Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 2642

Returning from the Immortal World Chapter 2642

This time, the Dragon Transformation skill was on the verge of transforming for the second time. Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn't let go of such a rare opportunity. Since the Nine Stars Killing Formation was concentrating the combat strength of all these people into one person, giving him the strength of a half step Combat King warrior, Jiang Chen would definitely maximize his gains.

"A Heavenly Core Demon Lord!"

Liu Hong said while gritting his teeth.

With a sway of his body, the Firethorn Savage unleashed some golden ray beams from his body. Each beam was like an indestructible sharp blade. At this point of time, the entire Green Sanctuary Sect was being showered with golden beams. This was a furious attack from the Firethorn Savage with no specific target. All the beams were shooting towards the tens of Divine Core Sect Elders in front of him.

"You really are a monster!"

"Hmph, the only regret I have is that my strength was not enough. Otherwise, the one kneeling on the ground today would have been you and not us." One of them spat. They had all thrown caution to wind. There was no need to fear Jian Chen any longer since they were all dead men walking.

Yan Chenyu exclaimed. The Black Ice Talisman had only touched her palm, she hadn't tried to control it, but it just went straight into her body.

Bai Yushuang glared angrily at Jian Chen, "You truly are the evil omen of our Changyang clan. Ever since your birth, you've caused nothing but trouble, and now our Changyang clan will be led to ruin because of you."

"So powerful, he killed a Late Divine Core warrior in an instant! Aiya, my eyes are going to go blind because of this glorious moment!"

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"What? That dog's head is that powerful?"

"Jiang Chen, you probably have no idea how dangerous Inferno Hell is. Even I do not dare enter. I tried persuading Guan Yiyun to not enter, but he insisted. However, you really don't have any reason to cultivate in Inferno Hell."

The results of this collision was beyond words. It was as if a real tsunami had just struck the place. The earthquake could be felt even 10 miles away from this place. All the trees that were closer to the center of the impact had already been shattered into splinters by the powerful waves.

Miserable shrieks constantly sounded out from the scene. In just a few breaths time, all the Divine Core disciples from the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect had been killed by the trio. The trio left the place after completing the task. Of course, Big Yellow didn't forget to take away the storage rings of all those who had died.

Yan Chen Yu grabbed Big Yellow's ear.

Guan Yiyun let out another horrible cry, then he passed out instantly. When a man was relieved from a long, tense situation, he would immediately pass out.

"The Cross Mountains!" The man's eyes lit up as he spoke, "Why is he going there?"

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