Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red Chapter 1479

Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red Chapter 1479

Jiang Zhenhai looked at the bright moon, a smile filled with satisfaction on his face.

The way Jiang Chen devoured the souls was like a massive whale drinking water, it was just incredible. If anyone saw how he cultivation, that person would definitely faint out of fear. Energy consumption like this was not something any ordinary people could imagine. Jiang Chen was truly the king of energy consumption.

The might of the palm had caused such devastation. This was the power of a Saint Ruler!

The Heaven Saint Master controlling the earth dragon had not said a word and instead pushed out his hands. With that action, the earth dragon flew out with a roar to charge towards Jian Chen.

"No problem."

"Remember, don't let him know that you were the one who hunted him down that day. Assassinating a fellow disciple is a crime punished by a death penalty. If you ruin big brother Nan Bei's planning, you should know the consequences!"

Jian Chen left the lord's mansion by himself in thought. Although a Class 5 Magical Beast gave him plenty of pressure, it didn't affect him too much. In fact, he had secretly wantedawaited for one to come. Since his azure and violet Sword Qi was able to shred through the defenses of a warbeast that was reputed to have the same level of defensive power as an Earth Saint Master as if it was tofu, it could be seen clearly that the azure and violet Sword Qi were insanely powerful. If it was that effective on a warbeast, then what type of result would it have on a Class 5 Magical Beast?

Horses were very common in the Tian Yuan continent, but while they were the most common type of transportation, they were also the most mundane.

When his eyes landed upon Jian Chen who was one of the three, his eyes began to shine and his body began to tremble. Immediately leaping up from his jade seat, he gave a respectful bow, "Junior Huang Tianba pays his respect to senior." The ancestor was so excited that his voice quavered as he spoke.

Guo Shan mockingly said. The man who suddenly arrived was the Black Sect's Sect Chief, Daoist Black.

"I saw what it looked like just now. It only had one eye, one mouth, and one nose. The energy coming from it was not demon energy, but a shivering devil energy. So, I think it's a devil. I know that there is a kind of devil with a weird look, they are extremely ferocious, and the only have one eye, one nose and one gigantic mouth. They are also the devils of all sins. I think it's called the Evil Devil. If my guess is correct, this is an Evil Devil."

Seeing Jian Chen's emotions, Qingsuo couldn't hold back her silence and began to console him, "Master, do not be so discouraged. There is plenty of time in the future, and although the path set out for you is long and hard, you will one day have both the Chaotic Body and Chaotic Force."

After some time, the city lord's mansion had many influential people gathered there to talk about the slaughter of the Yangji Sct. For their city to have several men from a high ranking sect, was no small matter and was bad news for everyone involved with the city.

Bai En looked at the amassed World Essence with amazement as he cried out in wonder, "Headmaster, what has happened here? Why has the World Essence gathered itself in this area?"

"160 million."

"Palace Chief, this is truly great news! That Jiang Chen is the man who killed four guardians of the Demon King Palace and saved the Holy Maiden, making a huge contribution to us! Also, not only did this man attract Heavenly Tribulation when breaking through to the Combat Soul realm, he also broke through to the Late Combat Soul realm in a short amount of time. However, this isn't the end, he actually killed Lord Nether with his Late Combat Soul strength, a truly frightening man! Now, including Jiang Chen, we have three Combat Kings, while the Demon King Palace only has two! We are clearly in an advantageous position now!"

Jiang Chen asked.

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