Seoul Station is Necromancer Chapter 1158

Seoul Station is Necromancer Chapter 1158

An overwhelming aura stormed abruptly toward his direction like a hurricane, enveloping everything in its path. Qing Shui halted his movements as he continued to observe the aura.

Eyes bloodshot, Elder Zhou looked over and said, "Sect leader, we beg of you...."


The people who were allowed to talk didn't want to disclose it, and the people who weren't allowed to talk didn't dare to!

Little Wolfgod was a young man with a perpetual expression of killing intent on his face, and eyes that radiated brutality. Li Tiansheng seemed a bit better, but had a sinister look to him that left Bai Xiaochun feeling very uncomfortable. Zhao Dongshan was particularly burly, as though the blood of savage giants ran in his veins. He looked like a small mountain as he stood there, holding an enormous wolf tooth club in one hand.

Laughing heartily, Zhao Tianjiao landed next to Bai Xiaochun and clapped him on the shoulder. "What are you doing here alone? If you don't have anything else to do, why not join us? It's probably better to stick together anyway. I'm planning to go do a bit of sightseeing and eventually head out past the Great Wall."

A few people walked to the edge of the sea. Waves continuously slapped the coast, one wave after another without stop. The fires and floods have no mercy. Looking at the gigantic waves that contained inestimable energy, this was the strength of the great nature.

There were plenty of treasures in the sea, there was also millions of species of living creatures there as well. There could be some precious creatures with medicinal properties, rare fishes, or even special treasured stones¡­¡­?

"Thank you, Father!"

Qing Shui continued to practise Stabbing, patiently training that one technique in the Realm of the Violet Immortal, to solidify the Realm of Obscurity.

The man raised his head to see Hai Dongqing enter, he was astonished and stunned. His actions were seen by the other men and they all looked over.

Many of the bastard children and direct bloodline non-successors had hated Bai Xiaochun in the past. But now, he stood on their side, and even represented them! As the person enforcing the Proclamation of Universal Grace, they were all on the same team!

The man's loud and clear voice came through from far away. It made people feel really amiable and respectful.?

122th cycle!

"Look at this old guy. Forget about how ancient he looks. Technically speaking, no one in the Eternal Immortal Domains ever lived longer than him. He clearly had a demigod cultivation base, but his longevity surpassed celestials to a ridiculous level. I wasn't able to determine the reason, even after lots of research."

The two Frosted Iron Balls had flashed across in a straight line before it curved oddly in a wriggly motion as they shot straight up into the air, which formed a temporary silhouette of twin dragons for a brief second.

Bai Xiaochun suddenly looked up, blue veins bulging out on his neck and face. Trembling, he hoarsely shouted, "Tideflow!"

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