Lilim Heritage Online Chapter 254

Lilim Heritage Online Chapter 254

"Ce¡­ celestial¡­."

Everyone was shocked by this new development. None of them could ever have imagined that a second person would begin a Tideflow within only two hours or so of the first.

There was a hall and a room inside which should be the bedroom. There was a bathroom and washroom at the other end of the living room and it could be considered a small-scale basic room.


"Grandmaster," Zhou Hong said, "you--"

"Now the two of them are relying on each other to survive! You have to admit, the world is a crazy place right now."

The woman looked at Qing Shui coldly, knitting her beautiful brows. She seemed a little puzzled as she looked at her surroundings, then she looked at Qing Shui again. A slight relief quickly appeared in her pair of alluring eyes.

"You've recovered?" the Giant Ghost King asked, his eyes narrowing as he smiled.

Heartbroken Flower!

Rumbling sounds could be heard as the meteorites smashed into the ground, causing blinding light to shine everywhere, seemingly preparing to bind the entire world!

"Just relax¡­"

Among the three mountain peaks of the south bank, there were roughly a thousand disciples in the eighth level of Qi Condensation, and all of them were present in the valley. Bai Xiaochun was familiar with some of them. However, not all were the type of people who liked crowds and excitement. Many prefered to practice their cultivation in secret, waiting for just such an occasion as this to finally show off.

They had not walked for long when they met Qianyu He and Qianyu Dingjun coming out with smiling faces. Qing Shui knew that it must be because Qianyu Feifei had informed someone to announce their arrival.

Qing Shui realized that he was too reliant on external items. The Golden-Ringed Battle Armor, Big Dipper Sword, Violet Gold Divine Shield, the Heavenly Talisman...

When the Celestial's enormous hand slammed into the tornado created by Ghostmother's divine ability, it was the Celestial's attack that shattered. Then, the black smoke from the tornado swirled back into the shape of Ghostmother.

After all, after the demonic beasts had been weakened, their strength would not even be 5,000 stars. Moreover, his Nine Palace Steps was very powerful as well. The only thing was that Qing Shui's attack was at 4,000 stars and that Golden-Back Giant Crocodile Emperor had extremely strong defences. Therefore, it would only be effective when his attacks were twice as strong and they had hit the flaws.

"Auntie, who are you looking for?"

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