Hokage: Ryo¡¯s Path Chapter 1840

Hokage: Ryo¡¯s Path Chapter 1840

The man with the harsh words was the mayor of Silver Moon City, Yin Zhong Cheng.

Seeing how the Flying Spirit Snake and the Albino Earthworm were killed, the others cried out for assistance with glee.

"I heard that outside the library, the middle ranked Saint Luo Jian wasn't able to deal with Changyang Xiang Tian, and was even forced to use his Saint Weapon in the end."

Jiang Chen said.


Guo Shan's attitude was even more arrogant than Daoist Black's. There were many was for a man to die, but if the death was because one was friends with Jiang Chen, Guo Shan would have nothing to complain about; he wouldn't even furrow his brows.

The door to Big Yellow's room opened up, then he flew out like a golden bolt of lightning, landing right beside Jiang Chen.

Already feeling his Saint Force reserves depleting, Jian Chen quickly took out a Class 5 Monster Core from his Space Ring and began to recover some of the Saint Force while he ran.

"En!" The princess replied obediently as she rose from her stone stool and walked toward her own room. Having Jian Chen call her by You Yue instead of princess had already changed her. Her heart was overjoyed, and the previous sadness in it was cleared away instantly.Chapter 504: Seven Regions

"Just££ just what is this magical beast?" The young man forcefully suppressed the pain from his hand and cried out aloud as he stared at the tiger in shock. His calm mental state was no longer existent, because he actually failed to detect how the tiger cub had broken his finger with a bite. All he felt was an agonising pain as soon as he grabbed the cub.

This Blood Devil could sense how powerful this human and dog in front of him was. Just the energy they were unconsciously unleashing was enough to make him feel extreme fear. If this young man in front of him wanted to kill him, he wouldn't even have the guts to fight back.

The Flood Dragons' roars resounded throughout the entire area. Three Flood Dragons more than 30 meters long suddenly appeared, and they flew through the violent Thundercloud Storm in a most formidable manner.

A dazzling light rushed out from the Island of Ice, lighting up all directions. After that, a huge hole appeared on one side of the Island of Ice. Although the hole looked illusory, it was actually an entrance to the island!

"Let me ask you, do you want to die or not?"

"How could I let that happen? Aunty, please come with me. I, Jian Chen, vow to you. I will definitely have you live a peaceful and fortuitous life." Jian Chen spoke in a hurry. He couldn't let the family of Kendall live in such poverty again.

"Grandpa, grandson's already a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master but doesn't know how to reach Class 7. Since grandpa is experienced and knowledgeable, does grandfather know any ideas?" Jian Chen asked.


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