Age One Chapter 964

Age One Chapter 964


Immediately realizing the trajectory path, as well as the amount of Sword Qi on the tree branch, Jian Chen turned pale with fright. He frantically tried to stop the branch from reaching its destination. If the tree branch was not stopped, then it would have, without a doubt, pierced through Changyang Ke and kill him. Even if he wasn't immediately killed, Changyang Ke would still have suffered from a fatal wound, which would lead to a disaster for Jian Chen.

Everyone's expressions changed drastically, including the old village chief's. All of them hurriedly retreated until they were 100 meters away. Although most of them didn't even know what this air was, they had clearly understood one thing: some peak experts could use this air to directly suffocate a person to death.

Big Yellow said.

All the disciples were yelling and shouting. The terrible disaster was all because of that golden egg. Not only did it cause the entire outer circle area to be destroyed, it had also caused the death of many disciples.

The two magical beasts struggled for a moment, seemingly trying to stand. However, despite their efforts, they weren't able to do even accomplish this extremely simple task.

"Bastard, just who touched the mechanism here? It dropped a stone wall blocking our way in!" Jiede Wukang roared in anger as he held his Ruler ArmamentChapter 317: Fighting Over a Heaven Tier Battle Skill

This time, the king of the Gesun Kingdom received the enthusiastic welcoming of the Persian Kingdom with a warm expression, unlike the cold one he displayed with the king of the Andreas Kingdom.

"Cough... I said I like her character, that's all!"

This time, Jian Chen didn't bother to counter it and instead decided to dodge the battle axe. At the same time, his Light Wind Sword became a streak of silver light as it flew toward Tianxiong Lie's throat.

"Your question is quite strange. If I was able to enter the place, naturally I would be able to exit from the place." Jian Chen spoke in a carefree manner with a kind smile directed at the group.

"How dare you!"

"The old woman swept her gaze across the manor. She seemed to be able to see through the walls, observing everything clearly within the manor. She sighed gently in her heart and thought, "Just who did this Jian Chen offend to actually have several Saint Rulers to move against his parents and do such despicable things? Sigh, this time, Ling'er didn't hold back and even got the old man to help guard the Flame Mercenaries. Looks like Jian Chen's status in Ling'er's heart is greater than normal. However, my Tianmu clan has helped Jian Chen greatly this time, and I don't think Jian Chen'll forget. The matter about the tungsten alloy mine should be easier to handle now."

There weren't many herbs left, and for those who couldn't get any more herbs, it was pointless to stay behind. More importantly, no one had any idea how much longer the Island of Ice would remain open. There were definitely some more precious treasures hidden somewhere deeper, and no one would give up what awaited them.

"Woah, so you even know your name still. That's good, you haven't suffered any retardation." The fatty spoke with a pleasant smile as if Jian Chen not becoming a "Retard" was a good thing.


Jian Chen's silence caused Tie Ta to pause, "Except what££"

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