The Vow Of A Broken Heart Chapter 2838

The Vow Of A Broken Heart Chapter 2838

Within their abilities, the major sects and reputable clans in a continent would not allow people from other continents to throw their weight around in their area. They were bounded to the region for good and for ill through good and bad!

Gongsun Jianyun smiled and greeted Qing Shui!

Middle Reaches sects had trials by fire that were beyond compare with those in the Lower Reaches.

Meanwhile, on Starry Quarter Rainbow, there was a bright red mountain that rose high into the sky. At the top of the mountain was a young woman with hair like fire, sitting there meditating. She was very beautiful, and seemed to be surrounded by shapeless, invisible flames that would instantly eradicate anyone who got too close to her.

Bai Xiaochun's eyes gleamed with killing intent, and as everything in the world went still, he gripped the spear and stabbed it toward the Cai Clan patriarch.

"Nascent Soul!" he screamed inwardly. "Dammit, this guy is definitely a Nascent Soul eccentric! That's the only explanation for this!! He's definitely a Nascent Soul eccentric who possesses some sort of powerful magical treasure!!" The old man was convinced that this was the only way to explain Bai Xiaochun's incredible performance. The way he had cut down Core Formation experts as if it were child's play indicated that he was definitely a Nascent Soul cultivator!

A sound rang out like metal scraping on metal, and not a single scratch was visible.

It was only now that Qing Shui realized that this man, who wasn't very strong, was actually very intelligent.

What person was Mu Fengyang? How could he not understand the reason why they had come? There could only be two possibilities. The first one was because the Mu Clan now had the right to enter the circle of the strongest factions in the city. Thus, the Godly Sword Clan had come forth to build good relations and become friends or allies with them. Another possibility was that they were here to check out their abilities and then, while they were still suffering from casualties, to nip this potential threat in the bud while it was still growing.

Critical Damage!

It was about this time that an urgent voice rang out from a short distance away.

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"Gravity?" he blurted in shock. "How¡­ how is this even possible!?!?"?

Qing Shui apathetically fed the Diamond Demonic Boar pill after pill while the Fire bird patrolled the sky.?

The battle only lasted for the time it took to finish a cup of tea.

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After a few breaths of time passed, the moment of silence ended. Du Lingfei couldn't hold her feelings in any longer, and began to wail.

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