Legend of the Chicken Hero Chapter 256

Legend of the Chicken Hero Chapter 256

As for Chen Hetian, he was on the verge of going completely mad. If he were aware of why Bai Xiaochun was going all out to attack him, he might have been able to deal with the situation. But he really had no idea what was going on, and to make things worse, when he asked Bai Xiaochun to explain, Bai Xiaochun sarcastically responded that he already knew.

"I can't believe Nightcrypt is so gifted in the Dao of medicine!"

"I am... the gravekeeper," the old man replied, his voice faint and ancient, almost as if it were floating through countless years of time.

Then, white wisps of smoke rose up and floated back toward Bai Xiaochun, which was none other than his lost life force being returned to him.

Ye Yan ran towards her elder sister quickly and then gave her a tight hug.

Qing Shui looked at the smiling faces of his family members around him and the few women by his side who were still as beautiful as always. He felt the small happiness in his heart. It was another year of brilliant fireworks with beauties around him.

"Who dares to harm one of my major generals!?!?"

Fei Wuji's life was not perfect. He lacked some things, for example, affections from children, father, mother, the passion of love...

Intense howling could be heard as the ghosts became one....

These dancers were almost like those celebrities in Qing Shui's previous world. Their social standings couldn't be compared to prostitutes. They had been constantly travelling all around the world. It was said that the biggest similar group that travelled around the Nine Continents like them was very powerful.

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As for the peak lord, were it not for the fact that he had already heard about Bai Xiaochun's antics in Sky City, he would also have been shocked. After all, throughout all his years serving as the peak lord, he had never seen any disciple turn down the opportunity to become a yellow-robed disciple.

Bai Xiaochun interrupted him with a hearty laugh. "Nothing important. The Wildlands are attacking, that's all. I need to take my leave now, Brother. If destiny will have it, I hope we meet again in the future."?

At the same time, the elderly man realized that his sickle actually didn't split this brat in half but was instead deflected. He was alarmed as he shouted ˇ®damnˇ® inwardly. Baima Qiufeng had quite a lot of faith in this Baima Protection. But he didn't know why he was still extremely panicky right now. He simply couldn't shake off the feeling that something terrible was going to happen this time.

"I need fish!!" He immediately began to look around and grab up all fish bones he could see. However, the Giant Ghost King seemed to have come to the same conclusion as him, and lunged to interfere!

"They're all dead. All seven people who were sent out have been killed!"

"None of us in the River-Defying Sect feel like fighting. And we're not the only ones. I've heard that a lot of disciples from other riversource sects feel the same. But that doesn't matterˇ­. The only one who has the power to stop the fighting is the Celestial. If he wants to keep going, we have no choice but to follow his orders.

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