Reincarnation as Nanobots? Chapter 522

Reincarnation as Nanobots? Chapter 522

Following another explosive boom, Jian Chen spat out another mouthful of blood as he was thrown back down to the ground. Each and every Heaven Saint Master here was far stronger than the Moyun clan ancestor, and with Jian Chen's strength nearly running dry, he was in no position to take a single blow from any of them.

Because it was almost nightfall, the Magical Beast Mountain Range was very dark so the visibility was low. On the path, everyone had tripped more than once, but they each picked themselves up from the ground as quickly as they fell and continued to run. Some decided to run on top of the tree branches in order to avoid the swamps below.

Jiang Chen couldn't endure it any longer. He kicked Big Yellow's head and sent him flying two meters. He felt like skinning this dog and cooking it.

"Haha, this is incredible! That old man is going to be finished!"

"Jiang Chen, I'll kill you today."

"Kill, kill them all!"

Jiang Chen said.

Liu Hong said in a vicious manner.

The usage of the earth attributed energy would form an incredibly strong defensive armor. Even when the azure and violet Sword Qi infused leaves shot into it, all they did was leave a scar behind; they were not able to break through the armor.

Once the blood entered his body, a truly mighty pure Yang energy immediately spread around. The Dragon Marks in his Dantian were jumping with excitement. The bloodline of a Dragon Horse was the strongest bloodline in this world; it was truly fierce. This was exactly what the Dragon Transformation skill needed.


"No, the Blood Devil isn't a real devil. However, they are a hundred times crueler and more brutal than real devils. These Blood Devils are actually human, but they cultivate the Blood Devil cultivation skill which make them cruel and ruthless. They've lost all their humanity, and their minds only know how to kill without mercy. That's why they're called Blood Devils."

"I thank the senior!" Jian Chen cupped his hands.

Right next to a wall was a single haphazardly made wooden bookshelf with several books on it. These books had clearly been thumbed through by Qin Ji's men, since there were dust piles on the floor in front of the bookshelf.

"There's still a few of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill pages I haven't yet collected back in the cave. We should hurry on back." Jian Chen spoke.

Nubis was unable to maintain his composure. As a beast of antiquity, the pride within him did not allow anyone to speak in such a way to him. Under the situation in which his dignity was challenged, he would not feel any fear even if the opponents were Sixth Heavenly Cycle Saint Rulers.

The sounds of slaughter rang through the night, but it quickly became peaceful once more as as the remaining three mercenary experts led the mercenaries and killed the majority of the bandits. Only a few of the really fast ones had managed to run away with their lives.

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