Rebirth of a Legend Chapter 2047

Rebirth of a Legend Chapter 2047

"Fine, my son. I will declare an Imperial Decree; you'll be married to that girl!"

The Barbarian Earth Bull kept yelling out in disbelief. It couldn't understand at all how this dog could be so powerful. The Earth Jail had never failed it before, and even when facing an existence that was one grade higher than itself, it could still cause severe damage to the opponent with this sneaky trick. But today, this dog had actually broken its Earth Jail in such an easy manner.

"Housekeeper Tian, prepare a carriage. I will leave the city at once. Do not tell this to anyone."

The middle aged man's strength was extremely strong and so even against three Great Saint Masters, he wasn't at a disadvantage at all. With the whip being so flexible and him being an expert, his whip skill was at the pinnacle of mastery. The whip was capable of being soft and flexible yet at the same time becoming as strong as rigid metal that couldn't be defended against.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders with a casual look on his face. This was an offer sent to his doorstep. Lee Shan Yue must be thinking that he had too many sons, so he wanted to give one to Jiang Chen.

"That's nothing, the Myriad Sword Sect isn't the only power Jiang Chen offended; he even killed an elder from the Shangguan Clan. The Shangguan Clan is a super power at the same level as the Myriad Sword Sect. Rumors say that this guy ruthlessly killed countless Divine Core warriors and offended many great powers in Inferno Hell."

The Hawk King pointed at Jiang Chen and spoke with a prideful expression.


The remaining soldiers instantly realized that Jian Chen wasn't someone they could defend against and turned around to run back into the palace.

The dark clouds were getting denser and denser. There were four remaining crimson lightning bolts, each thicker than the previous, hovering in the sky like four Azure Dragons, casting great fear in the hearts of everyone.

The next afternoon, Jian Chen sat on the golden throne in the middle of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's palace. By his two sides were Qin Wuming, Qin Wujian, Khafir, Ye Ming, and several other Heaven Saint Masters. Down below, two rows of soldiers from the Eastern Deity Swords stood on standby; each one of them was an Earth Saint Master in strength.

"This was completely because of Changyang Xiangtian, for he is also the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Those five Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom obeyed Changyang Xiangtian's command to help our Gesun Kingdom." As he spoke, the king of the Gesun Kingdom couldn't help but reveal some excitement in his voice as he himself grew excited.

The humans most hated by all devils were Buddhists. Normally, when a devil saw a human, its first response would be to eat the human. However, once they saw a human monk, it would want to rip him into pieces before eating him. The reasons why devils had fallen into such decay, to the point where they could only hide inside the Devil Realm was mostly because they were being suppressed by Buddhists.

With a self-flattering smile, the old white-bearded man held a fist-sized pearl in his hand. The pearl was glowing like a crystal.

"Damn it, why is there such a reckless fool in the outer circle? Senior disciple Song, let me kill him."

Jian Chen pulled out his Light Wind Sword from the skull of the warbeast as a few bloody drops fell to the ground.

All the Heavenly Sword Sect disciples were so scared that their faces had turned pale, they all started moving backwards. Although they wished that they could eat Jiang Chen's flesh, they knew how frightening Jiang Chen was, he was not someone they could deal with. If they provoked Jiang Chen and were killed by a single slap, then they would die for nothing, there wouldn't even be a place for them to complain.

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