WorldsĄŻ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1952

WorldsĄŻ Apocalypse Online Chapter 1952

Shock and surprise, those two emotions mixed together, and no one from the Yan family were able to control their emotions.Chapter 374 Ăż A Dog's Mouth emits no Ivory

With a single exchange, Chang Wuji had defeated a Second Cycle Heaven Saint Master. Such a strength like this shocked the other nine Heaven Saint Masters from the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. While they did their research on the Changyang clan earlier and knew of Chang Wuji's strength, they didn't know that he would be that terrifyingly strong. The reason why Chang Wuji had been able to kill any Heaven Saint Masters in the battle of the four kingdoms against the Gesun Kingdom was due to him borrowing the power of a Heaven Tier Battle Skill. But now, Chang Wuji had been able to injure a Second Cycle Heaven Saint Master in a single blow. This type of strength had far exceeded any of their expectations.

Sensing the magical beast's retreat, Jian Chen's mind was filled with doubt.

Jiang Chen hastened to reply on behalf of Ru Long, not forgetting to show his friendliness with Mu Rong Zhan.

And because of these heads, as well as the fact that the Crown Prince had been taken hostage by Jiang Chen, all of these men looked at Jiang Chen with frightened looks. All of them knew about Jiang Chen. The Imperial Decree to have all his friends and family killed had been passed down by the Imperial Emperor because of this young genius. However, no one could have thought that this young man would suddenly become so frightening. So many great warriors had combined forces to kill him, but not only had they failed, they were even killed by Jiang Chen. For the Martial Saint Dynasty, this was an incalculable loss.

Changyang Ba's eyes lit up when he saw the return of the elder and immediately called out to him, "Chang Bai, you're back! How is A'Hu, did you bring him back?"

"Senior disciple Jiang, you're still alive, you're really alive, that's great, that's perfect!"

Jian Chen didn't stop even for a moment. The Class 3 Magical Beasts were his new goal; separating himself from the others, he immediately set about killing every Class 3 Magical Beast in sight. Soon enough, the surrounding environment around Jian Chen was filled with a small mountain of magical beasts that had been completely slaughtered by him.

Seeing this expression of hers, Jian Chen had disregarded the abnormality of Huang Luan's previous actions. Jian Chen's heart had dropped, he could already tell that Huang Luan had perhaps came across some sort of trouble.

Jiang Chen circulated the Great Soul Derivation skill and raised his soul power to match that of a Heavenly Core warrior temporarily, damaging his soul in the process. The pressure of doing this made him lose all his energy, which was why he fainted immediately after Lee Shan Yue left.Chapter 29 Ăż Deserves to Die

Yan Chenyu said in a worried tone upon seeing how badly wounded Yan Zhanyun and the others were.

Yan Yang said with a surprised expression.

It was as if the eight people had returned to their original state where their presence had been held back. Each one looked quite ordinary and did not have a single characteristic of being unique in any way.

She was a Divine Core demon lord from the Blissful Manor, and she was here because she found out someone was trying to intrude the island before the trade fair started.

When the trio arrived at the city gate, they found it filled with people coming and going. No, it shouldn't be described as coming and going, it should just be coming. The once every year Qi Province competition attracted countless warriors from the world of cultivation.


Right at this moment, everyone stood on top of a place with an open view of the entire Blissful Island. They all look out at the rocking ocean, and each of them wore the same shocked expressions.

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