Tales of Magic Swordsman Chapter 1991

Tales of Magic Swordsman Chapter 1991

There were even major generals with Nascent Soul cultivation bases who were astonished, and as for Bai Lin, he personally flew over to see what was happening. After looking down at the Armory, his eyes began to shine with a strange light.

However, as soon as he made contact, his heart leapt as a strange, prickly sensation spread across him. It was almost as if some spirit automaton were examining him. Rumbling sounds echoed out from the teleportation portal, and the fluctuations entered him, seemingly intent on scouring his soul!

The elders' eyes glittered, and many smiles could be seen on their faces. As for the grand elder from the Hall of Justice, he actually nodded for the first time!

Ironback Azure Hawks!

Those were the rules in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect.

"I too think that the brat suits you quite well, do you want me to help you build some connections?" The man laughed after thinking for a while.?

There was still time. He planned to spend the majority of the rest of his time on the Nine Palace Steps and on using the Violet Star Thunder God.

The abilities of a Grade Ten Martial Saint was five thousand countries. When Qing Shui found out about it, he felt like shouting out loud. At present, he was about to murder a Grade Ten Martial Saint!

"Dammit! Is he really going to try to do the same thing as Master Limitless? Is he going to reach the peak of Earthstring Foundation Establishment with nine Tideflows?"

"Old Ancestor!"

The Four Phases Steps must not be underestimated. Its prowess and profoundness were able to strengthen one's battle capabilities by a lot. With Mu Qing's current strength, she would be able to handle an early Martial Emperor cultivator with a strength of over 100 stars.

Although he hadn't come for very long, Qing Shui was still very familiar with the place. This place no longer forbids men from entering and it was a common sight to see male disciples waiting for people here. It wasn't rare for a man and woman couple to take a walk here while chatting.

"The Blood Lord has come! Nightcrypt acquired the Blood Lord legacy!!"

Bai Xiaochun snorted. "Li Feng, when you run into necromancers in the Wildlands, you would do well to hold back from saying things like that. You should really take this advice of mine to heart."?

The Giant Ghost King's mind began to spin. Despite being a demigod, the current turn of events had him reeling in shock. Although most of the people who were sending the messages weren't on the same level as him in terms of cultivation base, there were simply too many of them. It seemed like just about all of the nobility and aristocracy in the lands of the Arch-Emperor were reaching out to him.

Soon, it was only two hours away from evening. That was when Chen Hetian emerged from the pagoda and summoned the 30,000 cultivators who had been selected for the mission, then waved his hand and shot out beyond the wall.

"Sir, what is the gap between you and that person? Uh, I don't mean anything else. I just want to see how I can help you." Qing Shui said.

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