My Dear Alex and Belle, Love Heavenly Chapter 385

My Dear Alex and Belle, Love Heavenly Chapter 385

Body Securing Talisman!

The only thing it was possible to see now was a field of endless gold!

"Qing Shui, is Liu-Li waking up anytime soon?" Canghai Mingyue quietly asked while looking at Huoyun Liu-Li.

His Primordial flames and Golden Flint Iron Cauldron should be a bit better than the Medical Pill Sect. Qing Shui felt that his refining skills couldn't be any worse than other people's.

When time was almost up, Qing Shui left the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal. It was in the middle of the night outside. Qing Shui lay down on his bed, unable to fall asleep, his troubled heart could not calm down.

Qing Shui didn't expect this surprise the reward would bring to him. The Five Elements Fruits were considered rare items in the World of Nine Continents. These fruits were very special and valuable.

The corpses of the old man in green and the others disappeared very quickly. Qing Shui smiled at the old man from Mu Clan. "We are going to hold them off for a little while. Senior and the rest should have started moving."

Yu He blushed at Qing Shui's actions. "You rascal, quickly tell me what that fruit is, and what effects does it have?"

Too bad this is a technique for only two hands, two arms, two legs, and two feet.

His surroundings were bare and most importantly, there was no wind. When Qing Shui was halfway down the cliff, there were already no vegetations in sight. The surroundings were all bare except for this enormous lake that stood out like a sore thumb.

"Senior Heavenhorn," he called out, "It's me again, Bai Xiaochun of the Junior generation. I just want to use the earthflame here. Uh... the price is the same as usual, right? I'll pay with a medicinal pill like I usually do." Not waiting for a response, he hurried over to a cave he'd opened up a short distance away.

After gaping in shock for a moment, he shrieked, "Y-y-you... you damned talking rabbit! What are you doing here!?!?"

Without any hesitation, the patriarch stepped beyond the spell formation created by the candles, whereupon all of the flames... vanished!

This meant that the Night Fragrance Court had strength beyond them. This meant that behind these two sisters, clearly, there was someone of immense strength and solid status supporting them in the background.

Apparentlyˇ­ these were nine enormous worlds that had once existed within the starry sky!

Therefore, when Big Fatty Zhang and the others saw Bai Xiaochun continue to cultivate it for more than half a month, they felt like they were observing an entirely different person than the one they had met a few months ago.

"What do I do? What do I do!?!? Don't tell me I'm really going to have to resort to my final star sigil teleportation!?!?" Swept up in a feeling of madness, he gritted his teeth and prepared to unleash the starlight within the star sigil. However, that was when he suddenly realized that the 2,000 paper people stuck to the surface of the shields were actually absorbing their power, which was causing the paper ball to shrink.

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