You Of All People Chapter 42

You Of All People Chapter 42

Upon hearing the conversation between Jian Chen and this black clothed youth, Dugu Feng instantly grew extremely ugly. Before, he had been extremely overjoyed to see the large amount of power of this youth, but he didn't think that the two men would somehow know each other. And from the look of things, the two men were on extremely good terms with each other.

Jiang Chen laid out his future plans.

"Where is brother Jiang?"

"Senior disciple Jiang, if we keep beating them like this, they might die soon."

Storing the Radiant Spirit Pills he made into his Space Ring, Jian Chen exited his chambers. A soldier then led him to where He Yun was resting.

"Bi Lian, since you haven't condensed your Saint Weapon, you must make sure you keep hard at cultivating. As long as you are strong, you will be able to do what you set your mind to. If you need some monster cores to cultivate, then feel free to ask me for them." Jian Chen spoke.

Within the deepest area of the Black Sect, inside the secret room where Daoist Black and Guo Shan were imprisoned, two Combat Soul warriors were still hiding. They were from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect, and they had just received a message from Shangguan Sheng asking them to hide here and closely watch Daoist Black and Guo Shan, as these two men could still be used after the Crown Prince was released.

"This££ this slave does not know." The eunuch was a man who feared death so his entire body refused to stop shaking.


Jiang Ru Long exclaimed as he placed his hand on Jiang Chen's shoulder. There were two big families in Fragrant Sky city: one was the Mayor's family and the other one was the Mu Rong family. The Mu Rong family was a huge power in the business industry, and the relationship between the two families was not particularly great. There was a lot of competition between them. If they could somehow marry into each other, then their relationship would naturally improve, reaping huge benefits for both sides.


However, Jiang Zhenhai understood a fact, someone like Jiang Chen would never be trapped in one place. He belonged to the vast world outside this tiny land.

"Alright, brother Jiang, we should continue our business."

The group of elders had turned their heads to look at Bi Hai when he entered. But still, not a single one spoke. Instead, they moved to the side so as to give him a direct passageway to Jian Chen.

But at the same time, the real Jiang Chen had already arrived in front of Fan Kun. A blood red dragon claw had turned into a strong jail, and Fan Kun was captured within.

Around noon the next day, one more day before Jiang Chen's return, in the sky outside Fragrant Sky City, three Golden Guards surrounded a young man who was wearing the clothing of an ordinary guard. This young man wore a calm expression; showing no fear.

The manager gazed at the waiter.

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