World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 984

World of Fantasy and Technology Chapter 984

"What kind of treasure is that?!"

Standing on top of the stand was an elderly man around 60 years and in front of him was a red colored wooden table.

Jiang Chen cupped his fist towards Guo Shan. This was the benefit of becoming friends with Guo Shan. If he hadn't formed this relationship, it would take Jiang Chen countless amounts of effort to obtain these five herbs by himself.

"Fuck! Why did such a strong guy suddenly appear? Two Pirate Lords were killed in such a short amount of time! I have never seen this young man before!"

When Jian Chen was about to exit the gates, he saw the portrait on the gates, and his eyes hardened. The person on the portrait was of his original appearance.

"Hmph, a group of insurgents that remains unchanging even when death is at hand. Soldiers! Kill them all!" Yun Li barked out a decisive order.

After the introductions were finished, Jian Chen wasted no more words. He immediately got to the crux of the problem. Taking out the crushed jade piece he had in his Space Ring, he asked, "What was so serious for you to call me back using the twin jade stones?"

"Enough playing with you! Face your death!"

Jian Chen and Ming Dong continued to talk through the night. When it came to Ming Dong, Jian Chen did not hide anything. Everything that had happened after the two had split, Jian Chen told him aside from the matter with the tiger cub. It wasn't because he didn't trust Ming Dong, but it was because the fewer people that knew about it, the better. Plus, if he did tell Ming Dong, there was a chance Ming Dong would feel a larger amount of pressure.


In a flash, another year had gone by. Jian Chen had been in this strange world for 2 whole years now. During those 2 years, Jian Chen didn't take a single step outside of the Changyang mansion. Everyday during his free time, Jian Chen was alone in his room practicing the first principle of Azulet Sword Law√Ņbody cultivation.

None of these Combat Soul geniuses could use their Divine Sense within the magma, so they could only search a small area at a time. However, with the Great Soul Derivation skill, Jiang Chen could clearly see what these people were doing. When he found out what they were up to, a sneer immediately emerged onto his face.


The 6 people had already lost their wills to fight. They exchanged mutual looks with each other, knowing that continuing on this road would end with death. The only road left to take was to run. With this thought, the 6 mercenaries immediately spread out in 4 directions without any hesitation in an effort to escape Jian Chen.


With the still dirty coffin held high on his shoulders, Jian Chen strode down the streets of the city, causing everyone to glance over at him. Whomever Jian Chen had passed, they would stop and turn to look at him with a bizarre expression.

Changyang Hu nodded his head firmly and pounded his chest with his fist, "Chang Bai, don't worry! I definitely won't allow anyone in the school to bully fourth brother!"

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