My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday Chapter 1299

My Perverse Equivalent Exchange System in Doomsday Chapter 1299

"I can agree with that sentiment. If we continue to sit around like this, then we will ultimately be digging our own graves. When the moment comes for the Flame Mercenaries to overcome us in power, then the next sacrifice to be annexed will be us. We must take action now without any time to spare."

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and that alone made him destined to become someone really powerful. If he had just broken through to the Late Combat Soul realm with 15,000 Dragon Marks, his combat strength would only be equal to that of the Old Great Emperor. But now, as he had a total of 16,000 Dragon Marks, he was able to suppress the Old Great Emperor with his combat strength.

"None of the emperors from the Martial Saint Dynasty are easy targets. Every one of them are smart, and under the situation where they clearly know that I have the ability to kill them, but yet still comes here, that can only mean they've prepared something for me. They think they're capable of taking me down, so I really want to see what kind of powerful approaches they have."

In the far distance, Daoist Black and Guo Shan were both startled by what they saw. The situation was truly bizarre. Initially, it was the Third Emperor who was laughing, and now, although the Third Emperor was still in an advantageous position, and Jiang Chen was still getting hit and injured, it was Jiang Chen who was now laughing, while the expressions of the Third Emperor and the others were twisted.

Without any doubt, Red city now welcomed a new set of rules. From now on, the Yan family would have complete monopoly over Red city.

Mu Rong Zhan placed his hand on his beard and said this out loud.He had a happy expression on his face, as if everything was under his control.In fact, he was truly confident because no one knew how strong Lee Chang Hong truly was.He was the Lee family's young lord, so he possessed a lot of skills.If he wanted to kill Jiang Chen, it would be easier than crushing an ant.

In an instant, the buildings began to light up with fire as many disciples hurriedly tried to salvage the more precious items from the burning wreckage. Many others were desperately trying to combat the flames with water and slow down the spread. In an instant, Jian Chen had caused the entire sect to go crazy.

Jiang Chen replied with a smile.

Even Jiang Chen had to admit that Big Yellow was a rare genius in the world of geniuses. No matter where he went, he wouldn't forget to cheat others with his evil mind. This time he really did something beautiful, what Jiang Chen needs the most right now is Mortal Restoration Pills. The more he has the better, because every time he levels up, he would need to consume a huge amount of them.Chapter 101 ΓΏ Found a Secret Treasure

Suddenly, ten different figures came flying up to greet him. One by one, they surrounded Jian Chen in a tight ring with unfavorable expressions.

The patriarch clasped his hands together and spoke out to the nervous crowd, "The father of Liu Zheng and I have been friends for countless of years. His father has saved my life, and when he himself was dying, he entrusted Liu Zheng's healthy life to me. Now that he has been killed, it doesn't matter how strong the culprit is or who they are. This is not something I will easily forget. Furthermore, Liu Zheng himself has done many things for our Xia clan, his contributions are endless. Therefore, I cannot allow his death to go in vain. Zheng Hua, go and hire a few quick minded men to go to Wake City to scout out for information. Before we take action, I want to know their strength to the finest detail."

The middle-aged man's eyes lingered on the winged tiger cub on Jian Chen's chest. As big as the continent was, he had been able to learn of the Winged Tiger God by accident, causing him to feel extremely excited.

Situ Qing's usage of the Spatial Force was ultimately detected by Huang Tianba, whose eyes immediately swung to look down at the concentrated patch of trees where Situ Qing was at. "I've found him. He's using his Spatial Force ten kilometers ahead of us."

"Her condition is worsening every single day.Her condition today is worse than yesterday."

Walking up to the headless corpse of Elder Wu, Jian Chen knelt down to take his Space Ring. With some hesitation, he finally decided to bury the body of the elder.

"Explain in detail about this Inferno City."

Changyang Hu's expression was extremely happy, and he reached his hand to point at a few youths that were with him, "That's right, fourth brother, I must introduce these people to you. These are the relatively outstanding children directly under my command. Their names are Changyang Ao Jian, Changyang Feng, and Changyang Xiao Tian."

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