third goal is still remaining Chapter 1239

third goal is still remaining Chapter 1239

Jiang Chen killed Mu Rong Zhan because he didn't want to give his enemies any chances. As for whether or not he will let his family go, that has nothing to do with Mu Rong Zhan anymore.

Big Yellow bared his teeth.

After that, an explosive sound could be heard. Everyone could see the roof of a house within the mansion grounds exploding, an invisible pressure saturating the atmosphere.

"Damn it, that dog again!"

Jian Chen sat cross-legged on the ground with his eyes shut tight as he meditated. His inner mindscape appeared within his head and there was no longer any dizzying tremors. Even the Saint Weapon that was trying to break away from him had been stabilized and was levitating in a docile manner like a sheep. The only difference was that the two glows of light that had been floating in his dantian had migrated over to where his Saint Weapon was. Rotating and revolving slowly, the two glows of light were moving in the pattern of the Yin Yang symbol peacefully.

"Xiang'er, finish your matter with the Sect of Dragon and Tiger and quickly come back. The restoration of the Changyang clan is nearly complete. You are an important figure to our clan, without you, the Changyang clan will be unable to continue with the ceremonies." Changyang Ba spoke.

All the Mortal Core warriors in Redsun Town shouted at the same time, expressing their determination. All of them had just escaped death, and now, death wasn't as scary as it previously was.

Moving his eyes from the ancestor to Ming Dong affectionately, he smiled, "Child, you should come with me to Mercenary City and stay there for now."

"Speak, where is Jian Chen? Otherwise, don't think any of you can live." Old man Situ sneered. In order to find Jian Chen, he had already decided to start a massacre. Although it was said that Saint Rulers would suffer Celestial Decay sooner from committing overly great sins, that was only when they killed countless people.

Jiang Chen explained what happened in the Black Sect after Guan Yiyun left, focusing on the incident where Fan Kun had assaulted Yan Chenyu and Han Yan.

"Hahaha, this one is called Jian Chen. Tianxiong clan, one day I will make another visit, so until that day comes, I hope the clan leader will not worry about me."

"Don't worry, third eldest. With this many people, we'll be able to take that battle skill, so we will have to rely on you for everything else." The middle aged man slapped the third eldest on the shoulder with some excitement. In his mind, if this plan were to succeed, then the battle skill and the two Class 5 Monster Cores would end up in his hands.

Within the deepest area of the Black Sect, inside the secret room where Daoist Black and Guo Shan were imprisoned, two Combat Soul warriors were still hiding. They were from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and they had just received a message from Shangguan Sheng asking them to hide here and closely watch Daoist Black and Guo Shan, as these two men could still be used after the Crown Prince was released.

"Beat him up for me. Once you're done, throw him out of here."

His bones were producing cracking sounds, and his blood was rumbling. All his viscera violently pulsating, and every single piece of his was experiencing the highest possible degree of tempering. This caused his body to become even stronger.

"Chief Lee, why don't you let your son fight Jiang Chen? If your son can kill Jiang Chen, then you will have your revenge."

"Alright, if this is the case, the Black Sect will move to a brand new place. Jiang Chen is the biggest contributor to the Black Sect's victor, so not to mention the energy vein's heart, even if he wanted my life, I would give it to him without asking any question. By finding a new energy vein, Jiang Chen has once again made a huge contribution to the Black Sect."

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