Pokemon System in Anime World Chapter 2121

Pokemon System in Anime World Chapter 2121

Shangguan Sheng could feel his internal organs violently trembling, and his expression had began twisting.

"So many mighty warriors, I've never seen so many of them at the same time!"

"The magma's temperature is deadly, it's not something anyone resist, only those Combat Soul warriors can do so, and I don't think they can last for a long period of time."

Big Yellow almost vomited some blood. Jiang Chen even face-palmed himself, he knew that starting from now, his life in the Qi Province would become miserable.

Everybody was gossiping, this was the birth of a miracle and the debut of a dark horse. It was guaranteed to leave a deep mark in the history of the Qi Province competition.

"If it's you, I have no need to call for anyone else to help me. You worry too much, third elder. I am by myself today. If you wish to take the Ruler Armament from me, then take it yourself." Jian Chen smiled. His presence had already been spread out for fifteen kilometers all around the area. If a Saint Ruler were to appear, Jian Chen would run straight for Mercenary City.

"Be careful everyone!"

"Be careful Brother Jiang Chen, the power of a combat weapon is incredible! It can slice through any metal like clay. You will either be extremely wounded or die if it hits you!"

Jiang Chen's eyes shone brightly, showing that he had extreme confidence. Although he was not a match for Combat Soul warriors, it was also impossible for ordinary Early Combat Soul warriors to kill him with ease.

"I can't leave. I really want to see if the Imperial Emperor will attack me like brother Jiang Chen said."

Mu Yun looked around at the busy mercenaries, "Jian Chen, I thank you for your concerns, I'll be careful from now on." Although he had said that, Mu Yun's expression did not look at all concerned at the people around him. When it came the mercenaries, Mu Yun did not see them as a challenge at all.

"This really blinded my dog eyes! Li Wu Shuang was cultivating the Tyrannical Script, a High Ranked Earth cultivation skill as well as a combat skill which he inherited from a Combat Soul warrior, and with that incredibly tough body of his, he actually lost in a match of raw strength against Jiang Chen! Unbelievable!"

"I think he came here to commit suicide. Last time this happened, that Li Wuling from the Heavenly Sword Sect came here early in the morning and wanted to kill senior disciple Jiang to avenge his brother, Li Wushuang, but in the end, he was killed by senior disciple Jiang."

A dazzling light rushed out from the Island of Ice, lighting up all directions. After that, a huge hole appeared on one side of the Island of Ice. Although the hole looked illusory, it was actually an entrance to the island!

"Jiang Chen, I'll definitely kill you!"

Jiang Chen raised his head and stared back into Li Hui's eyes. It made him even angrier when Li Hui said that he had bullied fellow disciples.

Jiang Chen shrugged again.

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