Dying the Peach Blossoms Red Chapter 1133

Dying the Peach Blossoms Red Chapter 1133

When Han Yan and Big Yellow sensed the formidable aura leaking from Jiang Chen's body, they couldn't help but feel shocked.

"You three bastards, how dare you say something behind your father's back?! You're courting death!"

Those who bet with Big Yellow and were getting ready to witness Jiang Chen make a fool of himself were startled. Especially those who claimed that Jiang Chen would never make it to the 10th or 20th step. They started to doubt their decision when they saw Jiang Chen's outstanding performance.

A faint smile was apparent on Jiang Chen's face. He had no intentions of joining this fight. Although the Barbarian Earth Bull was a formidable opponent, it was no match for Big Yellow. Jiang Chen had complete confidence in this.

As soon as Jian Chen finished what he had said, the group of bandits on the ground dispersed like bees. They all sprinted into the manor with their greatest speed, attempting to be the first person to bring out the young lady unharmed.

"Hmph!" Jian Chen snorted once more as the Light Wind Sword appeared in his right hand. In a flash, the heavily armored mercenary had his throat pierced as blood began to spill all over the ground.

With this, the cold looking envoy looked at the other one with a meaningful glare, "This is your fault for looking for trouble."

Lee Shan Yue kneeled down on the ground as he spoke. He never dared asked anything too excessive, like asking the old man in black to destroy the Yan family. As long as this old man could help him kill Yan Zhan Yun and the hidden Heavenly Core warrior in Fragrant Sky city, the Lee family would be able to destroy the Yan family themselves and take control of Red city.

After the smoke cleared away, the elder could be seen with blood dripping down from his pale face before falling down to the ground along with Qian Yun.

Even though they had finished the fight in a split second, the energy ripples and auras of human warriors still alerted the Evil Devils in the inner area of this place. Angry roars upon roars could be heard from all directions, and figures of powerful Evil Devils began appearing around the place. There were at least a couple dozens of them. At the moment, the entire place was filled with massive amounts of devilish auras, enough to send shivers down anyone's spine.


"Clan Chief, Great Elder, this is how it all happened. The Island of Ice had a selective mechanism, it wouldn't allow anyone older than thirty to enter. Therefore, I just returned after leaving the desert! I never expected Jiang Chen to be such a madman, he actually killed all our genius disciples!"

"Fuck off."

Wu Jiu shook his head as he stared at the defense mechanism which was glowing dimly in front of him.

That was because of Jian Chen's first two strikes allowing Zhou Butong to determine Jian Chen to be very strong. If he hadn't made a move, then his son Zhou Yun would have been killed. Furthermore, when he made a move to protect his son, he had moved at the fastest speed he could muster. Jian Chen's three sword strikes were something that he couldn't afford to underestimate, and the third strike had caused him to act out of necessity.

"Haha, Jian Chen. You don't need to be so embarrassed. Polygamy on the Tian Yuan Continent has been a common occurrence for a very long time. Even your own father has married four wives. With your strength and appearance, if you didn't find several girls, then it would be a huge disservice to that rather envious face of yours." Ming Dong teased.

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