Rebirth of the Little Military Wife Chapter 2099

Rebirth of the Little Military Wife Chapter 2099

"Fuck you!"

Within the Kai courtyard, the middle aged man from the Xia clan was feeling pressure now that he was fighting against five Great Saint Masters. His face was extremely serious now. He was no longer the calm and composed person he was before. Despite being a water attributed Peak Great Saint Master with top notch strength, fighting against five Great Saint Masters was still very difficult. With three Middle Great Saint Masters and two barely Peak Great Saint Masters, this was enough to give him an extremely challenging time.

Although Jian Chen and the four Imperial Protectors had a great gap in age, they still talked freely. During the conversation, the Imperial Protectors explained some relative information about Saint Rulers to Jian Chen, and also bestowed their knowledge and comprehensions of cultivation to Jian Chen. They hoped that it could help out Jian Chen, as well as develop a better relationship with Jian Chen, for their relationships to become closer.

"Damn it, what kind of monster is this?"

However, this atmosphere didn't last long before an elderly voice broke the silence, "Sire Wu Yun, the issue of how to split the monster cores is something that we'll naturally discuss later. There is no need for you to worry about it. For now, just bring out the Class 5 Monster Cores."

"The reason is even simpler. The Glory Lotus contains the characteristics of both the Glory Lotus King and the Snowy Lotus, and when the Glory Lotus reaches its mature stage, the characteristics of the Glory Lotus King will completely suppress the characteristics of the Snowy Lotus, and then it will become a pure Yang herb. However, while it's still in its seedling stage, both the Glory Lotus King and the Snowy Lotus's characteristics exist, and that's why this Glory Lotus is not only a pure Yang herb, it also has the cold characteristics of the Snowy Lotus. This is why it has repressed the Flaming Angel's growth. When you planted them together, you were basically killing them both."

Barely able to keep himself composed, Jian Chen's face grew dark as he began to think to himself with worry. The Changyang clan was the very first family he had since he entered this world, so they held a special place in his heart. The amount of people he truly cared about wasn't many, but the people he definitely cared about would be eldest brother Changyang Hu and second sister Changyang Mingyue. Even more so, the one he definitely cared most was the one who cared about him since his birth; his mother Bi Yuntian.

"His image of being a good for nothing rich kid must be a camouflage.I'm guessing he must be getting taught by some great master.If he wasn't, it would be impossible for him to recognize the Nine Yin Meridians."

"I have to make this clear, today's duel will be a duel of death.Two people step onto the stage, but only one person leaves.And the losing family has to hand over their pill shop to the other family without any hesitation.This was clearly written on the challenge."

At this moment, one of the elders in the middle cupped their hands, "It has been fifty years since the last time. Today we meet once more, and next, we will be employing a secret method to temporarily close the barrier to the Space Gate. Everyone will be able to travel to Mercenary City afterward. The way to use the Space Gate should be familiar to everyone, so we shall not spend anymore time explaining it."

"Alright, I agree with that suggestion. Let's work together and fight it out with her." The thoughts of the five people reached one conclusion very soon. Afterwards, they all rushed at the old woman. They did not hold back at all, using all that they could to battle the old woman.

Big Yellow continued asking.

Jiang Chen and Mu Rong Hao's fists collided, creating a thundering boom and a scene that shocked everyone who was watching.

Not long after, the ground began to shake as a trail of dust began to form over the horizon. Countless humanoid and beast figures began to appear at tremendous speeds. The army of the Gesun and Qinhuang Kingdom had finally arrived.Chapter 490: City Invasion (One)

"Origin Mountain is too remote. The people from the Qi Province rarely come to this place. Only a few caravans will come here in order to search for treasure. This grassland covers at least a five thousand mile radius, and after crossing this grassland, there will be another big area with many hills. That's another eight thousand mile radius. Only after passing through that area can we be considered to be in the Qi Province."


"Arrogant brat, you must be tired of living. Who do you think you are? Actually speaking so arrogantly to our honorable boss. You definitely won't be alive by the end of the day. Why don't you hurry up and apologise? We'll keep your corpse whole.

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