Empyrean World Online Chapter 2601

Empyrean World Online Chapter 2601

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Jiang Chen said.

The Youlan clan were already a group of people Jian Chen disliked, so they would be the first people he would eliminate.

"That giant serpent has survived the Heavenly Tribulation, it has now evolved into a Flood Dragon. Soon, its cultivation will break through to the Combat Soul realm. I wonder what its current condition is like."

Staring deeply at Jian Chen, the third elder spoke, "The power he wields in his hand is extremely strong. With just him alone, the four Heaven Tier Battle Skills we used was weakened by him several times over. By the time it hit him, the power wasn't even at half of what it started out to be. Otherwise, there'd be no way he'd handle all that without damage."

Another blood-curdling screech sounded out; another Early Combat Soul warrior was killed by Jiang Chen. Shangguan Yiqing and Xuan Yuzi could clearly feel their combat strength being reduced.

Although it was aching a little, this was not enough for Jian Chen, who had a strong willpower, to mind it much.

An example would be a Heaven Tier Battle Skill in an Earth Saint Master's hand. Although the Earth Saint Master would struggle to display the skill's entire might, it was much stronger than Earth Tier Battle Skill. If an Earth Saint Master used a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, they could easily injure a Heaven Saint Master heavily, or even kill them!

After using the herb, Jian Chen immediately leapt onto a nearby tree. Sitting cross legged on a slightly flatter branch, Jian Chen took out another faintly sweet smelling herb from within his Space Ring and started to sprinkle it on his body. This white colored herb was very effective in suppressing one's Qi, preventing his qi from escaping which might attract any kind of wild beasts while he was sleeping at night. After all, both the wild animals and the magical beasts in this mountain range had extremely acute senses of smell. Although this powder wouldn't be able to completely hide Jian Chen's Qi, it could at least conceal it from the senses of normal animals.

When he mentioned the Heavenly Blade Clan, the arrogance on Chen Shuang's face got even thicker.

Tiangang Yi said in an imposing manner. Ever since Shangguan Sheng had come to meet him yesterday, he had realized the important of killing Jiang Chen was not something that could be delayed any longer. Therefore, he put aside his resentment with Shangguan Sheng and came here together with him. They were going to kill Jiang Chen no matter what!

After spending the entire night, Jiang Chen had finally absorbed the entire golden egg, giving him a total of 410 Dragon Marks, as well as completely stabilizing his cultivation base at the Late Heavenly Core realm.

Ling Du added.

Jian Chen entered the restaurant and looked around. He decided to find a quiet place to sit down but shortly afterwards, his gaze landed on an old man who sat in a corner. His eyes widened from shock, while he revealed an expression of disbelief.

"I didn't think that this stone would be such a mysterious object. I am quite taken by it, honored elder, I would like to buy this stone." Jian Chen smiled at him.

"I don't believe you can really compete against a Demon King, and I refuse to believe you can't be hurt by poison!"


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