Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 2145

Overlord in Cultivation Chapter 2145

Jacob took the items gratefully before leaving quickly. Seeing how hurriedly he was traveling, it seemed as if he was worried Jian Chen might renege on his promise.

"Alright. The Black Sect's condition is pretty suitable for cultivation. If you have nothing else to do, then you should just stay here and cultivate in the future."

"This is too funny, I nearly died laughing! The Heavenly Blade Clan is one of the four big clans in the Qi Province, but their disciples are good for nothing. They pursued a dog for more than ten thousand miles, and they even caused such a sensation in the city."

Looking all around himself, Jian Chen noticed that there were multiple footsteps leading in a single direction.

Jian Chen did not pay any attention to the words of praise from the great elders of the Tianqin clan because currently, his mind was filled with Zi Ying's cries of excitement, "Hahaha, wonderful, wonderful. Who would have thought we would encounter the Primordial Godsilk here, something that can only be seen but not sought after. This is just makes people overjoyed. Master, your luck is just too good, actually able to encounter such a saintly item."

From within these fifty people, there were five different figures that were especially prominent in everyone's eyes. There were perhaps only a small handful of people that wouldn't know these five; captain Ha Ni of the Bloodthorn Mercenaries, captain Jasmine of the Bloodrose Mercenaries, captain Zhan Tian of the Carnage Mercenaries, and his two vice captains Shan Xiong and Mu Chi.

Jiang Chen never took threats from anyone, this old man wasn't worth a fart in his eyes.

Without saying anything, Jiang Chen simply threw a storage ring fully filled with natural essences toward Big Yellow. Big Yellow had done an excellent job this time, and he had used up a huge amount of his energies. He deserved the reward.

Another pain filled shriek could be heard coming from a man as he began to burn from the inside out alive. In a second, his body had disintegrated into the air.

"Enough. Our conversation about Jian Chen will stop here for now. After you go back, immediately order people to send a message to Jian Chen, and ask him to come visit the Qinhuang Empire some time. We can talk about this with him at that time." An Imperial Protector said.

No one could remain calm, as everyone felt a tremendous pressure from what they saw. The fight between these two men was incredibly violent. Fortunately, they were fighting high up in the sky. If not, just the shockwaves from the collision would be more than enough to wreak havoc to the Martial Saint Dynasty. No one were able to guess how many buildings would be ruined if they fought closer to the ground.

Katata and Katafei were surrounded by a layer of fire like Saint Force as they flew through the sky. It took them another fifty meters before finally dropping to the ground, but still surrounded with the fire like Saint Force, they charged straight toward the Class 5 Magical Beasts.

This next part of Yulian had only been mentioned so that she would discourage anyone from trying to steal it while it was in their possession.

"Nothing to see here, get a move on."

Chen Shuang's killing spirit exploded out. He started chasing them like an arrow leaving its bow.

After Lord Nether appeared, Mount Nether began shaking once again. Numerous powerful figures flew up in the sky. All these figures had a human figure, but at the same time, they had some unique features. Some had faces fully covered with scales, some had horns on top of their heads. They were all transformed from their demon forms.

"That's right, I hate him." Qin Yubing had a look filled with disgust.

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