I Just Came back from Cultivator World Chapter 2690

I Just Came back from Cultivator World Chapter 2690

In that moment, the top of Coiled Dragon Mountain became completely silent.

The Nine Life Crystal Beast had nine lives, and it was extremely difficult to kill. Without being in a group, it was almost impossible for an ordinary man to kill a Nine Life Crystal Beast at the same level as himself.

"Thank you young master Chen Jiang, for giving me this sword."

Hearing this, the middle aged man to the side of the burly one grew uncomfortable for a moment. For a grand Earth Saint Master like him be threatened by a twenty year old child, that didn't seem right. With it as is, the man could conclude that Jian Chen wasn't an ordinary person. For a person to remain with their Space Belt for this long in an intense massacre of a competition without any major injuries was commendable. To also look at the two of them with such an arrogant expression, this was someone a person could rely on.

At this moment, a delicate fragrance could be smelled from behind as the doors to the carriage opened up, revealing the red robed girl who was walking out. Sitting next to Jian Chen on the driver's seat, her beautiful eyes stared at Jian Chen as she spoke gently, "Many thanks to our benefactor for saving our lives. This girl is named Lanying, if I may ask for my lord's name?"


"Fine, I give you permission. Let the death match begin!"

"I know a Bone Transforming Technique that allows me to change my appearance into that of someone else. After I leave this place, I'll hide outside the Asura Palace first and find an opportunity to kill one of their ordinary disciples. After that, I'll disguise myself into that disciple's appearance and sneak into the palace."

"Damn it, this is such a mighty weapon! Don't tell me this is Little Chen's Natal Weapon?"

"Little Devil King wants to get involved in this matter, I'm afraid the Mayor will have to lower his head. Han Yan is a rare genius from the Black Sect. There's a high possibility that he will become a core disciple! The elders of the Black Sect pay a lot of attention to him,. He is not someone this tiny little Silver Moon City can offend!"

Without wearing Jiang Chen's shoes, no one would ever be able to understand Jiang Chen's feelings toward the Heavenly Saint Sword. Without going through real life and death, no one would be able to understand all the journeys and experiences Jiang Chen had faced together with the Heavenly Saint Sword.

Shangguan Ying said with a sneer on his face. In fact, it wasn't the Shangguan Clan's idea to send him here, but his own. The mission to fix the dimensional crack was given by the Imperial Emperor, and even the Ninth Emperor was forbidden from helping in this matter. So, he had actually violated the rule set down by the Imperial Emperor.

"Did you guys see the combat skill unleashed by Jiang Chen?! That was a huge dragon claw fully covered with dragon scales, it was so formidable! Also, that ferocious flame, I had a feeling it could burn anything in this world!"

"Prince, I appreciate your kindness, but it looks like there isn't an easy way out today. Since that is the case, we'll just let our strength do the talking. Jiang Chen is thankful for your help, but for now, prince, I urge you to stay out of this, don't get yourself involved in this dilemma. The scores between myself, the Shangguan Clan, and the Myriad Sword Sect; I, Jiang Chen will settle them myself."

Tyrant shouted out arrogantly. The image of an eminent monk from the Western Region was simply bullshit for Tyrant.

"Honored Imperial Protector, are you going to be leaving?" Xiao Tian spoke with a slightly hesitant voice.

Although this was a hasty charge without knowing all the information, these dozen mercenaries were not weak. The still charging Captain Lang Tian swung out with his twin red hammers and lit up the area around them like a striking lantern.

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