Bore-Dom Chapter 189

Bore-Dom Chapter 189

Li Qinghou occasionally came to check in on Bai Xiaochun in secret. After coming to the conclusion that Bai Xiaochun was safe, he breathed a sigh of relief.

She felt that if she did not meet Qing Shui, he would not have come to Southern Sea City and met Donggong Taiqing. Thus, this conflict that led to the duel would not have happened.

He was always capable of being very absorbed in what he was doing to them. However, Qing Shui wasn't absorbed in it this time, he didn't want to be either. Although, that didn't affect the results. He pushed, pressed, grinded, turned, squeezed , twirled, stroked, grasped and massaged in circular motion¡­.

Qing Shui continued to search in the Interspatial Silk Sachet. Suddenly, he saw a piece of beast parchment in the corner. He felt excited because it was likely to be an alchemic recipe.

Upon hearing Zhou Zimo's name, Bai Xiaochun sighed despondently.

The surrounding Foundation Establishment cultivators could say nothing in response. However, despite the fact that they feared and respected the grand elder, they were haughty and arrogant people by nature, and inwardly, were still just as angry as before. Even their eyes radiated a brutal coldness.

This was Bai Xiaochun's first time hearing about the Celestial taking a new apprentice, but all it did was cause him to shake his head. Because of what he had witnessed in that spectacular battle in the Wildlands, he just didn't have a very good impression of the Celestial¡­.

Bai Xiaochun smacked himself on the forehead when he realized that he had once again forgotten about Song Que. Back when they had left the city, he had instructed Zhou Yixing to put Song Que in a bag of holding to take along, but in the months since then, he hadn't released him into the open even once.

"You shouldn't have told me anything about it then. I feel uncomfortable with just the thought that the stuff I'm carrying is made from those things." Di Qing pouted.

Qing Shui pushed him back with his strength and proceeded to boost up his own speed!

"I have to become more important to the junior patriarch than Master God-Diviner is!"

"That's fine too. Even a Three Breaths version will be useful!" The old monkey gave Bai Xiaochun a deep look that contained both approval and gratitude. Then he flashed into motion, disappearing with the medicinal pill.

But the powerful and influential individuals in the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, and of course the Saint-Emperor himself, knew that the three prefectures in question had been reduced to virtual wastelands over the course of the occupation.

He suddenly seemed far more powerful and glorious than anyone could have imagined, someone who could force everyone else to stay their hands.

People were already calling out advice.

Shocked, he couldn't help but take a moment to examine Xu Shan's face a bit more closely, and then his gaze slid down the rest of her body. The truth was that, despite her violent tendencies, she was actually very attractive. However, he quickly realized that he shouldn't be thinking that way.


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