Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy Chapter 826

Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy Chapter 826

"What kind of trick is this, a Saint Weapon that is being controlled by no one. How can it fly by itself with such a speed?" Tianxiong Lie questioned to himself in amazement. No matter how much he looked at it, he wasn't able to understand it, this was something out his range of knowledge.

"Too weak."

The old monk closed his eyes and began chanting. Countless runes started emerging from his mouth. Each runes was a Sanskrit that carried the quintessence of Buddhism; it was a mystical scene. The runes fell onto Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's body, completely covering them up and making them look like two huge golden cocoons.

With the assistance from his omnipresence, the entire labyrinth was mapped out so that nothing was hidden from Jian Chen. However, he felt something strange¨•the entire labyrinth seemed to be alive. Within, the steel walls could be automated to move about freely and change the layout of the entire labyrinth so that an originally free path would become a dead end. With this, one would be stuck walking in a circle forever and would be doomed to die in here.

The dissection of the body went smoothly. Although the defense of the Silver Striped Golden Snake's outer layer of golden snake scales was extremely strong, Jian Chen's current strength had been raised by quite a lot compared to his previous level. Thus, cutting apart the snake's scales only required a small amount of strength.

All of a sudden, a wild wind swept into the scene. A few other powerful energies were approaching from far, and in an instant, they arrived in front of the Black Sect's front gate. All these men wore green clothes, and disciples of the Black Sect were very familiar with these men. They were from the Green Sanctuary Sect. A young man in his twenties stood next to Qing Styx, he had red hair which fluttered in the wild wind, even his eyebrows were red, and he wore a long red robe. With a muscular body and an arrogant expression, anyone could tell that he was a hot tempered man.

The hot flames was like a drill that could pierce anything. It ripped apart the old man's body in an instant. This was the flames of a true dragon, the king of all beasts. Jiang Chen had managed to unleash it together with the True Dragon Palm. The combination of both was something that no ordinary man could withstand.

Everyone were discussing what happened. This was definitely something big.

The elder had a shocked look on his face as Jian Chen's words registered in his mind. "What did you say, you're from the Gesun Kingdom? Impossible! We know every single expert within the Gesun Kingdom, and you're not one of them. Just who are you, spare us your false words!"

Nangong Wentian gave Big Yellow a thumbs up.

"This little girl is quite interesting." Tianmu Ling looked away from her and muttered her own thoughts to herself with a small smile. Then, disregarding Jian Chen, she began to search the cave once more.


Tyrant couldn't help but sigh upon thinking about Jiang Chen's incredible ability. When Jiang Chen told them he was going to rescue Tan Lang, he never thought Jiang Chen would use such an approach; using his Combat King cultivation base to attract Heavenly Tribulation. This made the monk feel very astonished. He only knew this after Big Yellow told him.

"Jian Chen, is this really the academy you used to study at? It doesn't seem like much; some of these students are barely at the Saint level ¨• some don't even have a Saint Weapon materialized!" Ming Dong spoke with some disbelief as he looked around the place.

With a calm look still, Jian Chen raised a finger, causing another jet of Sword Qi to appear on it. Stabbing at the thirty guards, he managed to pierce through each and every single one of their throats, causing a small finger sized hole to appear in them. Blood instantly splayed in the air like the image of a flower.

After the first guy left without any signs of danger appearing, more and more people followed behind, dashing right into the black gate and disappearing from the scene. In just a few minutes time, all the Divine Core warriors on the Island of Ice, with the exception of Jiang Chen and his group, disappeared into the black gate.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure they all end up like the previous groups. No matter how many of them are here, I'll kill them all. Follow my command and kill them all, don't let a single Blood Devil step into town."

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