The Love of Black Veil Brides Chapter 2706

The Love of Black Veil Brides Chapter 2706

The mercenary called Fiji who was kneeling had caused the rest of his mercenaries friends to look on at him with an extreme amount of disdain.

Big Yellow said.

Unmoved by the proposal, Jian Chen chuckled, "How lightly you treat your words. Back when I was on the verge of death because of your clan, this blood debt was formed. Just how could I give it up so easily? Only in your dreams." With that, Jian Chen spoke no more and immediately shot toward the head of the leading Heaven Saint Master. The Chaotic Force began to cycle around his body, and with a flash of light from his dantian, the energy flew into his palm.

As if having sensed Jiang Chen's challenge, the Thunder Dragon immediately let out a furious roar and dived down toward Jiang Chen.

"If you say so, then I'll be heading back." Without another word, Ming Dong returned to his room without bothering Jian Chen any longer.

Seeing the simple and crude tombstone of Bi Yunhai, Bi Yuntian's eyes couldn't help but begin to flow with tears once more. Slowly kneeling down by the grave, she gingerly touched the dusty tombstone as if it was the face of her sister and not cold hard stone.Chapter 576: Carrying the Coffin Into the City

"Excellent! Lord Nether is now dead, and both guardians have been killed by the Holy Maiden and that young man! It's a truly great loss for the Demon King Palace, it looks like the victory belongs to us humans!"

"The Jiang family is saved now, this is fantastic! I hope young master Jiang Chen can annihilate that bullshit Martial Saint Dynasty and bring peace back to the Fragrant Sky City!"

The Revolving Golden Lion was terrified. It had bad luck this day. What kind of beings did it meet today? A powerful dog that is so powerful that it could completely overpower him, and now a human who could fly and who looks even stronger than the dog?

Jiang Cheng pulled out a bamboo chair and placed it behind of Jiang Chen.

Watching Kendall and Deere fight it out, Xiao Dao was very eager to join in on the fight. Observing the two fight with the Black Tiger, Xiao Dao looked as if he had wanted nothing more than to reincarnate into Kendall and fight against the Black Tiger for a countless number of rounds.

"Wish to run? Stay!"

"That's right, the real motive is the enormous wealth you possess. Jiang Chen, don't waste all your struggle so far, you are no match for me with your cultivation base, hurry up and hand over all your belongings, then I'll spare your life."


This was what a famous person needed to face in Red city. Lee Shan Yue was someone famous, and his actions represented the Lee family.


Daoist Black nodded his head. He had absolute belief in what Guan Yiyun said. Jiang Chen had only been in Inferno Hell for three months, but he had grown so much. Without thinking further, he already knew that Jiang Chen must have gotten some massive benefits in Inferno Hell.

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