Shadow of the World Chapter 249

Shadow of the World Chapter 249

"Sister!" Qin Xiao immediately leapt off his magical beast, arriving before the young lady with a few leaps and bounds. He held onto the young lady's shoulder, clearly moved, and said, "Sister, brother and father have come to save you. Now that the boss and all the experts of the Flood Dragon Bandits are dead, you are safe, sister. You don't need to marry the bandit boss's son anymore."

After that, Jiang Chen asked him a few more questions he wished to know, and finally nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Can the goods be saved?" The weak looking man asked.

"Imperial Emperor, what Clan Chief Shangguan and Sect Chief Tiangang said is correct. We need to think twice before we act; that Jiang Chen is a real threat to us."

Wu Jiu and Xuan Ye cried out in shock at the same time. They now understood why the Imperial Emperor was angry enough to send so many mighty warriors to the Martial Palace; the Crown Prince had actually been castrated by Yan Chenyu.

Jiang Chen didn't give him any chance to escape from the dragon claw. In an instant, the claw became covered with flames.

"Everyone speaks correctly. This matter has to be responded to in kind. We cannot so easily pardon the Sect of Dragon and Tiger for this." Jian Chen's voice paused slightly as he turned to look at Qin Wutian. "Qin Wutian, you go and recover your strength first. I will send someone to the imperial city to bring all of the Radiant Saint Masters over."

Nangong Yunzheng cried out in shock. He staggered, and nearly fell down to the ground. After that, he hatefully looked at Jiang Chen. Because of this young man, the plan he had put so much effort into had just failed. This was a result he just couldn't accept.

Jian Chen hummed for a moment, "How about this, we wait until Qin Wutian's injuries have fully healed before we set out and see just what attitude their sect has toward us."

Mu Rong Tian took a step forward and spoke out loud with a hateful tone. The Mu Rong family was gone, his hatred towards Jiang Zhen Hai and Jiang Chen was like an unstoppable waterfall. Only after the Jiang family was destroyed will he be able to let go of his hatred.

Jiang Chen's expression changed slightly. After he destroyed the Demon Palace, he immediately absorbed the demon souls before coming to the Dancing Sun City. Almost no one knew that the Demon Palace had been destroyed, so it wasn't difficult to imagine how powerful the Demon King Palace was.

"Get out of my way if you wish to stay alive."

Standing in the distance, Jiang Chen casually exercised his body. Then, with a sway of his body and a weird way of moving, he instantly dashed toward Lord Baoju. Within a split second, he arrived in front of Lord Baoju, the Great Elder floating right behind him.

Once the Silver Striped Golden Snake's blood was used to refine the Ten Thousand Immunity, one would be entirely immune to any poisons weaker than the Silver Striped Golden Snake's. One would even gain the effect of being able to strongly resist poisons at the same level as the Silver Striped Golden Snake's (although one cannot be immune to it). Thus, the amount of danger the poison would be able to inflict would be drastically decreased, or the spread of the poison would be greatly deterred.

With a thought in his mind, the golden colored book immediately appeared in Jiang Chen's hand. Then, he saw three big words on the cover: Illusion Heart Sutra.

The headmaster nodded his head and said, "As long as he can continue to grow this way, then the skill he displayed today will definitely develop into something greater. It looks like our Kargath Academy will finally be able to boast of a strong individual, as long as he doesn't die on the road to greatness."

Just then, a young armored youth came forward with a smile. "Dear friends, I couldn't help but overhear you talk about Changyang Xiangtian; do you think I could hear more of his past achievements? Being able to create a Saint Weapon at the age of fifteen, how incredible! I was only able to make mine when I was eighteen years old¨•I must admit I am curious to what type of person he is."

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