Jeep Reincarnation | Filipino Chapter 2885

Jeep Reincarnation | Filipino Chapter 2885

Sniffing the heavy, bloody smell that permeated into the air, his eyes became vaguely bloodshot. The sharp smell of blood had already began to slowly excite the bloodthirsty nature of his bloodline.

"You can't kill me."

Two days later, Jian Chen and Ming Dong finally returned to Changyang Manor. Xiao Tian and the others had been extremely curious on how they had managed to disappear so suddenly. It was because of their extreme confidence in Jian Chen's strength that they did not panic when the two had disappeared. However, they did wonder just what business was so important for the two to disappear so out of the blue.

"This matter must be reported to the patriarch. With the young lord and the disciple of the Dugu clans to suddenly become friends with each other, this spells out something major for our clan. If we can use this newfound friendship with the Dugu clan, then our clan will definitely pull out ahead of the others." Qin Jue thought to himself. Although he was a quiet person who rarely spoke, he was not at all stupid.

"Little Chen has two with him right now. My guess is they must be related to this Island of Ice, somehow. Let's keep it for now, we might need to use it in the future."

After experiencing the first transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill, Jiang Chen had gained some precious experiences. He knew how frightening the Dragon Transformation was when it transformed, and it would bring him unimaginable benefits. Putting aside the fact that he might obtain some new innate true dragon skills, just the Dragon Marks he obtained were of incredibly good benefit to his cultivation.

"But, what Chen Jiang said seems reasonable. If the Shangguan Clan is able to provide all the ingredients and herbs, the Blissful Manor will definitely be able to do so as well. But what that person wants it the Nine Soul Restoration Pill, not the raw ingredients. What he's lacking is an alchemist who can concoct the pill."

In the center of the academy was a tall tower around 100 square meters large. Vice headmaster Chang Bai En was currently respectfully standing in the center of a room on the top of the tower. In front of him sat Kargath Academy's headmaster, lazily sitting in front of the office desk, with a smiling expression. His profound gaze also had hints of happiness and excitement reflected in them.

As expected, the Old Emperor immediately erupted with anger. The Fifth Emperor was his son, and even though he was the Old Emperor, he still couldn't control his emotions upon hearing the news about his son's death.

Five separate cracks could be heard as the energy surrounding the five Spirit Apes' fists all shattered. Following a cleaving light from the Sword Spirits, a wound could be seen on each of the fists. The cut was so severe that it went straight past the bone and felt as if it had nearly cut their hand in two.

Jiang Zhen Hai shouted out loud while at the same time unleashing his powerful Yuan power belonging to a Late Qi Hai warrior. He then started fighting with Mu Rong Zhan, butit seemed like both of them couldn'tdefeat the other easily.

Xuan Yuzi closed his eyes, waiting for Jiang Chen's sword to cut through his throat. He didn't want to see his own head flying off his body.

"Yes, headmaster." The two middle aged men immediately sat down again, though they didn't have the spirit to concentrate on the books in their hands.

"So you're the core disciple."

Instead of killing the king, Jian Chen grabbed him by the shoulders and took him away, leaving behind the three guards still kneeling with miserable looks.

Now Jian Chen had a better understanding of the first painting. Slowly, he could understand that the people within the painting were like the heavens. They were representatives of the world, their movements were fused together with the world. Each move contained a profound mystery of the world, and each strike contained a profound theory, but that was something Jian Chen didn't understand.

The three men were quickly detected by everyone, "Eldest Brother!" Suddenly, a joyous sound could be heard as the slowly healing person looked at the three approaching men and tried to crawl up to meet them.

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