Horizons Fantasy Chapter 2927

Horizons Fantasy Chapter 2927

It had only been a little over two hours since Jian Chen had left the city so it didn't take long for Jian Chen to arrive back at the inn he had stayed at.

Shangguan Yilei coldly harrumphed, and his energy was much stronger now than it was before. A Combat Soul warrior had formed a real Combat Soul within his body, and their strength was not something a Divine Core warrior could compare with. Also, Shangguan Yilei was a genius, not some ordinary Early Combat Soul warrior. Although he was knocked back by Jiang Chen and Big Yellow some moments ago, he had fully recovered now. As long as he attacked with all his strength, he would be able to kill these men in front of him in an instant.

"I would think not. Wu Yun is a Peak Saint Master with a strength that you've personally witnessed. We've had 3 Great Saint Masters fight together and that still wasn't enough to defeat him. If we were to go down this well, then our ability to fight as a group would be greatly hindered as well as our line of sight being deeply affected. So entering this well would not only make it impossible for us to grab him, but we would lose many men that way." A middle aged man said. He wore expensive looking clothes with a golden outline, signifying him as a noble.

Bi Hai observed the five people rather solemnly. He could feel the strength of the five people. Three were Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers, while the other two were in the Sixth Heavenly Layer. Such a powerful lineup definitely was not something the three of them could deal with.

Liu Peng became angry. Damn it! Who was the hunter, and who was being hunted?

However, Jian Chen knew very well that the roars in the forests were not actually made by wild beasts, but imitated by humans. They used a special method to transmit it throughout the entire mountain.

Guan Yi Yun said worriedly.

Afterward, the ten Heaven Saint Masters brought the king and Bi Dao into the sky, leaving thousands of the Black Armors and the heavily injured Ye Ming to watch in agony as the group of now twelve flew away.

Jiang Chen unleashed his energy and shout countless golden lights from his body, causing the air to tremble and ripples to spread across the scene. There was even illusory dragons shaped from qi and blood hovering above his head, it seemed so powerful that few would dare face him.

"That's right, Li Sha. I'm Xiao Le," Liang Xiaole spoke, her voice dripping with emotion as she confirmed her friend's words.

"Don't worry, I'm sure brother Jiang has his own reasons for fighting like this."

"What! A Heaven Saint Master? Changyang Xiangtian is a Heaven Saint Master? No, that can't be! That can't be possible!" The second prince grew pale instantly as shock registered on his face. Even the prime minister had a nasty look on his face.

"Xiao Yu, how is it?"

With the speed the army was traveling at, it took them less than a candle worth of time to arrive at the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's imperial palace doors. However, compared to the past, the imperial palace had lost all of its might. Despite the guards all being there, they all carried a bleak and desolate expression, almost like it was the dusk of judgement day for them. Walking to the very end, none of the soldiers had the same dazzling light of magnificence to them.

"True Dragon Palm!"

A gleam of light flashed through the one-armed man's eyes. Immediately thinking of a plan, he took out a white jade bottle from his Space Belt and held it tightly within his hands as he backed away. In several moments, he stood twenty meters away from Jian Chen with a panicked face. "Jian Chen, I only have this much antidote. If you don't believe me, I'll just smash it all here and now for you to never get the antidote to my poison."

"Will do, when I have the time I will go meet brother Qin Ji in your kingdom." Jian Chen smiled as he took the ornament from him. In his mind, Jian Chen began to suspect something, was Qin Ji the prince of the Qinhuang Kingdom?

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