Breakers Chapter 1833

Breakers Chapter 1833

Wu Jiu was struck with mixed emotions, but he didn't say anything. No matter what, the Martial Saint Dynasty belonged to the Wu family, and if it was allowed to survive, he would naturally be happy. He also understood what Jiang Chen was thinking. Although he had no interest in being the new Emperor, he would still do as Jiang Chen wished, as Jiang Chen only wished for the Eastern Continent to maintain peace after he left. Thus, Wu Jiu was the only person who could carry this responsibility.

"If you wish to take someone from my Changyang clan, you will never see our doors open to you. The honor of my Changyang clan will not be so easily trampled over by you. If you wish to start a war, then continue at it!" Changyang Ba spoke. Although the Hua Yun Sect had three Heaven Saint Masters that had plenty of power, Changyang Ba still did not have any hint of fear.

"It really is the energy of a Dragon! This fellow is too abnormal! If I gave blood essence from my source, then maybe he could use his skill and unleash my innate abilities! Damn it, even I myself haven't awoken my innate abilities!"

"What a strong head!"

But at the same time, Jiang Chen was a man with principles. Once he decided to do something, he would go all out for it. Thus, in order to repay the debt of gratitude he had for Patriarch Greenlotus, he didn't mind becoming the enemy of four major powers. In his previous life, he would be surrounded by enemies wherever he went. He had long ago gotten used to the days where he had to fight the world by himself, and he even missed the lofty sentiment he had when fighting all by himself.

"I think he's on his way. Looks like the Green Sanctuary Sect is determined to kill Jiang Chen."

Hu Ba had only looked like he was a forty year old man, but in truth, his real age was way past 200 years old. He was a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master because of his talents with cultivation. Combined with his status as the assistant sect leader and mastery of a terrifyingly strong Heaven Tier Battle Skill, his battle strength was no weaker than Xiao Tian.

Since it was his uncle giving guidance, Jian Chen adopted a modest and studious attitude. However, his heart did not accept the teachings. His age was not truly reflected by his expression, and he had experienced more things than Bi Dao had. Whatever Bi Dao thought to be a problem was not one to Jian Chen.

The prize reward for any information on Kendall's family had affected many people. Everyone had coveted that monetary reward so multiple people would try any possible method for the sake of getting a little of that money. However, after several days, Jian Chen hadn't heard a single piece of verifiable information since so many people had tried to sneak away with the money with fake information.

After killing him, the Light Wind Sword immediately turned around and chased after the remaining people.

Granny Feng was a ruthless person as well. At this critical moment, there was no way she would compromise.

"This is so cool! He can fly although he is only at the Mortal Core realm, I'm so envious!"

"Let££. Let me go££."

Flickering away from sight, Jian Chen quickly soared into the air. Before the Bladed Crocodile could even fall back down to the ground, Jian Chen's Light Wind Sword gleamed with an azure and violet light as he stabbed at its skull at an incredibly fast rate.

"Little Chen, stop making us guess. What kind of treasure was in that jade bottle?"

Everyone viewed the scene with anticipation, they really wanted to know whether or not Jiang Chen would kill Shangguan Wei. Since Shangguan Wei wasn't an outsider, killing him was equal to challenging the dignity of the Shangguan family. If he was killed by an outsider, the family would definitely find out how and why he died.

Soon, the two sides descended into an argumentative clamor before the Saint Ruler finally spoke, "Enough, no more squabbling!"

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