Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 1730

Painting of the Nine Immortals Chapter 1730

Tiger Vitality Pill!

Heavenmaster Hall was very quiet. At this point, Bai Xiaochun looked up, took a deep breath, and prepared to speak. However, the Grand Heavenmaster didn't let him.

Ji Wutong now bore a great hatred towards Zu Clan for offending such a powerful person. They really didn't know any better. To think that they dared to have evil intentions on this guy's women. They truly deserved death. The women of powerful people could not be touched. He knew that things wouldn't be solved so easily and just the mere thought of this caused his face to fall.

He even quickly took out the Primordial Demon Refining Furnace as an extra precaution!

He quickly began another batch. In the following days, he continued to produce more batches, until he had a few dozen Violet Qi Spirit Ascension Pills. That having been accomplished, he sat down off to the side, exhausted. After some rest, he produced the red pills and looked at them with some hesitation. As far as he was concerned, each and every one of the pills he had just concocted was very valuable, and furthermore, when it came to ingredients, he was already starting to run short.

Once Yiye Jiange's restrictions were released, her strength rose to almost the strength of one country. Qing Shui was speechless at the sight of her aptitude. Even under the restrictions she could still accumulate a cultivation of that level, and she was even able to attain a ?strength equivalent to that of a Xiantian cultivator under the restrictions.

Just then, squeaking sounds came from the other end of the valley. When the Raging Flame Cloud Leopards heard this sound, most of them tensed up.

"Miss Mu, when will we be setting off?" Qing Shui gave it some thought and asked

Even as she reeled in shock, the soil of bone miasma exploded, and Bai Xiaochun appeared in the open again.

It felt as if he had discovered that there was a girl who was secretly in love with him; a sweet and wonderful feeling.

Everyone, including Mu Qing, watched the Fire Bird with admiration. Its performance was very powerful and very incisive. It was able to kill instantly and slaughter at an astonishing speed.

Qing Shui could also feel the formidable strength emanating from the Howling Moon Silver Ape. He shifted his gaze on its long bulky arms, then he thought about the Back Connecting Fists that he had learnt earlier.

Bai Xiaochun was very excited about this, and even set up a special training ground to practice in. After sealing the place so that he was completely alone, he performed some tests. Upon summoning the frigid shadow in a location inside the 300-meter frozen area, he could take a step forward and then instantly take the shadow's place. It was almost like a teleportation! After familiarizing himself with the process, he was left so excited that it was difficult to put into words.

Everyone was shaken by the events which were playing out. However, the cultivators of the Blood Stream Sect soon realized that something was odd about the situation....

AST 824 - Unwilling, Helpless, Great Boost in Strength

He swung the Big Dipper Sword upwards and released a greater force toward the elderly man.

Sticking his chin up, he looked around at the crowd as if they were a bunch of house sparrows that could be crushed to death in the blink of an eye. Swishing his sleeve in very proud and aloof fashion, he pointed at Bai Qi and growled, "I didn't want to say anything, but since you've come to me looking to be humiliated, you villain, then I'll do just that."

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