Flight of the Ravens Chapter 1941

Flight of the Ravens Chapter 1941

"En, you're very clever. I promise, I won't kill you."

"Let's give it a try."

Jiang Chen said as he handed over a golden colored paper to Jiang Zhen Hai.

Jiang Zhen Hai said as he walked into Jiang Chen's room.

The youth looked at Jian Chen with a dark expression as he commanded the 6 mercenaries, "Capture him for me."

You Yue felt shock grip her heart right by Jian Chen's side. She had not thought that this wildly-dressed Huang Luan would be an Earth Saint Master despite the close similarity in age to her own. Not only that, she too did not expect to hear that she was learning a Saint Tier Cultivation Method, something that was only mentioned in legends.

"What? This Origin Essence could help a Saint Ruler breakthrough to become a Saint King?" Huang Tianba asked in disbelief.

"Then have you investigated whether Jian Chen carries a winged cub that's completely white?" An old man beside him asked.

"Right, saving a man's life is especially important. We'll head back right away!"

This was a fully matured girl who looked to be around twenty six years old. Her entire body seemed to exude an endless amount of charm, and with every movement, it seemed that she was able to enrapture anyone nearby.

"You really are stronger than Shangguan Yilei. But££ still not enough."

"I can't, we're all children of the Ice God, and that Black Ice Talisman is the symbol of the Ice God; it's the supreme existence that none of us can insult! You too can't take it as your own, that's an insult to the Ice God!"

"Older brother Guo, take your time to absorb all the energies. I'll go check on Brother Yan."

The middle aged man looked at Ming Dong for a moment before then looking at Jian Chen to measure them both. With a brief look of surprise, he nodded his head with a smile, "Not bad, you seem to be quite talented men. Where might you two come from?"

"Damn it, where are you going?"

Right above Jian Chen's head were a single axe, two swords, a cleaver, and even a machete that came crashing down with a terrifying amount of pressure.


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