FREE EXP FOR ME Chapter 436

FREE EXP FOR ME Chapter 436


Big Yellow's eyes lit up. This golden egg was a rare treasure, and any cultivator who obtained it would be able to harvest a great yield from it. If Jiang Chen could absorb it, not only would his cultivation increase a lot and give him the possibility of breaking through to the Late Heavenly Core realm, he might even inherit the Firethorn Savage's innate ability, killing two birds with one stone, and compensate for the loss of not absorbing the Firethorn Savage's demon soul.

Patriarch Jiede was completely convinced that the reason why Jian Chen had escaped punishment had nothing to do with having a relationship with the power holders of Mercenary City. The elder was puzzled by the method Jian Chen used to escape punishment.

"Kai Er, Qingfeng, Mo Tian, and Charcas, what has happened since my departure those years ago? Why has the Flame Mercenaries fallen into such a miserable state?" Jian Chen stared at the four in question.

Jian Chen's Origin energy completely smashed through the projectile Sword Qi sent by the elder and washed over the area with the remaining energy, ravaging the place with dust. Smoke filled the air and things in the palace were sent flying about due to the energy.

Taking the cub into his hands, Jian Chen regarded the strength of the cub with a small smile on his face. In just these past few days, the tiger cub had reached the strength of a Class 3 Magical Beast. This rate of growth was absolutely terrifying, and if this trend were to continue and he had enough heavenly resources, then it wouldn't even take another year for the cub to become a Class 5 Magical Beast.

The combined attack from three Early Heavenly Core warriors was truly massive and devastating.

Jiang Chen went into his own room and shut the door, denying all visitors. Even his own dad was unable to pay him a visit.

Heixin Fu couldn't help but curse inwardly. Although he was one of the Demon King Palace's eight great guardians, he still had to admit that Wu Ningzhu was a formidable opponent, as he had nearly been defeated by her even before she played her strongest tune.

However, their wishes did not speak for the entire group. The middle-aged man's attitude, in particular, made it hard for them to act.Chapter 468: Retreat of the Huang Family

Guo Shan's eyes lit up. As an alchemist himself, he had a good understanding about flames. The frightening flame unleashed by Jiang Chen was something he had never seen or heard of before. After the True Dragon Flame and Heavenly Thunder Flame merged together, the flame controlled by Jiang Chen had reached a maximum level. Not only these dead bodies; even the hardest rocks would instantly be burned to ashes.

Even the guards and elders of the Changyang clan all grew excited and happy when they saw the Imperial Advisors come walking into the clan compound.

"Brother Jiang, you're finally back!"

On the other side, Jiang Chen and his friends continued their journey in the first level of the Devil Realm, slaughtering every single devil they found on their way and harvesting their devil souls.

The difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 Magical Beast was only one level, but there was a huge distinction between the two. Class 4 Magical Beasts weren't anything special on the Tian Yuan Continent, but a Class 5 Magical Beast was very precious. This was because a Class 5 Magical Beast was a great deal stronger than a Class 4 Magical Beast, which made them that much harder to capture or kill.

"Illusion Heart Sutra, Great Illusion Realm!"

"Bl-... blue££ blue badge, how££ how££ how is this possible!?" Lei Mingao immediately began to pale. At that moment, he no longer believed his eyes.

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