Hands Of Heaven Chapter 1922

Hands Of Heaven Chapter 1922

"Alright, that's all, you can all leave."

Seeing everyone's brilliant expression, Jian Chen shook his head with a bitter smile. To the Flame Mercenaries, a Class 3 Magical Beast was something far beyond their strength. They couldn't kill it in one blow, and if they were hit with one blow, then that would be the end for them. To the mercenaries whose strength was weaker than a Class 3 Magical Beast, this display of strength shocked them to their core.

With this unfortunate accident, Jian Chen's movement was definitely hindered.

"That's right, this guy is definitely someone who broke a few major laws, or annoyed someone of great influence. Right now, the Mercenary Union has already given him an A ranked bounty with no restriction to the rank required to take it. So even a D ranked mercenary could cash in on this bounty."

In the center of the academy was a tall tower around 100 square meters large. Vice headmaster Chang Bai En was currently respectfully standing in the center of a room on the top of the tower. In front of him sat Kargath Academy's headmaster, lazily sitting in front of the office desk, with a smiling expression. His profound gaze also had hints of happiness and excitement reflected in them.

Jiang Chen was shocked. Without hesitating, he took a step forward and stopped Nangong Yunfan from bowing. If it was any ordinary man, he would still accept this bow. However, this man in front of him was Nangong Wentian's father. For the sake of Nangong Wentian, there was no way Jiang Chen could accept this bow. Besides, if this man wasn't Nangong Wentian's father, Jiang Chen would have just brought the broken sword and left straightaway, he wouldn't go out of his way to give them a pot of Nine Solar Holy Water.

However, the five people clearly did not know anything about the Flame Mercenaries' situation and did not believe what Jiede Tai said at all. Old man Situ stared at Jiede Tai in ridicule and said, "Who do you think the grand elder of Mercenary City is? Why would he have any connections with your insignificant mercenary group? Do you really think I'm as easy to trick as a three year old? Hmph, Mateng, let's do it. We'll get the monster core from the Silver Striped Golden Snake first." As soon as he finished speaking, old man Situ took the initiative to rushed at Nubis with his Saint Weapon, while old man Mateng who was also in the Sixth Heavenly Layer followed behind. They were going to fight Nubis together at the same time.

"Who the hell is that? Why is he shouting near the main gate so early in the morning? Does he think the Black Sect has no one who can defeat him?"

At this moment, a guard that Lei Mingao had sent to stalk Jian Chen hurried in. He knelt on one knee and said, £¶Reporting to the young master, the low class Radiant Saint Master is currently leaving in a carriage along with the vice-manager of a third-rate branch. Looking at their direction, they seem to the hurrying towards the main office of the union.

A disciple from the Myriad Sword Sect couldn't bear these guys any longer.

Jian Chen spent an entire day memorising all the Radiant Artes that he had read through. Shortly afterwards, he suddenly gazed towards the very top of the bookshelf. At the top, there were three thick books, but each of them were covered in a layer of Radiant Saint Force which formed a seal, preventing others from reading it.

Jiang Chen just stood there without doing anything, but the pressure he emitted onto these men was huge. It was as if there was a mountain pushing down on the hearts of these people. The few hundred men became completely silent, none of them dared to talk right now.

"You're going to use me as your hostage to threaten my father?"

"Hahahaha, I've been behind closed doors for twenty years now. But I have finally reached one step further in the comprehension of the mysteries of the world. I've reached the Fifth Heavenly Layer. I've made yet another step to becoming a Saint King." The man laughed cheerfully.

"You better watch where you're looking."

The power of the two men continued to escalate with an earth-shattering amount of force that filled the entire area. Soon enough, the power of the two began to cover the both of them and all over the entire mountains. Even the clouds themselves had a hole in them from the power exuded by the two. A fierce gale began to scream and whistle with an ear-piercing sound that was reminiscent of a ghost wailing into the winds. Down in the forests below, countless of animals began to let out terrified sounds as they began to scuttle away from the area as far as their limbs could take them. The strength of the two men on the peaks continued to escalate as they prepared to unleash their strongest strike.

Jian Chen revealed a smile. He had favorable opinions towards Lin Bai. Not to mention that fact that Lin Bai was an honest and reliable person, just because he had helped Jian Chen resolve the small problem with the Lei family was enough for Jian Chen to feel grateful.

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