Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 2746

Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 2746


Lee Chang Hao's spirit was high as he dashed forward like a fierce tiger. He raised the blade in his hand high into the air. The blade net expanded, and those cold beams from the blade looked like beasts ravenous for blood. They took away the breath of anyone who watched.

The scorpion tugged at its poisonous hook. But because it was already deeply buried within its body, its movements instantly pulled out a chunk of flesh as well. The scorpion felt such intense pain that it ceaselessly wailed in pain as its entire body shook. That fierce pain was enough to disperse any further thoughts about pulling the hook out.

"Buddy, hurry up and use the Blood Talisman! This big guy is too powerful, we're no match for it."

Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapons were difficult to melt, but since Jiang Chen had the help of this unique environment, as well as the Heavenly Saint Sword's help, the melting process became really simple.

"From now on, our Changyang manor will no longer be a smalltime clan in this part of the kingdom. With a Saint Ruler, our Changyang manor can set its eyes over the entire continent. We will be a face that everyone knows!"


Shangguan Yilong once again unleashed his mighty energy. Without saying anything else, he immediately leapt forwards and struck toward Jiang Chen. With incredible killing intent, he turned his palm strike into a gigantic web which covered toward Jiang Chen, trying to capture him.Chapter 334 ΓΏ I Have a Condition

Not only Jiang Chen, even Han Yan and Nangong Wentian were smiling. Their angry look was all gone, and they weren't nervous or panicked. This situation startled Shangguan Ying for a moment, but soon, he concluded that these guys were just pretending.

Big Yellow said.

Jiang Zhenhai said with a sneer on his face. He was a wise man, and from what the Seventh Emperor had said, he knew they were here to imprison the Jiang family because they couldn't find Jiang Chen. If they really wanted to slaughter all his family, they would have started slaughtering them after arriving, without talking so much trash. Furthermore, if they really wanted to annihilate a small family like the Jiang family, why would they send so many strong warriors here? The reason they didn't kill anyone just now and wanted to imprison them instead was clearly because they wanted to lure Jiang Chen out.

"Also, I would like to thank you for killing Shi Xiangran. Now that he is dead, there is no need for us to continue traveling together. Therefore, I should head out on my own way." The girl's voice was extraordinarily soft, and in her eyes was a seldom seen reluctance. Although she had only come to know Jian Chen for a month, she came to enjoy this feeling she had. Right now as she was prepared to leave Jian Chen's group, a complicated sensation could be felt rising up within her body.

"He went to the Southern Continent, I don't think he'll come back here anytime soon. Oh right, Little Yu, has that bullshit Crown Prince disturbed you these few days?"

"Bastard! Damn dog!"

"Jian Chen, just what about that stone is enough to make you get lost in thought? What is that stone even? Could it be it has some sort of strange use?" Ming Dong's voice could be heard asking Jian Chen.

"I see!"

Loud gasps of shock could be heard everywhere as they stared at Dugu Feng in a new light. To be an Earth Saint Master in Fengyang City was to be one of the best. Respect was to be expected, and all other powers within the city would have to make way for one. Only a trifling four Earth Saint Masters lived in Fengyang City, and each one of them were leaders of a major power.

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