My Empire Chapter 819

My Empire Chapter 819

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. He pulled the longsword out off the man's chest, and swung it back towards the Divine Core warrior who was rushing towards him.

Yan Chen Yu's face turned red upon hearing this, shy.

"Clan Chief, what Great Elder said is correct, we can't let this guy grow any longer! He has become a huge threat to our future!"

As the two sides collided, a muffled sound could be heard from the contact. However, the excellent control of energy from both sides made it so no energy shockwave exploded outward.

"Oops!" Little Spirit clasped her mouth shut with both hands before shaking her head repeatedly. "What seal! Big brother, you heard wrong!"

Jiang Chen asked.

Jian Chen's mind continued to flash with memory after memory as his state of mind grew even more chaotic. He could tell that his time was growing to an end.Chapter 371: Escape from Calamity

At that moment, a guard came running in with a message. "A report for the fourth master Changyang Xiangtian. There is a man named Ming Dong seeking audience."

Horrified screams filled the dark night within Redsun Town once again. But this time, it wasn't the townspeople who were screaming, it was those cruel Blood Devils. Jiang Chen was too strong, those Mortal Core Blood Devils would get turned into ashes just by bumping into Jiang Chen.

The young man was Jian Chen of course. Upon entering the Holy Empire, he did not continue his hurried journey. He decided to first enter the city and learn about the local customs and news. After all, Jian Chen was extremely unfamiliar with the Holy Empire. He needed to grasp some more accurate information step by step.

The other competitors had been stunned by Ming Dong's speed. Although Ming Dong wasn't all that old, his strength wasn't weaker than anyone else here. His speed was especially fast and made everyone think that he was actually a Heaven Saint Master. That was because his speed had already far outstripped the realm an Earth Saint Master could attain, and even a Sixth Cycle wind attributed Earth Saint Master wouldn't be able to reach such a speed.

At that moment, a soldier that looked to be the commander of the soldiers spoke up, "Do you think the patriarch will show up? Although he has been gone for these years, it's most likely that he's dead, but in the end, all of this is still speculation."

Especially for the people of the Martial Saint Dynasty who had yesterday surrendered to Jiang Chen. All of them felt extremely lucky, because the Martial Saint Dynasty was completely finished. It looked like they had all made a wise decision when they surrendered.

Daoist Black once again warned the three in a serious manner. When they arrived at the Martial Palace, they would represent the Black Sect's honor. If their performance is too lousy, the Black Sect would become a laughing stock.

Hearing Jian Chen, the headmaster looked at him with admiration. "Good, good. Changyang Xiang Tian, someone with your understanding and logic is hard to come by. Since you enjoy being in this library, then let me help you. Come with me." Turning around, the headmaster started to walk towards the stairway to the 6th level.

"Brother Jiang's conclusion is the same as the Family Chief's. A few days ago, eldest uncle gave the Family Chief his final warning, and in two weeks' time, he will hold a competition. The final result of this competition will decide who will get to be the next Family Chief, and who gets to control the treasure left behind by grandpa."

After leaving Changyang Hu's room, Changyang Ba and the other aunts were still feeling remorseful, so they had not yet noticed Bi Yuntian's sudden change in expression.

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