Re:Birth of a Pokemon Master Chapter 556

Re:Birth of a Pokemon Master Chapter 556

"Please hold on uncle Mu Rong, I'll get my brother to come here now."

Mu Rong Zhan fell and crashed onto the ground 30 meters away, the hard stone surface broken by the impact.

The first time he had left Lore City was to go to Kargath Academy, but this time, the reason was no longer the same. Jian Chen understood that after leaving, he wouldn't see his family again for a very long time, and would have to fend for himself. In this dangerous environment known as the Tian Yuan continent, Jian Chen could only rely on himself. Jian Chen personally didn't think he would be able to see his family again, but he had read from the books that this world was dominated by the strong. The Tian Yuan continent was a lot more dangerous than his previous world, and while he had decent strength for his age, there was no guarantee for what may happen.

In a short moment, the leader regained his thoughts as he squashed the astonishment within his heart. "Everyone, forward. Slaughter without mercy, but do not harm the cub!" He commanded as he raised his sword with his armored hand. With an ear piercing whistle, his weapon slashed downward at Jian Chen's head.

Fan Kun still spoke in the same imposing manner. His killing intent was high, and he didn't want to give up on his decision to kill Jiang Chen.

"Oh? The amount of people participating in the Gathering of the Mercenaries is quite a lot." Jian Chen muttered.

Upon killing the middle aged man, Jian Chen didn't leave any time for the other mercenaries to catch their breaths. With his Light Wind Sword, he began to run towards the remaining people.

"Good! Then you'll just stay here and finish your things. Your brother I wants to stay here and have a few drinks with you, but too bad, the Ancient Devil's bloodline is awakening. I need to rush back and start cultivating, then try to use the Ancient Devil's energy and break through to the Heavenly Core realm in one go."

Phoenix City was a Class 2 City encompassing an area of several hundred kilometers. By the time he reached the outskirts, there was already a steady flow of people bustling around. A group of leather wearing mercenaries rode on magical beasts of many sizes while other caravans slowly carried their goods on the road. All sorts of topics were being made as voices blended together.

Firethorn Savage once again became covered in the flames of fury; how dare a demon lord launch a sneak attack on him in his own territory? This was something that he couldn't bear at all. He felt that his dignity was being challenged.

Suddenly, the vulture stood up and threw its bright eyes into the far distance.

Jiang Chen turned around to Big Yellow and spoke.Chapter 300 ├┐ Abnormality in the Ocean

The surrounding scene had suddenly changed. Extremely cold wind invaded him from all directions, causing Jiang Chen's to shudder. Jiang Chen also found out about something, not only was the air here extremely cold, it was corrosive as well. In order to repel the cold air, he would have to unleash his Yuan energy. However, this cold wind could even corrode his Yuan energy. It was no wonder why everyone was so scared of this Freezing Hell Jail. No matter how strong a person was, his Yuan energy would eventually deplete because of the corrosion, and at that point of time, he would be greeted by death.Tan Lang's Miserable Condition

"That's right! We, the Myriad Sword Sect are going to go all out against these four guys. If prince really doesn't care about the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan, please go ahead and attack us, we'll just stand here and let you attack, we won't fight back."

Lee Shan Yue clenched his fists so tight that cracking sounds could be heard. He thought that with Chen Shuang's strength and abilities, he would certainly be able kill Jiang Chen. If this was the case, then even if he was unable to personally kill Jiang Chen and get his revenge, he could still focus on the Jiang family in Fragrant Sky city, seeking chances to finish them off.

"Ai.. it takes two hours to absorb a Class 4 Monster Core, and with twenty four hours in a day, that means twelve Class 4 Monster Cores could be fully absorbed. What an extravagant waste." Jian Chen sighed as he furrowed his eyebrows together.

Jiang Chen impatiently sped up.

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