Shen Yue Reborn Chapter 2632

Shen Yue Reborn Chapter 2632

From far away, three men began to talk among themselves. Looking at Jian Chen, no one dared come close to him.

Qin Ji walked up to Ming Dong and held his shoulder, "I knew that brother Ming Dong would decline uncle's invitation. However, Ming Dong. We are brothers through good and bad, and brother Jian Chen is already the Imperial Protector of our Qinhuang Kingdom. We cannot have your own status too far down, so I have a proposal I wish for brother Ming Dong to agree to."

Jiang Chen never prevented them from leaving. Firstly, he had to focus on facing his Heavenly Tribulation. Secondly, even though he could use the Heavenly Tribulation to kill a few Combat Kings, it wouldn't help him much. It was still very difficult for him to kill Xiao Nanfeng. He was after all just a First Grade Combat King. The gap between him and a Ninth Grade Combat King was not small. Also, Xiao Nanfeng was quite clever, so there was no way he would fall into Jiang Chen's trap.

"Haha, perhaps this old man is a relative of this the guy who was selling that pig just now. They both came to the Blissful Island for fun."

Jiang Chen had seen how Big Yellow ate at the Silver Moon restaurant, so he didn't dare slow down for even a little bit. Although there was a lot of Energy Spring Water here, if he didn't act fast, Big Yellow would devour it all.

Jiang Chen said.

The person in charge of this window was an old man who looked to be around 60 years old. Although he was old, his entire face was red and his eyes shined brightly with emotion.


"Little bastard, do you dare say that again?! How dare you show disrespect towards our senior disciples Nan Bei? Believe it or not, I will destroy your Black Sect later!"

"Tianxiong Clan. I, Jian Chen, have returned!"Chapter 210: A Timely Meeting in the Restaurant


"Yes, my lord!' The aforementioned people responded.

Then as he put his hand on top of the infant, he saw a fine layer of yellow light suddenly float around his palm.

Jian Chen stared down these new arrivals with a glare that could freeze water. Many of them were familiar faces, three of them were the ones he had once fought in front of their sect gates.

"Don't resist."

Taking note of the change in Rosco's face, Jian Chen knew what was going through Rosco's mind. Mentally sighing, he could understand Rosco's feelings, but he didn't have any words that could pacify his thoughts.

These two Saint Masters had been guarding the gates from the inside, and the moment they saw Jian Chen cross into the courtyard, they sprung into action. Since they could see the dead bodies of the eight guards, they knew Jian Chen was not a weak foe and spared no words before engagement.

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