Easy Cultivation Chapter 749

Easy Cultivation Chapter 749

Jiang Chen explained. He had met Ancestor Greenlotus many years ago. During that time, he had just finished fighting against mighty devils. He was severely injured, and was at the brink of death. Fortunately, Ancestor Greenlotus had saved his life. However, not long after that, Ancestor Greenlotus had gone missing. Even after Jiang Chen became the number one Saint underneath the heavens, he never had the chance to pay Ancestor Greenlotus back for the gratitude he had shown him. Thinking back to I now, with Ancestor Greenlotus's strength, perhaps he had already entered the Immortal Realm.

"That's right, I also heard that their bet is their pill shop££the Mu Rong family is going all out on this one!"

At Jian Chen's and Little Fatty's mother's twin prong assault, elder Xiu finally let out a long sigh, "Forget it, forget it. Your words are not without flaws, I was stubborn for far too long. Little Fatty, if you truly wish to explore the outside world, your grandfather will not stop you."

"So it's all because of this stone tablet. We could only leave this place after the stone tablet was broken. Since this bronze plate fell out from the stone tablet, I believe there must be something unusual about it. Let's keep it for now."

Hearing this, Jian Chen averted his gaze to look at the white robed veiled woman who walked out from her carriage. Her appearance was covered by a white colored gauze so that it was completely impossible to see her visage.

The Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea vibrated. Jiang Chen violently struck out with his fist using his full force, and the iron fist smashed onto the head of this big yellow dog.

Too bad, it was too late, as Jiang Chen would never give them any chances.

Still smiling, Jian Chen stared playfully at the man, "Third elder, you should go back. I have yet some things to buy so I won't have time to accompany you." And with that, Jian Chen turned around to return to his seat.


Hearing Dugu Feng's words, the black robed youth was stunned for a moment before he smiled meaningfully. With a simple movement, a wind attribute Saint Force could be seen as it covered the youth's body, Like an arrow, he flew toward Dugu Feng and Jian Chen with a faster speed than before.

"The lord Tian Jue is already so angry, this newcomer surely doesn't' know by now, but he has offended lord Tian Jue. Truly, he has chosen a bitter apple to take a bite of."

Big Yellow had a strong killing intent. In order for him to conquer all the strongholds, he would have to use force to establish his authority, he would have to kill someone. Those who dared not to obey his command would be killed.

With the snap of a finger, he had broken the Saint Weapons of these strong men. With such a strong attack, just what level of strength had he achieved?

The people at the table were extraordinarily cheerful as they recounted the tales of their own personal history since their last meeting. Even the calm but silent princess You Yue felt that she was one step closer to understanding Jian Chen after hearing more of his past achievements.

Although a Radiant Spirit Pill was by far not enough to heal Jian Chen's wounds, it would at least temporarily stabilize his wounds and prevent them from getting any worse.

The Light Wind Sword immediately bore straight through his throat.

"The guards just sent us news that the fourth master of the Changyang clan has offended the second prince of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. This isn't good, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom isn't a kingdom we can stand to offend." One of the princes spoke.

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