So I Became Superman Chapter 1137

So I Became Superman Chapter 1137

Big Yellow praised the old man. A highly acclaimed Heavenly Core Demon Lord being called little black hawk, if this was anyone else, the old man would definitely kill him without any hesitation.

Jian Chen brought his hands together and said, "Enough. Everyone please quiet for a moment. I have something very important to announce. The person next to me is my grandfather, who is also a powerful Saint Ruler."

Guo Shan shouted.

"With chief Jiang's support, we won't have to worry about being bullied by anyone in Inferno City, there is no need for us to live our days in constant anxiety any longer!"

"That's right, an Earth level combat skill! An ordinary Heavenly Core warrior doesn't even have a chance at obtaining one! I heard that when the Twisting Chaos Palm is used, his palms will turn into a prison and lock his opponent down tightly before finally killing the opponent in a ferocious manner! It's both cruel and ruthless!"

In his moment of stupor, the flames gathered in his hand had disappeared. When he was in such a state, he had nearly forgotten just how flammable this room was.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving this stronghold today, because I'm going to occupy it. None of your friends will be able to leave here alive, all of them will die. Same goes for that Yang Shuo. Compared to you, his death will be much more miserable. Don't worry, your turn will soon come up. With your cultivation level, I'm sure you'll be able to withstand the poison for a longer time than the others, and you will be able to taste pain for a much longer time."

Jiang Chen said.

Jian Chen's course of action had angered many of the men there, and instantly, those of the Saint Master level immediately charged toward Jian Chen in an attempt to seize him.

Big Yellow had an expression of victory, and those who had gambled with him had black lines on their foreheads. Each of them was grinding their teeth, wishing they could tear this big yellow dog apart.

"Hey££fourth brother, today is the day you take the Saint Test. You have to work hard so you don't let second sister down." Changyang Mingyue's pretty face smiled at Jian Chen as she spoke in a soft but enthusiastic voice. Although she was soft spoken, everyone in the hall had clearly heard who and what she was talking about.

Who was this guy? Had his head been hit by a door? Why was he brave enough to talk like that? Wasn't this no different from courting death?

Xuan Yuzi closed his eyes, waiting for Jiang Chen's sword to cut through his throat. He didn't want to see his own head flying off his body.

"Clap of Thunder!"

"What?! It's Island of Ice?! How can that be possible?!"


"Humph! So this is the Myriad Sword Sect? Your core disciples are trash who only knows how to scream!"

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