Poison Body / CANCELLED Chapter 2075

Poison Body / CANCELLED Chapter 2075

Facing Ling Wu Shuang's huge fist, Jiang Chen didn't panic nor relax. He pointed his finger like it was a sword. The strength of the Six Solar Fingers was definitely enough to suppress the Azure Fist.

At that moment, a guard came running in with a message. "A report for the fourth master Changyang Xiangtian. There is a man named Ming Dong seeking audience."


Big Yellow said.

"All of that is not important. What is important is that today you will die. Since I am here it simply means you are dead meat. My advice to you is to try not to struggle and fight back. If you surrender now, I might consider giving you a quick death."

Shangguan Qingming's words were like a bomb exploding within the hall, it instantly woke everyone up, including Shangguan Sheng.

"To have such strength like that is quite terrifying." The elder thought with some fear toward Jian Chen.

"Brother Jian Chen, how was the outside world? Was it fun?"

"Not yet, just let me laugh some more!"

Jian Chen looked around himself and listened attentively, "There probably isn't a water source here, so I won't be able to to wash this off. I guess I'll have to handle this roughly." Plucking a few tree leaves, he began to wipe off the excess venom while pulling out a new change of clothing from within his Space Belt. Although this place was extremely large and there wasn't be anyone around, Jian Chen had no hobby of walking around naked.

Many people became panicked! Something really frightening just happened; a mysterious force had completely limited their cultivation bases! No matter what cultivation realm and stage they previously were at, all of them were now at the Early Mortal Core realm!

"I'm sorry, but I'm not leaving this stronghold today, because I'm going to occupy it. None of your friends will be able to leave here alive, all of them will die. Same goes for that Yang Shuo. Compared to you, his death will be much more miserable. Don't worry, your turn will soon come up. With your cultivation level, I'm sure you'll be able to withstand the poison for a longer time than the others, and you will be able to taste pain for a much longer time."

Jian Chen's figure blurred as he dodged the other man's sword. His Light Wind Sword became a silver glow of light that flew at his throat.

The Heavenly Saint Sword was hovering around Jiang Chen's body, greedily absorbing the lightning energy. There were three broken pieces of a whole residing inside of the current Heavenly Saint Sword, giving it the foundation of a Great Saint Weapon. Thus, it was not afraid of being destroyed by Heavenly Tribulation. In fact, if was using the Heavenly Tribulation's energy to temper its body, which greatly increased its quality.

"Since the tungsten alloy is revealed, we'll have no need to hide it anymore. Start mining it without the secrecy so we can mine them all out as swiftly as we can. We can avoid another unforeseen accident this way." Jian Chen spoke seriously. Although the Flame Mercenaries now had the strength to equal even the Shi family, tungsten alloy was far too valuable to be left alone on the continent. With such a tremendous deposit, he was worried that another force as strong as the Sect of Dragon and Tiger would show up.

Tugging on his sword, Kai Er was unfortunately unable to force his sword to move thanks to the immovable whip around his sword.

Leveling a cold look at the horrified expression Kris had, Jian Chen revealed a callous grin, "Sectmaster Kris, so we meet again so soon."

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