Path of the Demons Chapter 278

Path of the Demons Chapter 278

The outer perimeter of Inferno City was shaken, everyone were paying attention to this fight. Yang Shuo had a ferocious reputation in the outer perimeter of Inferno City, many powers and alliances feared him and dared not provoke him. But now, there was actually someone who had the audacity to attack him, and had even forced Yang Shuo to attack him personally. This showed how incredibly the young man was, that's why Jiang Chen had immediately attracted countless gazes upon appearing.

Jian Chen's Qi had interweaved with the envoy's Qi in midair in a way reminiscent of two dangerous beasts tearing away at each other without relenting.

Jian Chen fought an intense battle against those three Tianxiong Xiong clan bodyguards in the forest. A lot of the surrounding fauna was affected by the battle, and soon, the entire area had become a mess. Quite a few thick and sturdy trees had even been cut in half.

All 1000 students entered at the same time, scaring the wild animals into a sense of submission and made the trip relatively peaceful. Quickly the students all made it through the enchantments and into the second region. All of the monsters in this area were Class 1 Magical Beasts, so for those who weren't a Saint, even a Class 1 Magical Beast could pose a threat to them.

Yan Zhan Yun was walking back and forth within the courtyard.He had an anxious and worried expression on his face, and he kept looking towards the door leading to the room where Yan Chan Yu was located.Every single second was filled with suffering for him.

"Assistant sect leader Hu Ba, your strength may be above mine, but you are not an opponent for me. You cannot stop my mission to destroy the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom." Jian Chen spoke impassively.

Just this attitude alone made many people silently nod their heads. This place was the most important place within the Nangong family, and even the geniuses from their own family would be overawed when seeing so many leaders gathered together. However, Jiang Chen had a perfectly calm attitude, it was an indifferent behavior that came from his soul, one that was impossible to face.

Wu Cong coldly harrumphed. He put away the longsword and flew forwards with incredible speed. He quickly passed the crowd, and continued flying toward the source of the sound.

The general of the Eastern Deity Swords, Qin Wuming arrived at the front of the troops. "At attention, soldiers! Saddle up and move out!"

Although Jian Chen did not become completely taken within it just before, he was shocked speechless by the fifth elder's ability. With just a gaze, he had been imperceptibly affected. This caused a great storm to brew over Jian Chen's calmness. It must be known that not only was he a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master, he was also an extremely powerful Saint Ruler who had comprehended the mysteries of the world with a naturally-powerful presence.

Lin Bai glanced at the two large, cold-looking men behind him and said rather complacently, "Brother, you see the two people by me? They are the experts sent by the union to protect me at all times. They're both Third Cycle Earth Saint Masters."

"Reporting to the fourth young master, the third young master wishes to see you!" Just at this moment, the voice of a servant girl echoed from outside.

Moreover, after constantly fighting against magical beasts, the nine of them had become more comfortable working together. Eventually, they had formed an unexpected bond that held all of them together with close relationships.

Up against Jian Chen, Hu Ba's sabre in his right hand began to grow dim as it gradually lost its original luster. On the blade, two jagged chips could be seen quite clearly.


Sitting on top of the mount, Jian Chen flew over the roads with a blinding speed that quickly took him to the base of the city gates.

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