Angel Smile Chapter 2274

Angel Smile Chapter 2274

"You guys may not be aware, but this young man is the one who killed Sima Sha in a single blow. And he's the main player in this Fight of the Ultimate Life and Death."

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Obviously, the 15,000-meter area was a place rife with danger. Even Nascent Soul Daoist masters would be leery of such an area, let alone Core Formation cultivators.

The downside to being outside of the sword was that the cold became increasingly intense the further down you went. Eventually, it became so cold that Qi Condensation disciples couldn't survive. At a certain point, there was no other option than to enter the world of the sword, for one's own safety. In the end, the decision of when exactly to enter the sword was up to each individual's power and strength, and their own determination of what was best for them.

However, there was a disturbance. Qing Shui looked suspiciously at his surroundings. They were actually surrounded by at least 40 men. The ones leading them were two bald men. Their bodies were sturdy and tough. They looked very similar to each other, if they were not twins, they were at least brothers. At this moment, they were looking at Yu He. They seemed like they wanted to eat her up.

"Auntie, we were supposed to arrive this morning as requested by Qing Shui. Sorry for being late."

"You fool, you're really such a fool..." Situ Nantian closed his eyes and cursed.

Patriarch Spirit Stream hurried over to provide a more thorough explanation!

Wenren Wu-shuang went red, and didn't explained. As she felt Qing Shui's gaze on her, the young and innocent Wu-shuang didn't know how to lie, and lightly explained, "I don't know!"

It only took a moment before he found the ghost face, fleeing in the opposite direction.

In fact, there were many locations on the ice in which little moonflowers were now visible¡­. The plain itself seemed to be shrinking, with moonflower roots filling an area hundreds of kilometers across.

Qing Shui was exultant in his heart, because when he was lifting the 180 jin rock, he almost stumbled as he was not strong enough. However, at that moment, the yellow strand of Qi from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, automatically circulated without intention. Qing Shui could feel boundless waves of energy flowing into him, thus easily lifting that 180 jin rock.

When Qing Shui saw his eyes, he finally understood that it was because his Heart Toxin Talisman had taken effect. Right now, that murky pair of eyes was filled with pain and regret...

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When they reappeared, they were blasting through the starry sky pill furnace to return to the Mortal Renegade.

"You've settled it?" Yiye Jiange asked Qing Shui in shock.

The speed of the train was nothing compared to the Firebird's speed. Firebird was about ten times faster than the train¡­.

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