Dragon Ball: New Life Chapter 1305

Dragon Ball: New Life Chapter 1305

Daoist Profound River was left speechless by the tremendous shock, and could barely breathe. As he was also a Second Grade Combat King, he was well aware of his frightening Lord Zhanlang was. However, the skill used by Jiang Chen used now was simply incredible. Daoist Profound River had no doubt that if Jiang Chen used that attack against him, he might only last until the second step.

However, Wu Jiu was not moved by the Old Emperor's words. With a smile on his face, he said, "Imperial Uncle, I think that the only reason why you said those words is because you know I've broken through to the Combat King realm. If I was still the same Combat Soul warrior now, perhaps you would just kill me with a single slap, instead of talking so much garbage. As for me, when the Imperial Emperor tried to kill me; all the ties between me and the Martial Saint Dynasty were severed! Don't blame me for not cherishing my family when in the eyes of you people; there is no family but power! Those good brothers mine, neither of them could wait to swallow me alive! Should I, Wu Jiu have just stood there and waited for these people to slaughter me?"

Tan Lang said while furrowing his brows. This was the first time they had encountered such a bizarre situation.


Afterward, the five elders began to open up the barrier.

"Brother Jiu."

"A peak Second Grade Combat King warrior; that is an existence much stronger than the Old Emperor! I don't think any of us are capable of defending against his attacks! Soon, that Old Great Emperor will come here to vent his anger at us££ how are we going to stop him?"

With each strike, the man's face grew more serious. He hadn't thought that he would meet such a young and strong individual today. Despite Jian Chen's age, he could already pressure a Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master to a devastating degree.

"I am called Mo Tian, the leader of the Mercenaries of Slaughter."

Guan Yiyun was shocked.

"Good good, you've actually reached Class 6, with you ability to control Radiant Saint Force extremely close to Class 7. Great, great, great, our Radiant Saint Master Union now has an unprecedented genius! Hahahahaha!" One of the elders laughed from the bottom of his heart. He was extremely excited.

Dugu Feng looked at Jian Chen intensely before saying, "As of today, I Dugu Feng formally separate myself from the Dugu clan. From now on, whatever I, Dugu Feng, do, it will not be related to the Dugu clan. My life and my death will bear no relations to the clan, and I will only obey you on any command but those relating to the Dugu clan. I am no longer a part of the clan, and will not be able to use the clan in any way."

Jiang Chen wasn't any surprised with this situation. With the help of both the Six Profound Solar Energies and the energy vein, if Guo Shan still couldn't break through, then committing suicide would be the right thing to do.

"Sigh££ Life without Little Yu will be boring."

"Yunzhong He, Baoshan Xiong, Tieyi Ying, Heixin Fu, out of all the eight great guardians of the Demon King Palace, four of you are here. I wonder, what made you all come to the Dancing Sun City today?"

Giving a cold smile, Jian Chen was about to open his mouth to say something when something out of the corner of his eyes caught his attention, causing him to look there.

"Sleeping is a good thing for this dog. Let's go, we'll head back to the courtyard now."

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