Ditre Chapter 874

Ditre Chapter 874

AST 815 - Acting Recklessly With No Regards For Danger

"Work hard at your cultivation. If you can reach the level of Undying Gold Skin, you will make contact with the first shackle of mortality. Whether or not you can break through that shackle will depend on your own good fortune.

Qing Shui was shocked, after which he helplessly pushed her away. This demoness knew that with Canghai Mingyue at the side, he could not do anything to her. Every time she was in such a situation, she would take the chance to sexually provoke him.

As she did, the sky distorted, and intense rumbling sounds echoed out everywhere. All of the Wildlands souls which had been rushing in her direction increased their speed significantly, hundreds upon hundreds of millions of them all closing in on the girl.

"Throw me that clone, King Heavenspan!"

"Hahaha! I really am a Chosen among spirit enhancers. A twofold spirit enhancement! I can't believe it! I succeeded!!'

"I can do it too!" Bai Xiaochun thought, his eyes flashing with determination. Because of what he had experienced in the Hall of Devil Slayers, and because of the passionate atmosphere around him, Bai Xiaochun's heart was starting to pound in excitement. He suddenly felt the same as he had back in his Qi Condensation days, when he was challenging the stone steles of plants and vegetation.

The two of them sped through the jungle of the nameless mountain range, heading deeper and deeper in. Thunder boomed, even though it was daytime. No lightning was visible, but the rain poured down harder and harder.

The consequences of failing to refine pills were quite severe. The ingredients would all be wasted, regardless of how precious they were. If the furnace was not an exceptionally good one, failure might even result in the furnace exploding.

After another 15 minutes, the people from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan arrived which was led by an old man. The person was very old, but his violent aura had caused many people to unconsciously step back.

Even in the Heavenly Palace, to be given the opportunity to learn the Legendary grade martial techniques or cultivation arts was still something to be envious about. So when Zhao WuYuan flashed his Legendary grade Arm Enlarging Technique of the Earth Element, the people of the Starmoon Hall immediately went silent.

"The only way to know the truth is to try it personally!" Although he was confident in his own Dao of medicine, he had also acquired an Uncaring Pill, just in case something unexpected happened.

"Sigh, you are in the Skysword Sect, and yet you know nothing of Qing Shui, such tragedy."

The Golden Light Eagle fell to the ground with a loud boom. As soon as the flying beast fell, Qing Shui immediately whipped the ropes to about 200 meters long and knocked everything into shambles. After a while, everything went silent.

This old monk actually possessed a Peak Martial King Demonic Beast. This was not within Qing Shui's calculations, in fact, the assistance of this old monk was either a coincidence or had another reason. After all, this was the first time that they knew of his strength, in fact even he himself was not sure how much strength he had.

Zuoshi Yi was quite proud as he had mentioned his clan. In the World of the Nine Continents, everyone had wished to be related to those supreme aristocrat families or supreme sects. Even though the Zuoshi Clan from the Pingyang Country was just a branch clan of the main Zuoshi Clan, it was enough to prove their worth as a superior clan.

That red mist was a soul that, upon entering the valley, took the form of a vicious bird head, which then began to attack and consume the other souls in the valley.

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