Apocalyptic World Chapter 1933

Apocalyptic World Chapter 1933


"This matter has gone too far! If the Sect Chief doesn't do something now, it will soon go completely out of control!"

At that moment, Jiang Chen's last drop of Saint Blood left his body, and the Heavenly Saint Sword was broken into several pieces. Jiang Chen couldn't remember exactly how many pieces, because he simply had no time to look at his old friend for the last time.

After saying that, the voice of Daoist Black disappeared, but the Black Sect started boiling.

Striding into the crowd, Jian Chen revealed a cold smile on his face, "Yan Kaizer, you still remember me it seems. I didn't expect that. You are correct, I am the Wu Yun you threw off the cliff two years ago."

The two men stopped a far distance away from the poisonous clouds as Ming Dong stared at with a serious expression, "The summons is coming from this direction, but with this poisonous cloud blocking our path, we'll be unable to enter. Although I have some detoxification pills, I'm not sure it would work here.

Arriving behind the person, Jian Chen whispered, "Mu Yun, your battle skill is already known to many mercenaries. Take advantage of this opportunity, and quickly leave. Otherwise, I fear that they might try to do something to you."

The man in black asked with a vigorous voice.

The monk arrived in front of the formation and took out a talisman. He then waved the talisman in his hand, revealing a crack in the formation, then walked through the crack. After Tyrant entered the crack, the formation immediately restored itself to its original form.

Jian Chen's body wavered slightly as he flew toward the wall like a demon possessed and struck out with his sword.

Han Yan said.

On the wall.

Suddenly, the fatty's father came back. Seeing how Jian Chen was still on the ground, he asked with concern, "Jian Chen, are you not able to fly?"

Tianxiong Lie nodded his head slowly, "I'm fine." He whispered.

The disciple no longer dared to be stubborn. Without hesitating, he quickly took all his belongings out from his Qi Sea. He could always earn back fortune, but once his life was gone, everything would be over.

Entering the city with a coffin in hand was an extremely rare sight to be seen in Fengyang City. Unlucky items like coffins were forbidden within the city. They could only be left outside.

Upon seeing this middle-aged man, everyone--the lord of the Shi family included--genuflected to him and spoke out in respect, "Congratulations to the patriarch for breaking through and congratulations on becoming stronger!"

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