A SirenĄ¯s Call Chapter 31

A SirenĄ¯s Call Chapter 31

The little turtle blinked a few times, already calming down a bit. Glancing at the Saint-Emperor, he tried to suppress his feelings of guilt at having been caught in the act, and nodded vigorously.

After reappearing in his private chamber in Mistysea Prefecture in the north, he sent some divine sense out to find that the Grand Heavenmaster had apparently sensed his return, and was hurrying over to talk with him.

Qing Shui put the hammer down and slowly held the Jagged Sword. He instantly felt a strong force surging through his arm and spreading throughout his body. Simultaneously, his body felt like it had a layer of armour, and his legs felt lighter.

"That's enough. I am already out of options. Let me have a last bit of hope." Two drops of tears slid down her face but she immediately wiped it as she forced herself to smile and chuckle.

But now, he was sparing no cost to attack with full force.

The only thing they would need to work on would be cooperating with the others who were part of the formation. Furthermore, Bai Xiaochun could tell that the Outer Sect spell formations weren't simple, and that they contained the potential for numerous transformations and variations.

This lady could unexpected say such cute words...

The clan chief couldn't forget the lengths Bai Hao had gone to try to kill him back in the chase in the city. If the patriarch hadn't interfered to save him, the clan chief wouldn't have just lost an arm; he would have perished! Furthermore, the Myriad Children Blood Banner was something detestable to gods and men alike, condemned by all creation.

"So it's Bai XiaochunĄ­. If I remember correctly, it was only thirty years ago that he was a celestial! And now he's an unsurpassable archaean!?!?"

Slapping his chest proudly, he said, "Ah, that was nothing. From now on, our Squad 9 is going to be one big family! We're all brothers!"

Xu Baocai gritted his teeth and said, "Junior Patriarch, the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect just issued orders prohibiting the trafficking of Fantasy Pills! This is definitely the handiwork of the Celestial Sky Society. They're trying to cut off our main source of income!"

When Qing Shui used the Immovable Mountain, it surprisingly broke through on its own. The Immovable Mountain which has halted in progression for a considerably long time has actually broken through at this moment.

If the person breaking through was someone other than Bai Xiaochun, then it would have been a cause for rejoicing, and a stirring inspiration to all of the people in the nation. It would also have left the Vile-Emperor Dynasty quite shaken.

"I've got plenty of time. After I reach the peak of the 4th heavenly layer, my power will rise up by another grade. Oh I forgot, I still have not looked through all the information gained when I broke through previously." Qing Shui felt incomparably joyful now. Xiantian, he had really reached Xiantian!

"You still lack something which he has!" Qianyu Dingjun maintained his smile as he responded.

This was the first time Qing Shui saw the Old Ancestor laughing. He looked very benevolent and still gave off that indescribable feeling.?

It was night when Qing Shui entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and headed towards the Jade Spirit Fruit Tree. It was about time for it to ripen.

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