Special Agentí»s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 2751

Special Agentí»s Rebirth: The Almighty Goddess of Quick Transmigration Chapter 2751

When someone was killed, there would always be someone else who comes forth to seek revenge, and when those people who came to seek revenge were killed, there would be even more people coming, to take revenge for those who failed to get revenge. All of these people were coming from all sorts of big powers from the other provinces, and all of them had respective backgrounds. If this cycle of revenge kept running, no one would be able to predict when it would come to an end.

The other grand elder continued to stare off into the distance from where the rainbow clouds were spreading from. Perplexed, he spoke, "The rainbow clouds aren't too far away from us. This Saint Ruler has to be within the kingdom then."

The youth paused right in front of the gate and spoke calmly, "I am looking for Changyang Xiangtian."

"Hahaha, the time for the Burning Sky Pavilion to rule the entire Qi Province is finally here, the structure of the Qi Province is going to completely change! That guy from the Black Sect, Jiang Chen, has challenged senior disciple's dignity, he has no idea what the consequences will be!"

Besides, he had to break through to the Divine Core realm no matter what. If not, even after Big Yellow created the Spiraling Defense Mechanism, they wouldn't be able to leave this place.

The three of them were in messy states. Obviously, they had faced all kinds of trouble back in the Gate of Death. But luckily, they had finally come out from it without getting hurt.

At this, Jian Chen's opinion of the young changed drastically. He now started to see him in a more respectful light.

Although Jian Chen had previously killed two Class 5 Magical Beasts in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, that was when both magical beasts were in a severely injured state where they couldn't even stand up. Their lives were hanging by a thread, but even then, he had paid a hefty price for killing the two of them.

The disciple extended his big hand and started grabbing towards the veil on Yan Chen Yu's face.

What they could see was Jiang Chen moving like a wild tiger between the men in the black suits. The sword in his hands kept transforming into cold lightning strikes. Every time he struck his sword, a man would be killed. Everyone was killed by a single strike, and he never struck the same man twice.

Although Jiang Chen's words caused sweat to instantly appear on the foreheads of those from the Martial Saint Dynasty, many of them also had a surprised look in their eyes. The punishment was indeed a surprise to them, as they thought they would have to face a death sentence. Although losing both arms was something very bad for them, at least it was better than losing their lives.

"Third eldest!"

Noticing this, an ice-cold smile emerged on Jiang Chen's face. Two beams shot out from his eyes, and a killing intent began leaking from his body. He could tell that the Old Great Emperor was going to put up a desperate fight, but Jiang Chen didn't care.

After Bai Mo Ran left, Jian Chen quickly finished up the rest of his meal before returning to his dorm. Throughout the entire day, he hadn't seen his older brother Changyang Hu at all. His actions and whereabouts were completely unknown.

After the three entered the room, Jian Chen swung his hand, and a breeze closed the door. Afterwards, he turned around to look at Bi Hai and said, "Grandfather, this is my younger sister, Bi Lian. She is also a person of the Bi family, with the blood of our Bi family running in her veins. Currently, she is one of the few remaining members." After saying that, he turned around to speak to Bi Lian, "Lian'er, this is the patriarch of our Bi family. Why don't you quickly call him grandfather!"

"This is insane, they are fucking rich! This amount of wealth could make daddy piss my pants!"

Hearing this, Jian Chen returned their stares back at them without a hint of anger in them, Instead, he began to smile and said, "Even if we hand over the cub to you, you won't let us go because you're afraid that we'll spread news of the cub, and bring about unavoidable trouble onto you. Moreover, the trouble stirred would be quite major."

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