ELECTUS Chapter 1459

ELECTUS Chapter 1459

Jiang Chen immediately stood up with bright eyes. He looked energetic, and he didn't look any tired at all. Big Yellow immediately had a feeling that he had been cheated.

"That's right, younger sister Yun Er, what second sister said is correct. Each and every day, I grow even more fond of Xiang Tian." Sitting next to Jian Chen with a tranquil look was another one of the 4 ladies. She was the third wifeĆæYu Feng Yan.

One by one, they filed into the courtyards with their magical beast mounts while Dugu Feng swiftly strode forward to knock on the heavy gates.

Suddenly, the Light Wind Sword immediately made a revolution as it passed by the elder and flew straight back at the elder's new position.

"This is really touching. Don't worry, you will all die together. Kill them."

Jiang Chen's curiosity brought him to the square, and he was trying to figure out what was going on.

Great Master Ran Feng placed his palms together in a devour manner and bowed toward Ancestor Greenlotus's statue. However, Jiang Chen could clearly see a vague sadness from Great Master Ran Feng's expression, and there was even slight anger mixed in. This was abnormal; an eminent monk like Great Master Ran Feng would never easily show his emotions, and would not easily become angry. However, upon mentioning Ancestor Greenlotus's ascension, his expression immediately became uneasy.

"Yes, I don't have the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, but neither does the Myriad Sword Sect and Shangguan Clan. The superpowers from the Jian Province doesn't have the ability to concoct a pill like that."



"Captain, if you truly wish to enter the Gathering of the Mercenaries, you must think about this thoroughly. Indeed, the prizes are extremely rich, but the odds of dying are extremely high as well. Practically every single talented mercenary in the Tian Yuan Continent will attend. Mercenaries born with talent or in a good clan; those who have reached the Earth Saint Master realm; those with an unordinary skill or even battle skill; their strengths will be undoubtedly strong." Mo Tian spoke out seriously. To him, the Gathering of the Mercenaries wasn't anything special. This was something for those a part of the mercenary world would strive for, but not him.

Jiang Chen said. His eyes lit up as he looked at the Demon Taming Lock, this kind of item was extremely rare and precious. If he was able to obtain this Demon Taming Lock, the advantages he would gain would be huge.

"That can't be right Jian Chen! Y-you££ you're actually feeding extremely pricey heavenly resources to this little thing? Ow! Dear heavens, even if you have a lot of money, don't go throwing it around!" Ming Dong clutched at his head in pain as if experiencing the pains of Jian Chen's thrifty manner with his money for him.

Arriving at Jian Chen's side, Hudolf had a look of surprise at all of the people behind him but immediately turned back to look at Jian Chen. "Brother Jian Chen, if I may be so bold to ask, but perhaps you could agree to my request?"

Taking out several roots of thousand year heavenly resources from his Space Ring, Jian Chen spoke, "Continue to work hard and improve your strength. That way, you will be able to defend yourself."

"Brat, you were so domineering today, kaka££££"

"Yes!" The guards responded in unison before going back to their patrol.

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