In search of my name Chapter 2887

In search of my name Chapter 2887


Entering the monster core shop, Jian Chen felt that despite being such a large store, there weren't many people inside. There weren't even any monster cores arranged out, with only a few female clerks that were working, but other than that, this place didn't seem like a monster core shop at all.

Han Yan said.

Leaving the cave, the outside world was already quite dark with the bright moon shining down on the ground below.

"Next, I'll start the process of healing the young lady.Everyone has to leave the room, and during the process, no matter what happens, no one is allowed to enter the room."

The Magical Beast Mountain Range was very close to Wake CityĆæabout twenty kilometers away. It towered over the Class 3 City that was highly experienced repelling waves of magical beast attacks. Even the city walls were equivalent to walls in a Class 1 City. Every single time magical beasts attacked the city, this small Class 3 City would always stand straight and tall. So those who were born and raised in this city were all used to the besiegement of the magical beasts.

"We welcome our guests from the Qinhuang Kingdom into our Huang family. Your arrival has truly brought light to our humble Huang family, please, come in." Elder Huang Lan spoke cordially and guided the others in with a smile.

"Enough!Don't mention that ugly girl in front of me again.Yesterday, you asked me to replace you in this marriage engagement, but you never mentioned anything about marrying into their family.Jiang Chen, I treated you nicely so far.If you really want to chase me away, then just tell me.There's no need to use such a despicable method."

Wu Jiu was completely furious right now. He simply unleashed his energy and prepared to launch an attack toward Shangguan Sheng, who stood closest to him.

As of right now, the three siblings from the Ka Di clan were Kargath Academy's most influential figures. Practically every single student that attended the academy would know their names since the three siblings were all very strong. Ka Di Yun had been able to become a Saint Master and was on par with the strongest student in the academy. Ka Di Qiuli and Ka Di Yun were both cultivators at the same level of strength

"I'll give you a bowl of my urine."

These few men were discussing the matters regarding the Blood Devils when the guard brought Zhang Quan into the hall.

There were roughly two hundred soldiers in this squadron. While that wasn't many, they were still soldiers who had the very essence of discipline and skill drilled into them, thus making them harder to fight against. There was a small pocket of Great Saint Masters while the rest were all Saint Master leveled soldiers. Compared to the mob of Xia clansmen he had went up against, the soldier's fighting strength was equal if not stronger. Jian Chen could even sense that the commanders of the soldiers were practically all Earth Saint Masters.

Yet, the questions the elder had would never be answered as his body slowly locked up and fell to the ground. Both of his eyes grew wide and clouded over as a sign of death.

The monk said. He waved his hand and put away the sarira. After that, he strode away in mid-air, and soon disappeared without a trace.

"Answer my question!" Jian Chen glared.

The two wisps of smoke, the Chaotic Force, weaved around Jian Chen's dantian. Although it was there, he couldn't feel tremendous power from the Chaotic Force. Not even a single speck could be felt, giving him the impression that this gas was almost useless.

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