when you put a modern girl in another world Chapter 2069

when you put a modern girl in another world Chapter 2069

"Is he really a Mid Mortal Core warrior? Why can he attack with such a powerful combat skill? And his Yuan energy seems endless, he isn't afraid of any huge consumption! This is unbelievable!"

A split second later, the young man reappeared where he originally stood, as if he had never moved, as if he disappearing just now was just a mere illusion. However, what happened next truly shocked every single person from Lianyun Castle.

As the once greatest Saint in the world, Jiang Chen was a man with pride. A man he looked highly upon would definitely be someone extraordinary.

It was as if the eight people had returned to their original state where their presence had been held back. Each one looked quite ordinary and did not have a single characteristic of being unique in any way.

Originally, Bi Hai had planned on fighting Jian Chen with Situ Qing, but he had no other choice but to give up on that idea because of Jiede Tai's assault.

"Haha, brother Yang Yutian, I just know you would come and find me. Other than my master, you're the only other Class 6 Radiant Saint Master I, Lin Bai, know." From quite far away, Lin Bai laughed aloud, from the bottom of his heart.

Big Yellow was laughing out loud. His strong body immediately started moving, and in just a split second, he had arrived in front of Chen Shuang.

"Let's leave this place."

"Rob everyone we see!"

In contrast, Tianxiong Lie still stood where he had been before. However, his legs had now sunk deeper into the ground by a single inch.


By now, winter had already passed and summer was fast approaching. With the scorching sun bearing down on the ground, it was already like the top of a burning slab of iron. Since Jian Chen had spent a long time within the dark and damp holy grounds, he quickly found himself dry and thirsty.

Huang Zheng said. If they continued beating them, then these three would definitely die.

Under the platform, the currently number 1 expert in Kargath Academy's rankings, Bogadi, was staring at Jian Chen's back in shock as he murmured, "His strength is obviously not yet at Saint level; how could he have gotten so many Class 2 Monster Cores? Could it be that these monster cores really were taken from an outside source?" Bogadi also couldn't help but think the same way as the others. However, this assumption was immediately rejected by him, since before entering the forest, the school administration had completely confiscated all of the students' Space equipment, and the students had all gone through very strict inspections. In addition, the forest only had one entrance, so there was no chance for someone to sneak monster cores in from the outside.

Soon after that, a few other mercenaries began to cry out with their pleas for Jian Chen to notice and accept them.

"Older brother, although the five elements are restricting each other, they are also engendering one another. As long as you can find the turning point within, it is actually pretty simple to concoct the Five Elemental Pill. Purifying all five herbs together is actually much simpler than doing it one by one."

The Old Emperor was furious. When he remember that this young man in front of him was the one who had killed his son, he became unable to control his fury.

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