El šČltimo mundo Chapter 821

El šČltimo mundo Chapter 821

Of course, the higher ranking leaders of the Blood Stream Sect saw what was happening, but didn't interfere. In fact, some of the prime elders on Ancestor Peak found the whole thing very amusing.

Cultivating Fist Techniques always starts from mimicking the form, to be able to cultivate until the Essence of Fist Techniques can be understood or their fist to be filled with spirit like Qing Shui does would require a tremendous amount of time and talent.

If he was once again surrounded by those martial artists, he was very confident that he could massacre them in a snap of a finger.?

Her eyes were filled with focus, determination, and madness. Furthermore, there was no deceit in her words. She was not a person of this world. She had come from beyond the heavens, a discarnate soul who had fallen down into the world along with an enormous sword.

Everything in the Armory, from buildings to pill furnaces, all shattered as they transformed into a blast of wind that spread out in all directions.

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From Bai Xiaochun's perspective, this handle area where the fan ribs converged was like a public square of sorts.

The instant their gazes met, Bai Xiaochun's spirits lifted.

AST 1002 - Soaring Into the Sky, The Amazing Area Dominance, Power Determines Everything

"The Live Forever Codex!!" His mind was spinning with incredulity at the fact that his daughter innately possessed the aura of the Live Forever Codex.

The young man on the left had a ridiculously massive head on top of his thin body, which resembled a bamboo shoot. The fierce-looking face, as well as that thin body of his, made him look quite weird. At this moment, he was glaring at Qing Shui with eyes that were ready to shoot out flames at a moment's notice.

"Do you always talk to girls like this?" Huang Qing laughed and glanced at the two ladies on the back of Fire Bird. She smiled. Although it was a very elegant smile, it could seep into the hearts of people. This was the most refined smile that Qing Shui had ever seen. Canghai Mingyue's smile carried an air of arrogance. The Misty Hall's Palace Mistress and Yiye Jiange's smiles were more otherworldly, while Huoyun Liu-Li's smile was cunning like a sly fox yet seductive.

With just a look, Qing Shui was sure that the realm of the person in the drawing was at Providence.

Song Junwan smiled. "Very well, there's no need to think too much into the deep things. The patriarchs will handle everything. In the end, there will be war, the question is only who we'll fight."

"This thing is so mysterious! I wonder what it is. And I wonder when I'll encounter something like it againĄ­." He was truly torn between his desire to collect souls, and his fear of the potential danger.

If the siblings had been taken in by the old village head since they were young, then there were two possibilities. The first one was that their parents were left with no choice but to abandon them. The second possibility was that their parents were aware that the siblings were the reincarnations of the devil and had heartlessly thrown them away in fear of encountering a great disaster.

Even so, she had thought about marrying to a man of great power so that she could use that power to exact her revenge. Yiye Jiange knew that she was attractive in appearance, but to find a man who could go against the mighty forces of the Lion King's Ridge was almost impossible. Moreover, the stronger a man becomes, the more strenuous his duties to his family would be. No one would allocate any resources or time to declare a war against a supreme sect for the sake of a woman.

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