Celestial Refiner of the Fallen Realm Chapter 2001

Celestial Refiner of the Fallen Realm Chapter 2001

"Roar!" Perhaps it was because of the killing intent, the white tiger on the pillow immediately stood up. It stared angrily at the shadow and in its intelligent eyes, there was an extremely personified sliver of defiance.

"Combat Soul realm?"

"Sons of bitches, come!"

Big Yellow finally understood what Jiang Chen's objective was. However, this only confused him even further. Since when was this guy such a warmhearted man? For the sake of a monk he had never met before, he would stand against four major powers? This was not Jiang Chen's style!

Tianxiong Lie's entire body was shaking now. Right in front of him was the murderer of his son Tianxiong Kang. How could he ever forget about him? Even in his dreams every night, he would constantly be reminded of Jian Chen's existence despite seeing him a small number of times a year ago. Yet at the same time, Jian Chen's face was forever burned into the very depths of Tianxiong Lie's mind so that he would never be able to forget it.

"I understand." Dugu Feng emotionlessly responded. Although he was confused by what this plan was, he did not voice his concerns.

Such violent ripples could be sensed by half the population in Inferno City. However, the people were still calm. Here, combat and slaughter happened every single day, it was just too normal.

Nangong Wentian let out a long sigh. Now that Big Yellow had reached the Demon King realm, he suddenly felt a tremendous pressure.

Hongyue had the meaning of a city prosperous for ten thousand years and heard by many. Even Jiang Chen was amazed by the excellent name of the city.

Seeing the expression on Jian Chen's face, the short one began to feel annoyed at him. Without another thought, he glowered at both Jian Chen and Yun Zheng, "If you know what's good for you, hand over your Space Belt at once or else, hmph!"


"Damn it, why is there such a reckless fool in the outer circle? Senior disciple Song, let me kill him."

The increase in the rate of absorption did not go unnoticed by the two men standing outside of the door. Staring at each other in the eye, they were both astonished at what they were both seeing.

Daoist Black burst into laughter.

"Haha, the gods have certainly been looking out for me today. Youngsters, your techniques will become mine!" The man laughed loudly with extreme excitement. To him, both Jian Chen's secret speed technique and Mu Yun's battle skill would be easily taken and learned.

Although Shangguan Wei was a peak Divine Core warrior, since he was seriously injured, there was no way he could resist Jiang Chen's attack. He was trapped by the True Dragon Palm, and he couldn't move at all.

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