Life of a True Nara Chapter 2484

Life of a True Nara Chapter 2484

Eyes flashing sharply, the old man with the horn coolly said, "He's not a Wildlander heavenly dukeˇ­. But nobody from the four rivers is in the great circleˇ­.

Two months went by in a flash.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun was the only one who heard him speaking.

"Ninth Fatty, you're incredible," he said, looking very proud. "You really were paying attention back in the Ovens. I never would have imagined that Fragrant Cloud Peak's illustrious Chicken-Thieving Fiend would turn out to be my bro."

In their despair, such disciples' killing intent soared, and their eyes came focus on the three vortexes up above that represented the disciples in their eighth Tideflows.

Qing Shui stood firmly on Firebird's back. He could feel the strong wind hitting his face like sharp knives. They passed by the mountains and rivers below in a flash.

"Next up, two-colored flame...." Eyes glittering, he produced some more souls from his bag of holding, then followed the formula. Treating the souls like medicinal plants, he combined them according to the required ratios, adjusted his spiritual power, and then closed his hand over the souls to act as the pill furnace.

Qing Shui knew that Canghai Mingyue was informed of his situation because he had told her a little about it before. So when he said that he had something important to take care of, Qing Shui was sure that both her and Liu-Li knew what he was talking about.

"Zongheng, you're back. Let me introduce this young man that I just acknowledged as my younger brother. He's Qing Shui." Weng Xue said, smiling.

Although his guess wasn't verified yet, there shouldn't be any mistakes.

The distance of a about ten meters was nothing. The youth was put to an abrupt stop before he was even done with his insults. Qing Shui was now standing at the spot he was previously standing, as the blood of the youth rained down the sky.

"Bruiser's reaching Core Formation!!"

"Weaken us? Why would they do that? Our clans have been very loyal to the Thousand Poisons Sectˇ­ˇ­." Sima Zhuang said in disbelief.

"I can't believe I'm so important to him," he thought. "He actually came when I summoned him, and unwillingly at that, from the look on his face. Actually, the Sky Quarter peak lord also had the same look on his face back when I saw him....

Even if you didn't endure for very long at all, you could still successfully cultivate the Undying Skin. However, the quality would naturally fall short of perfect.

Her father had been putting up with his good-for-nothing daughter's hot-tempered attitude for a long time. She had been wanting to go to Yan Clan more than anyone else. For her, who would do anything for her parents, she wouldn't want to let her father worry until the end. ??

Bai Xiaochun inhaled sharply, and then began to pace back and forth within his courtyard, waving his arms around and gesticulating wildly. He almost looked like he had gone crazy, and was muttering to himself and laughing maniacally.

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