The Ninja Chapter 2636

The Ninja Chapter 2636

"No problem!" Qing Shui smiled and nodded.

"I know. But the Sky Penetrating Grass is very important to me. I will be extra careful in the mountains," Qing Shui replied, remembering that he still had a few tricks up his sleeves to evade dire situations.

It hadn't even been half a month yet, and he had already instigated two mutinies within the camp. Mistress Red-Dust almost couldn't believe it. In fact, even if she had intentionally set out to do the things that Bai Xiaochun had done, she wouldn't have been able to¡­.

The Grand Heavenmaster was busy with the Proclamation of Universal Grace. However, he knew about the bad blood between Mistress Red-Dust and Bai Xiaochun, so after only a short hesitation, he agreed to her request.

"Qing Shui..." Yun Duan called out a few times shyly and then entered the bathroom with Qing Shui smirking.

These bottles also contained tier-4 medicines, but they were supreme-grade, bordering on tier-5. They were fairly bursting with blood qi, and would be of significant benefit to his Undying Live Forever Technique.

"How's the back of the mountain? Shall we join them next time?" Qing Shui smiled teasingly.

After experience rebirth, the Five-Headed Demonic Spider was now very different from before. After taking this step, it was like it had ascended to the heavens. Qing Shui really wanted to know about the level of its abilities. So he asked the Five-Headed Demonic Spider about its abilities. The answer he got caused Qing Shui to be very astonished.

After Qing Yi turned her gaze towards Canghai Mingyue and Huoyun Liu-Li. She smiled and said: "Mingyue, Liu-Li, you guys are back!"

Bai Qi's face was expressionless, and yet, inside, he was feeling extremely displeased. It was even possible to see a grim glint in his eyes.

Conquering women? Conquering desire?

Back when the young master of the "Cotton Hall" proposed marriage to her, Gongsun Yikong also allowed Gongsun Jianwu to make her own decision. But to think that he was actually ¡®promoting' Qing Shui on his own initiative this time round.

Every group in the city was feeling a lot of pressure. The streets were virtually empty, with all of the soul cultivators remaining in their own residences, waiting to see what would happen in the end.

"I'm going to make a new pill that I'll call the¡­ Turn Off Pill!" The more he thought about it, the more pleased he was with the idea. Furthermore, the name of the pill couldn't have been better.

"I know, don't worry!"

"It has a tenfold spirit enhancement. Nothing can compare to that!!" As their cries rolled out, it wasn't just the Profound Stream Sect cultivators whose faces darkened. Even the Blood Stream Sect disciples had unsightly expressions on their faces; they weren't exactly happy to see the Spirit Stream Sect stealing the spotlight.

He didn't get the answer he sought after from his goddess master. Now that they were in his sights, how could he let this chance slip away?

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