Against the Other Gods Chapter 782

Against the Other Gods Chapter 782

"What?! Jiang Chen, you better not push me too- ARGHH!!"

"Don't worry. The reason why I wanted to fight Shangguan Yilei alone was to use the pressure to increase my strength. Besides, all those herbs I absorbed were from different elements. Although I fully absorbed all the energy within, most of the medicinal strength is still stored within my body. With all the medicinal strength, I will be able to strengthen by body and improve my foundation. So, not only will it not affect my foundation, it will actually help me strength it. It won't take long for me to break through to the Late Divine Core realm."

"Of course!"

"Sigh££ there are too many geniuses in the Mortal Palace, and the Divine Core realm means nothing here. Only a Combat Soul warrior can gain a firm foothold here. That Qiu Tianba is a harsh and tyrannical man, and he has Prince Wu Yan's support. People rarely dare offend him, and furthermore, his father is a king conferred personally be the Majestic Emperor, he is just someone we can't compare with."


Around the patriarch's palm was a strong amount of Saint Force that continued to grow faster and faster. Even around the palm itself, the space began to distort and tear as if threatening to open up a hole in space itself.

"Let me do it."

Right now, Lee Chang Ming finally knew how Jiang Chen was able to kill his brothers. Such powerful combat strength, he had reached a state beyond imagination. In Lee Chang Ming's mind, when a Mortal Core warrior faced a Qi Hai warrior, he would be able to completely suppress his opponent, but when he fought Jiang Chen just now, he was unable to suppress him.

The two walked around the road for an hour before finally arriving at a branch of the union. Even though it was just a branch, it was rather grand. It was just a mere branch of the union, yet the space it took up was in no aspect smaller than the Changyang Manor. At the main entrance of the union, there were even a few Earth Saint Masters who stood there like statues, guarding the place.Chapter 728: Shock

At this sight, Jian Chen's eyes revealed a deep look of yearning. Tian Jian's usage of space was something that was perfected to the highest level. With such capabilities like this, one would be able to travel anywhere under the heavens without wasting time or money to travel on the road.

The frequency of the streaks of light was high and always came in groups of three. In a short while, a total of nine archers fell dead.

"The Gesun Kingdom has the most fertile territory out of every kingdom nearby, so the other kingdoms have long since been eyeing it like candy."

Wu Lang said with a serious expression.

Time quickly passed. Unknowingly, the group had already stayed in the Magical Beast Mountain Range for 10 days. These 10 days, were definitely the happiest and most enjoyable moments for the Flame Mercenaries. That was because during this period, aside from the first day, the remaining days were filled with Jian Chen taking the lead to hunt Class 3 Magical Beasts in the mountain range. Because Jian Chen's actual combat strength had long surpassed a Saint Master's, he had absolutely no difficulty killing the Class 3 Magical Beasts. Moreover, ever since his strength had reached the mid Great Saint level, Jian Chen hadn't once received an injury from fighting a Class 3 Magical Beast at close range.

"Old one, our fight has yet to finish!" Nubis hissed out loud before transforming into a golden light to chase after Ge Qiu. Jiede Tai didn't hesitate to chase down the blue-robed Bi Hai that had injured him earlier. Despite his strength being less than Bi Hai's strength, with the patron behind him, Jiede Tai wasn't afraid in the slightest anymore.

Ever since the battle at the library, Jian Chen's days had been anything but calm. Every time he entered the school grounds, he would be swarmed by countless male students trying to come up with various excuses to fight him. Even when he went to the library to read, he would still be harassed by quite a few people, making it so that he couldn't even read peacefully. Up until now, Jian Chen had also acted and disciplined a few people because they had been condescending children from rich backgrounds. However, perhaps because Jian Chen was too forgiving in his discipline, his attempts had close to no deterring effects, and were pretty much completely overlooked. Finally, the helpless Jian Chen was forced to bring the books back to his dorm to read under the vice headmaster's permission. Aside from reading, Jian Chen spent almost all his spare time cultivating.

"I don't think he's a Devil Cultivator either, as we know all of the geniuses from the Heavenly Devil Palace."

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