The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 2191

The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 2191

The Saint Weapons were the strongest of weapons. In a war, Saint Weapons could be freely summoned at will and provide assistance to their masters to help overcome their limits. At the same time, a Saint Weapon and its master's life were intertwined. Whatever injury the Saint Weapon sustained would then be equally reflected back to the master. Also, if the Saint Weapon ever broke, then the master would receive a fatal wound as well. If the situation was grave, then even a wound may cause death.

Upon seeing how the Green Scaled Ape had essentially ignored him, Katafei growled under his breath as another explosion of fire essence came out from him before forming a three meter long blade.

"The beast furs have that powerful of an ability? It can truly help make the breakthrough into the mighty Saint Ruler realm?" Jian Chen couldn't help but gasp as he asked to verify the words Bi Hai said.

Yi Qingzi who was also called a genius had her mouth wide open in shock. She too had participated in the Qi Province competition, and she could still remember when she admitted defeat to Jiang Chen when they fought in the same stage. Although she was weaker than Jiang Chen at that time, she never could have thought that in just half a year, the gap between them would become so huge.

"Ding ding ding ding!"

Now that everyone's attention was on the black bear, Dugu Feng emotionlessly said, "It's only a Class 4 Magical Beast. Let me take care of it."

The third floor was quite different from the first two floors. All sorts of treasures were collected here. Oddities and items were stored all around, and while their purpose wasn't clear, what was clear was the fact that they had to be quite expensive.


If Jiang Chen could own an energy vein, he would be able to establish a clan by himself. Or worse case, he could just absorb the energy contained within and make his cultivation level skyrocket.

Hearing this, Jian Chen averted his gaze to look at the white robed veiled woman who walked out from her carriage. Her appearance was covered by a white colored gauze so that it was completely impossible to see her visage.

"These black crows are demon beasts of the dark elements, and you possess the purest Yang bloodline of all Divine Beasts, which is the perfect rival for them. As for me, I have powerful blood and qi, which is also powerful against them. I will burn them with my True Dragon Flames."

Right at this moment, a cold £¦humph' suddenly resounded throughout the battlefield. Following that, a young man appeared in the sky. He waved his hand, and the gigantic golden sword immediately returned to him.

Just as Jian Chen started to absorb the energy from within the monster cores, the speed in which the monster core was being absorbed from him was growing faster and faster; almost as if all control was lost as the energy rushed into him. As the energy frantically rushed into him, the rate had instantly increased to a speed several hundred times faster than normal.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together in greeting, "Correct, I am Jian Chen. Might this one ask what fellow brothers here want?" Jian Chen's voice was neither disrespectful or respectful, and was his posture was not improper in etiquette.

"Hmph, the Hua Yun Sect is the number one sect in our Gesun Kingdom and has a power that even the imperial family is afraid of going against. Xiangtian cut off the arm of their only child, Cheng Mingxiang. This is something the Hua Yun Sect won't reconcile over. If we don't bring out Changyang Xiangtian out, our clan will be in deep trouble. We are not at an advantage here, we should have Xiangtian run away now. Do not let him involve our entire clan and cause the needless death of many." Bai Yushuang spoke with a displeased look.

In truth, there had been many cases where the cannon wasn't able to handle the extreme amount of energy stirring inside when that would happen the energy exploded from within, causing massive damage to everyone around. However, this was a risk that every country was willing to face for the sake of a better chance of winning,

However, it had yet to end. After Jiang Chen broke through to the Fourth Grade Combat King realm, his aura didn't stop rising. The remaining energy was still being used to form new Dragon Marks. Jiang Chen had also absorbed all those demon souls he obtained in the Freezing Hell Jail. However, at his current level, absorbing those low-grade demon souls could no longer bring him good results.

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