The Low Born King Chapter 312

The Low Born King Chapter 312

Both of Lee Shan Yue's eyes were red. He struck his palm forcefully, but Yan Zhan Yun also unleashed his energy and fought back with his palms as well.

"Heavens, it's Heavenly Tribulation! Brother Jiang is really heaven-defying!"

The arrival of Shangguan Yilei caused the crowds to start discussing amongst each other. Some even had frightened expressions on their faces. Let alone the Shangguan Clan's formidable reputation, just Shangguan Yilei's Combat Soul cultivation was more than enough to shake everyone here.

Jiang Zhen Hai had been surprised by Jiang Chen so many times££First his cultivation level, then Jiang Chen's great way of dealing with enemies, the Xuan Yuan skill and the Soul Training Skill££He was even able to concoct pills with 100%effectiveness!All of the changes had made Jiang Zhen Hai surprised.

However, as Jian Chen's vision shifted towards Cheng Mingxiang, his brows furrowed as he showed a helpless expression. He didn't have any enmity with Cheng Mingxiang; the previous incident in front of the library was so minor that it couldn't have been the cause of such fierce hatred. The main reason was the fact that Jian Chen had forcibly pushed Cheng Mingxiang out of the top 3.

"Send someone to pay attention to Yellowstone's area, if the Blood Devils can't kill Jiang Chen, ask these men to inform the Heavenly Sword Sect about Jiang Chen's whereabouts."

"Dad, your potential has once again been cultivation. Soon, you will be able to break through to the Divine Core realm, and there is a high chance you can break through to the Combat Soul realm in the future."

"Alright. Brother, take this halberd, use it when you attack later."

Everyone there hurriedly helped testify to Big Yellow's existence. They were all feeling somewhat depressed as well, they wished they could just chop Big Yellow into pieces.

"Big brother, I am still but a Heaven Saint Master and not yet a Saint Ruler. But because of some other factors, my battle strength is comparable to some of the weaker Saint Rulers. That's why some people have mistaken that I've become a Saint Ruler."

"Xiang'er, it's been a decent amount of time, let us go to the dining halls before the both of us starve."

Big Yellow was laughing out loudly. Every everyone's frightened gazes, he rammed towards the sword with his head.

"I see. I do wonder, can I find the Nine Solar Holy Water during the auction?"

Soon, Yan Chenyu came to a freezing pond. It was the same pond where Jiang Chen had found the Black Ice Talisman, but it was different from previously. The pond was now completely frozen; a huge chunk of ice.

Jiang Chen held Yan Chen Yu's tender hands. This was a man's promise.

"Chief, Jiang Chen is alive!"


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