Draga of the Vanguard Chapter 2251

Draga of the Vanguard Chapter 2251

"Just a clown, how dare you make noise in front of me?Uncle Zhou, slap him."

"This guy's combat strength is more or less equal to ours, but more importantly, the sword in his hand is too powerful!"

"Young master Jiang, ten million is a huge sum, and you're asking for Heavenly Yuan Pills, not Earth Yuan Pills. I need to seek approval from my superiors."

"Look, a huge sword is flying toward this place!"

"The bronze plates we found in the Island of Ice never disappeared, they all merged into a single piece. And this, this is the key to the Island of Ice."


Seeing this many monster cores, Jian Chen was starting to suspect that this was already half of the total amount of Class 2 Monster Cores in the 3rd region.

On the other side, the Flame Mercenaries began to fight with the other members of the Zhou Mercenaries, embroiling the place into the flames of war. Although the Flame Mercenaries didn't scatter apart, they gathered around in a circle and had the three Saints like Xiao Dao protected within. In this type of battle, the Saints like Xiao Dao would have no chance to battle, and would only die a vain death if they tried. The 5 Great Saints and the Primary Saint Master Kendall formed the outside circle, and were prepared to fight any of the Zhou Mercenaries to the death.

All the people in the Fragrant Sky City were in an unprecedented panic. Compared to those super provinces in the Eastern Continent, the warriors of the Fragrant Sky City were just the lowest ranked mortals. It was rare to find any Mortal Core warriors here, therefore, none of them had ever experienced a situation such as this before, and no one had ever seen creatures this ferocious before.

Yan Zhan Yun looked at Yan Chen Yu who was standing aside.She was the most important person in his life.He had put Yan Chen Yu at the same place in his heart as Jiang Zhen Hai had placed Jiang Chen in his;these two were the people they could not afford to lose.

"Sire, whom might you be!" The Saint King from the Tianmu clan asked respectfully. Despite him being unable to see through Tian Jian's strength, he didn't exactly fear Tian Jian either. All Saint Kings could hide their strengths, making it hard for others to tell just how strong they were in general.

The gray robed elder and the man next to him looked at each other with a small trace of a smile. Then, the elder's indifferent face gradually grew colder before turning to the middle aged man in front of him, "The Youlan clan isn't anything in my eyes, scram!"

In this current moment, the representatives of the three major clans had stepped in front of Jian Chen as the ones that would fight him. Only the lord of the city was left standing behind in silence.

Placing the sleeping tiger cub onto the bed, Jian Chen put the remaining heavenly resources back into his Space Ring with a worrying glance. "There's not many heavenly resources left. I probably only have enough for it to reach the Class 4 level before I run out. I must go find some more sooner or later, or the cub's strength will be stalled." He muttered.

As soon as Changyang Ba entered the gates, one of the servants came rushing over with a joyful expression. With a bow, he said, "Clan leader, good news! The fourth master has returned!"

"I'll assign tasks now. Clan Chief Shangguan, Sect Chief Tiangang, the Qi Province is where Jiang Chen came from. You two superpowers will control those people there who are related to him."

The stone slab was a square in shape, about a meter long and an inch thick. It looked rather ordinary at first glance, but on the slab, there were several patterns etched in it. The patterns were illegible because of the layer of dust.

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