The Legendary Demon Hunter Chapter 53

The Legendary Demon Hunter Chapter 53

Jian Chen grew solemn at Bi Hai's words, "Patriarch, please rest assured. I will take back the blood debt of the Bi family into my own hands. No matter who the enemy is, I will make sure they will pay the terrible price a hundredfold."

"Hold on."

Six words on the cover of the first book caught Jian Chen's eyes and they brightened from what he saw. Calming down his rapidly fluctuating emotions, Jian Chen grabbed the first book to reveal the second.

In front of a Saint Ruler, all else were ants. To intimidate a Saint Ruler would require another Saint Ruler.

With a bitter smile on his face, Nangong Wentian told Jiang Chen.

The man furrowed his eyebrows and said with some dissatisfaction, "Who is it? Did I not say that I am not to be disturbed while in the study?"

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple let the man go upon hearing this. The disciple sent out his Divine Sense and scanned most of the square, but he was unable to discover any trace of Big Yellow. He couldn't hold himself any longer and cursed, "Damn, that dog is really cunning, we let him escape again!"

"Be careful from behind!" An assassin discovered the three Radiant Saint Swords flying in from the distance and immediately cried out to warn his companions. Meanwhile, his eyes were wide-open as he stared at the three faraway Radiant Saint Swords with disbelief. The three swords actually flew in from over five kilometers away.

It was the Heavenly Saint Sword!

"I'll make sure he dies in the most miserable way possible!"

"Yi!" The elder's face changed as he gave a small start. Looking at Jian Chen fly into the air with an flabbergasted face, his eyes contained a glint of disbelief and astonishment.

After Jiang Chen disappeared from their sights, these people finally awakened, and it became a scene of turmoil.

"Get lost!"


"To what I know, the spirit of the barrier hasn't been seen or heard for ten thousand years already. But it has appeared this time with the appearance of Jian Chen and has forbidden us to take action. Perhaps there is a connection between the two? Otherwise, for what reason would the spirit of the barrier protect Jian Chen to the extent where no punishment has been inflicted?" The second elder murmured with confusion and disbelief. Jian Chen and the spirit of the barrier had a connection? That was quite hard to believe.

Yang Shuo let out a loud shout and sent the Bloodthirsty Sword forwards. In an instant, the entire sky was filled with countless swords. The swords weaved into a web of swords which looked like a huge curtain covering the skies. It caused the air to violently vibrate, and countless sword energies and killing intents to mix. These sword emitted bright lights which lit up every single part of the skies, causing anyone who saw it to have a difficult time breathing, even from afar.

Yan Yang's expression changed slightly. A Mortal Core warrior's combat strength was not something he could compare with. He and Lee Chang Ming were both the top geniuses in Red city, and both of them had the potential to become a Mortal Core warrior. But who could have known that Lee Chang Ming was one step ahead of him, just this one step created a huge distance between them. Even if he was already a Late Qi Hai warrior who was almost a Mortal Core warrior, compared with Lee Chang Ming, the difference was just too big.

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