My Planet Chapter 1547

My Planet Chapter 1547

Upon seeing Ling Yi, those words emerged through Tan Lang's tightly clenched teeth. A murderous hatred leaked out from his eyes. Not once in his life had he hated someone so much; Ling Yi was the first.

The space in the direction he was looking at was starting to distort to reveal a white-robed elder with long hair and a scholarly aura. This was the patriarch of the Jiede clan and the sole remaining Saint Ruler.

Han Yan asked.

Jian Chen shook his head slowly, "Let's see first before we act. Although I'm not afraid of them, I have to do my best to avoid the trouble that offending a powerful group would bring to our brothers."

Within the Crown Prince Palace's main hall, the Crown Prince was wearing a golden robe. He had a tall body and a fair skin complexion, and his eyes looked like the brightest stars in the starry sky; he was a handsome man. Furthermore, with a Late Combat Soul cultivation at his young age, as well as the fact that he is the Crown Prince, the future emperor, he was a man that many girls dreamt about.

"Let's attack together! I refuse to believe we can't break this damn formation!"

The appearance of the Sword Spirit made Jian Chen happy since not only were his questions answered, but he now had a new source of strength to improve himself.

"Go ahead! Big brother can absorb as much energy in this place as big brother wants! As long as big brother will be safe from that baddy, then take as much as you want!" Little Spirit agreed enthusiastically.

"Captain, why don't we put our all into this fight?" Another mercenary said, an eager light constantly pulsing within his gaze.

Li Wu Shuang's expression changed, "A mere rogue cultivator, how dare he kill our Heavenly Sword Sect's disciples?! He simply has no clue who he is messing with, hmph! If I bump into him in the second round of this competition, I will personally tear him apart and show him the consequences of offending our Heavenly Sword Sect!"

"Clan Chief, the Black Sect is under the Martial Palace's protection, I don't think attacking them is a good idea."

"I do! Great swordsman, please let me go, I'll give up anything on me in exchange!" Jacob pleaded with him almost in tears.

Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and pulled the leader of the men in black to him. This was the only survivor, but his face was extremely pale and looked awful.

Khafir nodded his head before thinking back to a few years ago at Kargath Academy when the energy of the world flew around Jian Chen with an explosive force when he became a Saint. "Changyang Xiangtian was no ordinary genius. Given time, he will pass any limits placed on him and will surely be stronger."

"Don't worry, Hao'er has a special combat weapon. He should be able to kill him."

Jian Chen smiled at the group, "Seeing how you don't seem to be such bad people, I won't shame you. Hand over your tokens and I will guarantee that I will not hurt you."

There was also the fourth participant, Tian Mu Xiong. His age wasn't all that different from Ka Di Qiuli. He had a medium-sized body, and a pale complexion. Although he was young, there was no doubt that he was handsome, with a perfect balance of his facial structures.

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