Ultimate Book Of Creation Chapter 2467

Ultimate Book Of Creation Chapter 2467

In that moment, Celestial Vir¨±p¨ˇk?a's uproarious laughter was echoing out through the desert as he looked at the two halves of the defeated sand head he had just fought. Although the battle left him seriously drained in both cultivation base and fleshly body power, his heart was bursting with pride.

Xu Baocai leaned over and whispered, "Five reverberations means that his skill with plants and vegetation encompasses the fifth volume...." He definitely deserved his reputation of knowing about everything in the sect.

"Yeah I'm alone here. The only thing that accompanies me is this blacksmith store. This is the only thing my parents left me. They hoped that I could become a great grandmaster of weaponsmithing in the future. This was also the reason why I was unwilling to sell the store." The blacksmith sighed, as depression could be heard in his tone.

"To think two elementary grade Martial Kings would dare act so impudent. How reckless of you two." Qing Shui's voice snapped the young man back to reality.

This was hate!

The Gale Talisman was a heavenly talisman for speed enhancement. It could be used on any living beings. The effect amplifies accordingly to the standard of the talisman user, which meant it referenced Qing Shui's speed as a standard!

When he left, he had already revealed talent which had surpassed that of others. What level had he reached now?

"It has been such a long time, he should be coming back soon. With his abilities, he will be fine. Stop worrying." Canghai Mingyue smiled as she said. Although she was consoling Liu-Li, she too had the same worries in her heart.

"Master, you have got to back me up! I have only Yun Yang as my child. Yun Yang died, but that Qing Shui is still alive!"

If the Diamond Gigantic Elephant hit its mark, even the Tigon Beast Champion would be severely injured, to the point of losing all its battle strength. It was after, all, the weak point of the Tigon Beast Champion. Furthermore, the "Tremor of Stormy Cloud" was not worn just for decoration.

? ? ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­ˇ­

He had not only led the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect's forces to victories on the Great Wall, but his methods had been spread to the other three riversource sects, leading to similar victories on other stretches of the Great Wall. Because of that, the Wildlands had suffered defeat after defeat, which was completely unprecedented!

AST 685 - ˇ®Raiding' the Snow White Sacred Fruit

"Chen Manyaoˇ­." the Giant Ghost King murmured. He had heard that name before, and knew that she was one of the Grand Heavenmaster's personal apprentices, and a top rate beauty.

This would increase a cultivator's recovery speed. In normal conditions, this would increase cultivation speed, and in battle, might even let a little bit of recovery occur.

Qing Shui looks at the enormous body that the Diamond Gigantic Elephant has. The armour does not need to cover the whole elephant. Quite different from armours for human, animal armours only need to cover the heart and core, and through the Qi of demonic beast in companion with the armour, its defense power can be greatly increased.

"Eight more drops of blood!" Patriarch Droughtflame said coolly.

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