Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith Chapter 262

Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith Chapter 262

"I would like to trouble the two of you to take a trip to the damaged fan up in the sky. If there is good fortune to be had, the two of you will have a chance to get it." As Gu Tianjun and Sima Yunhua both looked up, the Saint-Emperor suddenly transmitted some words into their minds that only they could hear.

There were countless turtles in the water from what the eye could see, no wonder this place was named the Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp. However, the important thing wasn't the turtles, but rather, what was hidden in the depths of this swamp.

"Blood Spirit Magic!"

It was still very early in the morning of the third day, yet the public square in the Starmoon Hall had already been filled with a crowd of people. It was because everyone knew that the battle between Qing Shui and Xi Ri would begin when the sun is high in the sky. Moreover, this was a battle of life and death.

The words were heart-warming. Qing Qing felt like a younger sister despite being his older sister, whereas the Misty Hall Mistress gave him this sort of feeling with her few words.?

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The most popular topic was who had crushed the doctor's balls. Some people suspected it was the beautiful young wife, while others suspected it was the work of the beautiful young wife's husband. These hypotheses made Qing Shui want to laugh.

He took a few deep breaths, and then nervously pulled out some more medicinal plants. His goal: create a medicinal pill that could dispel the effects of the uncaring fruit.

He wanted to embarrass Qing Shui. How dare that young chap challenge him?

Then there were the spirit medicines that had no impurities whatsoever, the legendary supreme-grade medicines.

Of course, the other three devas were quick to cast blame on Master Cloud Lightning and Feng Chen.

Speed increased by 30%, attack increased by 5000 Jin, defense increased by 5000 Jin.

"Do you know how much of my own blood, sweat and tears I poured into this treasured pill?!" Bai Xiaochun shouted hoarsely. "Dammit! Why didn't you tell me the truth instead of lying to me!?!?" Crowds of Blood Stream Sect cultivators were converging on the scene to watch, and the streams of divine sense from Ancestor Peak were focused on the area.

Moonlight flooded down onto Fragrant Cloud Peak of the Spirit Stream Sect, dispersing some of the mists that covered it, and causing the entire scene to be spectacularly beautiful.

Seeing the old man who was still naked rushing towards him, Qing Shui immediately raised his palm and released an attack.


Gongxi Hao was not stupid. Previously, no one had given him an opportunity to withdraw, but what Qing Shui had just said was too good a cue to miss.

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