

There were no further obstructions for either of the two as they walked to the room of Jian Chen's mother, Bi Yuntian. Quickly, Jian Chen walked to her door. The guards and maids stationed there bowed down in a hurry, "We pay our respects to the fourth master!"

"Lord Jiu, let's leave this place together!"

In contrast, out of the 200 Black Armors, only five of them were Earth Saint Masters. The rest were Great Saint Masters in majority. Thus, the difference between the two kingdom's strengths was as clear to see as night and day. Despite this however, the Black Armors refused to show any weakness and brought out their Saint Weapons.

Lei Mingao hesitated slightly as he watched Lei Yin slowly disappear into the distance. With gritted teeth, he immediately began to chase after her, "Sister, wait for brother. I'll come with you."

Quickly, the pale-faced Georgien came running into the hall and knelt before the king. "Are you fine, Georgien?" The king asked in concern. When it came to Heaven Saint Masters, he had to make sure to treat them well.

"So he was that Ming Dong? Hahaha, he is the hero that I, Ka Di Yun, admire so much. To lose at his hands, I, Ka Di Yun don't feel wronged at all. Not one bit!" Ka Di Yun gave a hearty laugh, for the bitter taste that was left in his mouth after his defeat had completely vanished.

"Boom!" As soon as the three bursts of Sword Qi zoomed towards the Saint Ruler, the man had dodged it easily once again to the side, allowing the Sword Qi to cause a nearby restaurant to tremble from the blast. Several wooden splinters could even be seen flying off.

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