Better than one Chapter 434

Better than one Chapter 434

The leading adult man said with a smile on his face. The three of them totally considered Tian Yishan as a turtle in a jar. In fact, Tian Yishan's current situation was really like being a turtle in a jar. If there were no miracles, he would surely die this day.

Two beasts rammed into each other as if two mountains had just been smashed together. The energies spread out everywhere and frightened anyone who was nearby. If they were to just compare strength, this Revolving Golden Lion was on a higher level, but it was still not a match for a freak like Big Yellow.

Shangguan Yilei's loud and clear voice shook the entire atmosphere. His words caused the expressions of all people to instantly change.

And with the Chaotic Force feeding into the Illusionary Flash, he was going extremely fast for an extremely small amount of energy.

Jiang Chen asked.

As for how devastating the consequences would be, these disciples didn't know. However, Big Yellow knew very clearly, today, the outer circle would be in complete mess. Big Yellow was incredibly excited, and he simply walked in front of everyone. Together with all disciples, they marched towards the place where Guo Lei lived.

"Heavens, what did I just see? How could Jiang Chen suddenly become so strong?"

"What?Pills with 100%effectiveness?Zhou, is this for real?"

The furious roars didn't seem to stop sounding out, the entire place was echoing with the wild cries of the Evil Devils. Devilish energies were soaring high behind the duo, and a couple of Late Divine Core Evil Devils were chasing behind Jiang Chen and Big Yellow while letting out angry roars.

After some effort, the monster core of the Quick Cloud Beast was extracted, causing the dog like magical beast, in the end, to resemble something grotesque.

Even just the two Combat Soul warriors were enough to make Daoist Black gasp, because just one of these two Combat Soul warriors was more than enough to annihilate the Black Sect.

"Who would have thought that this harmless looking young man is actually a homicidal maniac?"

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted out with a shocked expression.He never imagined that Lee Chang Hong was the young lord from Red City's Lee family.Jiang Zhen Hai knew how strong the Lee family was, and they couldn't afford to offend someone like that.

Jian Chen gave a casual smile as he said, "It was nothing major. A mysterious black robed man attacked me last night, but brother Qin Xiao shouldn't concern himself with the matter."

Jiang Zhen Hai said in a friendly manner.Jiang Zhen Hai started walking towards his guest, Jiang Ru Long and Jiang Chen in tow.

In a luxurious manor in Phoenix City, a dignified person looked down over the other middle aged men and elders sitting at the table. "Right now, the news of the Class 5 Magical Beast has already been confirmed. Although they're only the bodies without the monster cores, their prices will still be very high. It is said that eating the meat of a Class 5 Magical Beast is said to increase one's strength majorly. Even the blood of a Class 5 Magical Beast can strengthen the inner organs, something like that could even benefit an Earth Saint Master. So, we definitely need to purchase those two Class 5 Magical Beasts at all costs, and even if we can't get both of them, then we need to get at least one."

Radiant Warriors were also able to use their Radiant Saint Force to harm others as a form as an attack. If used on their own bodies, it would heal them, but if used on someone else, it would cause damage instead. Thus, in terms of healing, they were not equal to a Radiant Saint Master.

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