Razing the Heavens Chapter 487

Razing the Heavens Chapter 487

However, although the Old Emperor was quick to respond, Jiang Chen's sword was much faster. He managed to prevent the sword from hitting his head, but one of his arms was sliced off instead, causing blood to spray out like a fountain. He stumbled in mid-air, and nearly fell down. Losing one arm had greatly affected his combat strength.

"Brother Jian Chen, you've finally returned! After leaving for a dozen days or so, I was starting to worry. I was even beginning to fear that you wouldn't return in time to go to the Gathering of the Mercenaries." Qin Xiao laughed as he approached Jian Chen.

A middle aged man with a bearded face started teasing Jiang Chen.The rest of the men started laughing as well.In their eyes, Jiang Chen was only a 15-16 year old brat from some rich family.A young rich brat like him was usually just a useless scumbag.

A razor sharp longsword appeared in Jiang Chen's hand. Nine Jiang Chen raised their longsword high up into the air at the same time, then they all slashed toward Nanbei Chao in a formidable manner.

"I thought you were the master of this Heavenhawk Island, so why are you kowtowing to Brother Jiang?"

"You wish! Do you think first place is that easy to obtain? Did you not see those that were far stronger than us participate and be eliminated before they could enter the top ten? Even if we were participants, it would be a miracle for us to enter the top hundred."

"Although that monster is at the Late Combat Soul realm, it only knows how to attack with raw strength. It's unable to cultivate Yuan energy or use any combat skills, so it's unable to withstand even a single blow from us. However, its ability to resurrect is truly a headache, as it gave Yan Chenyu the time to escape."

Eldest Mang suffered some minor injuries from the previous exchange, that's why he was no match for Jiang Chen. Because of that, it was perfectly normal that he would be killed by Jiang Chen.

"What an incredible young man! And that Demon King dog is also very frightening, he killed a First Grade Combat King as well! I never expected the Asura Palace to get such powerful helpers! It seems that the result of this battle will now be uncertain."

Wu Jiu warned. He spoke with good intentions.

"Alright!" Tie Ta said as he placed his share into his own space belt.

"In the future, just help senior disciple Jiang do whatever he asks. I'm sure it'll bring a lot of advantages!"

Staring at the little cub with eyes that contained a little fear, but a renewed amount of adoration. You Yue said, "How strange to see it be so strong. If I didn't see it for myself, I would never have believed that a cub this small would be able to easily kill a Class 4 Magical Beast. Jian Chen, what's its name, and what does it normally like to eat?"

Big Yellow's face was filled with excitement. A bright golden light covered his body, and in an instant, he dashed out with lightning speed. Some mystical symbols instantly appeared on his steel-like head as he rammed towards Firethorn Savage's head.

Jian Chen laughed, but returned the polite gesture, "Patriarch is too kind, but your thanks will be unneeded. This one was only there by coincidence."

The Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill Jiang Chen had given the Black Hawk had provided him great help, he was now a Mid Divine Core warrior. This skill was a truly sacred skill for the demon species, and if the Black Hawk could completely master it, there was a high possibility he could become a great demon king in the future.

The courtyard's gate was open, and even from far away, Jiang Chen could still hear the sound of someone quarrelling inside.

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