My 10th Time Being Transmigrated Chapter 2809

My 10th Time Being Transmigrated Chapter 2809

"How do you feel now?" Qing Shui left the wound untouched for now. The wound had already stopped bleeding, albeit temporarily by sealing the severed blood vessels. However, it would be bad for the body if he kept her blood vessels sealed for a long period of time.

Qing Shui was surprised, he smiled when he thought of the words that he said earlier, it must have scared her. Di Chen had expressed her feeling to Qing Shui a few times, if he did not even answer her, it would be unfair. In the future, what would happen with the two of them would depend on their fate.

The clan chief's expression flickered, and his frustration surged to the point where he almost lost control. He had already offered quite a bit of resources, only to be rebuffed. Furthermore, he had already given everything he had the authority to give. Everything elseĦ­ was considered the foundation of the clan, and the decision to do anything with them was beyond him.

"He's actually handing in souls to become a major general?"

"I need to re-concoct this pill. I need a pill designed for me, something that's not dangerous at all. Say forget and then instantly forget, say wake up and then instantly wake up. That's the pill I need!" The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Therefore, he produced a huge sum of merit points to acquire the medicinal plants he needed, all of which were very rare.

Because even now, Qing Shui couldn't begin to guess at Shi Qingzhuang's heart!

Elder Ge's eyes gleamed brighter when he heard Qing Shui's reply. He kept nodding his head and said: "Qing Shui, I may be a low-levelled Martial Saint, perhaps even the lowest in the grades of Martial Saint, but I am still quite knowledgeable about breaking through to Martial Saint." Upon hearing his words, Qing Shui's heart jolted for a brief moment. Those who were able to breakthrough to Martial Saints were considered a talented genius of all men, which also meant they all had an outstanding ability of their own. Qing Shui looked at Elder Ge with hopeful eyes and said: "Elder Ge, please guide me."

"Can you sell me a bottle of the medicine earlier? It's too miraculous! It wouldn't be too expensive right?"

With that, the face of the man faded away, and Bai Xiaochun was left hovering there, a slight frown on his face. After a moment passed, he turned and headed to the second heavenly duke clan.

Adding 50% increase in abilities by Nature Energy, adding 30% increase in abilities by State of Immovable as Mountains, adding 30% increase in abilities by Frenzied Bull's Strength, adding 30% increase in strength by Heavenly Thunder Slash, adding 20% increase in strength by Shield Attack, adding the increase from the Big Dipper Sword, Violet Gold Divine Shield, and Heavenly Talismans, Qing Shui had the a little more than the strength of 8200 countries and a little more than the defense of 10000 countries.

"The hats were acting really strange today. They didn't bully us at all!"

"I'm willing to follow you, Blood Lord!"

Suddenly, he remembered the Yan Clan Treasury key that Yan Haoran gave him earlier that day. ?

"Time to go for broke!!" he shouted, a fierce expression twisting his face. Although taking this risk was not something he would normally do, at the moment, he had no choice!

It happened too quickly. A single blow, and almost all of his life force was sucked away in shocking fashion. Trembling, Master Cloud Lightning let out a shriek of despair.

"Since you've come all this way, Vile-Emperor, there's no need to skulk in the shadows. I hereby challenge you to a duel!"

In an instant, the Ye Clan was in a mess. A number of people rushed into the residence hastily, while the remaining few quickly surrounded Ye Yan with excitement on their faces.

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