The time when games and reality mixed, the story about skills Chapter 1796

The time when games and reality mixed, the story about skills Chapter 1796

Lee Shan Yue and Yan Zhan Yun almost fell onto the ground. They were even wondering if they had heard wrongly. Don't tell me these three Heavenly Blade Clan disciples came so far just for a dog? What kind of a joke was this?

[TL:how much would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood]

"What! A Heaven Saint Master? Changyang Xiangtian is a Heaven Saint Master? No, that can't be! That can't be possible!" The second prince grew pale instantly as shock registered on his face. Even the prime minister had a nasty look on his face.

Besides, the sacrifice of the first teenage girl was almost done, he needed to get a second girl to continue his ceremony.

Master Blissful's voice sounded out once again, but this this time, his tone carried a hint of respect.


"Cheng Mingxiang, since you've beaten my big brother, then don't expect to leave from this place unharmed." Jian Chen stated coldly.

Wu Jiu couldn't suppress his anger any longer.

Would Shangguan Ying choose to run away? Definitely not! For him, this was a rare chance to kill Jiang Chen. He simply strengthened his spirit and attacked with the Shangguan Clan's mighty skill, the Earth Shattering Palm. When this skill was unleashed by him, its power was far beyond that of any of the other men from the Shangguan Clan who had used it against Jiang Chen before.

Seeing this, Xiu Rui was struck with great fright. All the Asura Palace disciples hastily rushed over to the disciple to help. They were facing a formidable Second Grade Demon King, so no one dared show any neglect to this situation. The only thing currently certain was that their only advantage laid in their numbers. If this number was reduced, they would quickly be greeted by death.

Tie Ta rubbed at his stomach and stood up from his stool with a laugh, "Changyang Xiang Tian, I've eaten my fill so I'll be returning to my dorm to sleep. Tomorrow is another day of the competition after all."

Jiang Chen who was watching all of this in the Great Illusion Realm held his breath, and both his eyes had become red. He could still remember; at this moment, the entire Divine Continent had been shaken, countless Saints had their eyes fixed upon this scene, the greatest Saint underneath the heavens had become the center of all attention at this moment.

"There is another treasure hidden somewhere in this world, I wonder if you can get it?"

The eldest male with the power of a Middle Saint Master stared fiercely at Jian Chen and growled, "So you knew we were here all along."

Stopping in his stride to size Jian Chen up, the guard had taken notice that the robes Jian Chen wore was quite expensive, and the air to him had been unordinary. Immediately growing wary, the guard asked, "Who are you? The young master Qin Xiao is not someone that anyone could see on a whim."

Ge Qiu had already taken the chance to lunge for Nubis. With Nubis obstructed, Situ Qing and Bi Hai were free to chase down Jian Chen to try and kill him together.

The distance between the Martial Palace and the Martial Saint Dynasty wasn't big, so with Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu's speed, they arrived in just half an hour.

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