EVOLVE Chapter 324

EVOLVE Chapter 324

"She's the grand elder of Middle Peak? Song Que's aunt, Song Junwan?" Unfortunately, he couldn't hold back from looking at her again, and to his shock, found her staring at him seductively.

"Kill him!"

Qing Shui planned to depart for Hundred Miles City after a few more days. After that, he planned to purchase common-grade seedlings, and cultivate them inside the spatial realm. "Common-grade so what? He could still make a tidy profit if he sold them as 100-year herbs a year later. With money, he could naturally buy higher grades seedlings, and could then cultivate them for his own usage."

Even as Bai Xiaochun pondered the matter curiously, the entire Medicine Concocting Pavilion was thrown into an uproar.

He looked at her wonderful and well-developed body. One could tell that this woman had a lithe figure even when she was seated. Her upper torso was bent and those gentle curves were extremely gorgeous. ?

The nine asuras were like nine Dharma Idols, surrounding Bai Xiaochun and roaring into the heavens just like he was.

Gongsun Yun chuckled coldly. "Let's see which happens first, your flesh getting eaten off your bones, or me being done for." Looking even more scornful than before, he waved his hand, sending even more bugs surging forth.

Because of how he had crushed the pills, and also because of the favorable position he had chosen, which was close to the deepest parts of the Fallen Sword World, there were plenty of slumbering banebeasts in the area.

At the beginning, she felt slightly flustered because being a cultivator, she knew that an overly fast increase in one's strength wasn't a good thing. Mingyue Gelou was a perfect example of this. For one's cultivation to bear fruit, every level had to be built properly. Only with solid foundations could one reach loftier heights.

"The Spirit Stream Heaven-Dao expert can shake the whole world!!"

It was an insanely powerful passive skill and a permanent boost to his speed which would only stop operating when he was at the brink of death. The one fold increase in speed made Qing Shui feel a lot lighter and more energetic than before.

Blood qi erupted from Chen Hetian, transforming into an enormous blood-colored giant, who wielded a long, blood-red spear. Howling, the giant charged straight toward Bai Xiaochun.

It turns out that after five pills, the increased power will be significantly weakened, until there was no more effect shown. The question was: Will the effect of the rare natural talent awakening still exist?

Just at the precise moment he thought of exiting, he realized that he was already back in the mountainous region where he had been previously! It seems that the Violet Jade Immortal Realm was already attuned to his will.

That arrogant youth swooned, as he fainted right away. This strike of Qing Shui had targeted his head. It would have been as easy as flipping the palm of his hand if Qing Shui had wanted his life.

At that moment, Cang Wuya came out, looking at them, full of smiles. After he had the three of them performed the Cloudmist Steps once, he broke into wider smiles, especially Qing Shui's Cloudmist Steps which surprised him so much his stood there agape.

If Ye Guyan were to come to the Greencloud Continent, he wouldn't turn his head away from her. However, the chances of actually sleeping with her would be essentially next to zero.

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