One Death Forward, Ten Years Back Chapter 434

One Death Forward, Ten Years Back Chapter 434

An hour later, Jian Chen had finally managed to allow some of the injuries on Rum Guinness' body recover before preparing to take Rum Guinness out and away from here.

It was the third elder of the Shi family.

"That's right! That man is a lawless man who cares for nobody! The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect both wish they eat him alive, torture him brutally before killing him. But, the Imperial Emperor has laid down is judgment, all their resentments have now been canceled. Now, Jiang Chen is just hiding in the Martial Palace, never leaving. We simply have no way of dealing with him."

"After 10 days of constant hunting, I'm sure everyone is tired. Plus, the rations we have in our Space Belts are definitely almost all gone, so tomorrow morning, let's go back to Wake City and rest there. Does anyone else object?" Kendall asked.

However, despite the injuries Jian Chen had, his fighting strength had been overwhelming and far beyond her expectations. Not only did he defend himself, he was able to kill the Earth Saint Masters with Shi Xiangran and reduce the pressure on her. Then, they had even managed to escape from that predicament with the two of them uniting to defend themselves from Shi Xiangran.

Big Yellow shouted to the Tenth Emperor.

The disciple finally responded. He turned around and started running towards the mountain top.


Startled, Jian Chen ignored the remaining few Heaven Saint Masters and instantly flew to Xiao Tian.

"Hahaha, the Xiang'er of today grows even more understanding with each passing day! Third sister, you've heard him. He has already forgotten about the matters of the past! You can rest assured now, there is no longer any conflict between us four sisters. There's no need for such conflict between family members after all." The eldest aunt spoke.

Now that Jian Chen was a Saint Master, he could easily take care of those at the Great Saint level without using his Light Wind Sword.

Not long after Jiang Chen left, a few powerful men arrived at the city. None of these men were weaker than Shan Ying; they were all Late Combat Soul warriors from the Profound River Palace.

Suddenly, one of the commander's face went white as he cried out in alarm, "Crap, I've been poisoned too!"

However, when his words were heard by Tan Lang and the trio, the meaning had completely changed. Killing a Second Grade Demon King with just three steps? How incredible was that! The trio felt cold sweat running down their foreheads. When they remembered the scene of them pointing their fingers at this mighty warrior who was capable of easily killing a Second Grade Combat King, they felt as if they were truly about to court death, and felt really lucky to still be alive.

Hearing Changyang Ke's words, Jian Chen nearly tripped down onto the ground in disbelief. Secretly thinking to himself, he thought, "Even a 7 year old wouldn't fall for such a line." However, Jian had forgot to account for that aside from the experiences of his past world, he was still no better than a 7 year old child.

Nangong Wentian asked.

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