Dark man in the shadows Chapter 1809

Dark man in the shadows Chapter 1809

"Of course it's a good sword. But they key point here isn't about the quality of the sword, it is about the person who uses the sword. The sword is called the Bloodthirsty Sword, and it must taste blood once it is used, and it must kill someone every time I use it. You should feel proud about being able to die by this Bloodthirsty Sword."

The entire crowd was shocked. Jiang Chen's performance couldn't be describe with the word formidable any longer. For those who had lived in the Fragrant Sky City for some time, Jiang Chen's mightiness had gone beyond their common sense, he was simply no longer a mortal.

D ranked missions were bountiful, but the majority of them were very boring. The majority of them were about finding lost items, or to help a store buy and deliver their items to another store. None of the missions were of any interest to Jian Chen.

TL Note: Xiao Dao means small knife

"Is there something wrong with this guy's brain? I thought he just broke through to the Late Divine Core realm, so why is he so arrogant?"

With their current speed, it didn't require them half a month to travel to the Eastern Continent, the time was shortened by half. Along their way, Jiang Chen absorbed Lord Zhanlang's demon soul. As expected, it was extremely difficult for him to break through to the Combat King realm, and it was more difficult to form new Dragon Marks, as each new Dragon Mark require more energy than the previous.

A huge dog head suddenly appeared above the warrior. Big Yellow curled his lips and told the warrior, "Hehe, you can't do this, let this master dog help you!"

Hearing that answer, the Black Leopard Mercenaries leader revealed a small cold smile, "We are the Black Leopard mercenaries. As for how we know your name, hehe, that's simple. Your name is of well renown in Wake City especially, everyone knows who you are."

Jiang Zhen Hai replied with a smile.

Kaizer's and Ankhs' fists were clenched extremely tight by this point. Their bodies leaked a tremendous amount of killing intent that could be felt by even the inhabitants of the auction house. Everyone knew that the ones in a price war with the Harido clan had offended the entire Harido clan now.

"We don't have any reason to a fight a one versus one fight, but with all three of them attacking us together, it'll be really difficult to win this fight."

As a result, the Earth Saint Masters were all injured one after another by Saiya. Blood flew out of their mouths, each one of the men who had been fighting with him on equal ground before were quickly defeated.

Especially when Tyrant could befriend a genius; that made him even happier, as it would be of great benefit to Tyrant's future cultivation.

Hearing this, the middle aged man looked at Jian Chen to size him up, "So you're Jian Chen. It would appear the rumors are true, you don't look like you're over the age of twenty five."

"Bastard, is he a reincarnation of an Immortal?"

Almost an instant after they saw Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, Liu Hong and the other two Sect Elders immediately unleashed powerful energy and sky-piercing killing intent. The two bastards in front of them had made them wait four days, and they had killed so many men from the Green Sanctuary Sect. They deserved a thousand deaths.

This figure was the previous incarnation of Jian Chen, and the steps that were appearing were actually symbolizing Azulet Sword Law, truly a mysterious image.

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