The Runaway Chapter 2122

The Runaway Chapter 2122

Qing Shui was speechless, although he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. He'd usually remain at a respectful distance from icy women like this.

Right now, Yan Ling`er was much more mature than before. Her face was still very exquisite and she now had an additional graceful disposition. When she saw Qing Shui, she smiled and said, "Brother Shui!"

To think that the seductive and charming lady only likes women. Qing Shui felt that it was such a waste!

The lady acknowledged, and dashed up the over a thousand stone steps. Her graceful figure appeared very coordinated when she was walking up the stone steps, looking wonderful. And it seemed like Elder Fei should be very well-known in the Heavenly Palace since Qing Shui noticed that many disciples were able to address him as Elde Fei.

As far as Hou Xiaomei went, Bai Xiaochun had learned from Li Qinghou that both she and Ghostfang had been taken away by the Celestial over half a year ago, to serve as special guards on Heavenspan Island.

"That's right. I just met your granddad, and came to take a look for you with his consent!"

Heaven-Shaking Attack!

With such a formidable defense, no wolf was able to touch the Diamond Gigantic Elephant. As long as the Diamond Gigantic Elephant was using the Mighty Elephant Stomp and the Mighty Elephant's Recklessness, anything or anyone that bumped into the beast would certainly end up dead. The Diamond Gigantic Elephant was like a tiger walking into a lamb's den - it would crush anything to death instantly.

Besides, it wasn't like they would be going now. It would have to wait for at least half a year later. He had come up with many possibilities. For instance, Liu-Li's parents were members of the Demon Gate. Or perhaps the enemies of the Demon Gate¡­...

Not only did that pagoda operate the city's grand spell formation, it was also where the five legions would go to spend battle credit. Therefore, it was a very important place.

"Do you want to smoke them out?" Yu He furrowed her brows.

Huoyun understood the feelings that the ¡®lost' Canghai Mingyue was going through. It was similar to hers - the time she just fell in love with him. At this moment, she felt more certain about her own emotions.

After a long moment passed, Mistress Red-Dust took a deep breath and looked away. She had said earlier that if he could survive a single attack, he could leave. That had been her agreement with the Giant Ghost King, and she had to stick to her word.

When the Spirit Gathering Lamp had been placed in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, it had been the equivalent of putting in a Magic Treasure.

When he saw the demonic beasts next to Qing Shui, the old man's face twitched. Now, he seemed to be able to believe that Qing Shui had wiped out Zuoshi Clan alone. However, what should he do now?

This utterly made Qing Shui despair.

Without hesitation, he took the pill which he had kept aside for himself. During this crucial stage, each and ?every additional increase to his powers was important. After swallowing it, he quickly circulated his Ancient Strengthening Technique.

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