The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 1968

The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 1968

An Earth Tier Battle Skill was only a single tier away from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, but the difference in strength was between the earth and the heavens themselves. There was no room for discussion, otherwise, they would not use the words "earth" and "heaven" to distinguish between the two battle skill tiers.

"This is the third move, you've lost!"

"Jian Chen, is the Duanyun Sword in your hands or not." The fourth elder gave a heavy stare toward Jian Chen.

After killing all fifty Earth Saint Masters, the tiger glared dangerously at the leaders of the factions, causing everyone to flinch back in fear.

Jiang Zhen Hai said.

Looking at the magical glow that Jian Chen seemed to be doing, the shop owner had never seen such a sight before. She could only stare with wide eyes as Jian Chen's act of magic continued to captivate her.

Hearing this, the five Imperial Advisors couldn't help but let out a breath in relief. If one of the two had something happen to them in that short moment, they had no idea how they would be able to face the Imperial Protector.

"Haha, that's correct. With an expert like brother Jian Chen here, our Flame Mercenaries has gotten a harvest far richer than anything else." Kendall spoke merrily. "Seeing this pile of monster cores here makes me feel as if I am one step closer to my dream."

Of the nine Heavenly Layers that defined the Saint Ruler realm, each Heavenly Layer was extremely substantial in difference from one another. The Fifth Heavenly Layer and Fourth Heavenly Layer for example had a tremendous difference from one another. If a Saint Ruler of the Fifth Heavenly Layer were to fight a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, he'd be able to fight two of them to a standstill. Their comprehension of the mysteries of the world and mysteries of space was substantially lacking in contrast to the Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler. Jian Chen was no Saint Ruler in this aspect, and he could only borrow on his powerful body to contest against a Saint Ruler. But in front of a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Ruler, Jian Chen was powerless.

Jian Chen was surprised by this and turned to look at his third aunt. He didn't have a favorable opinion of her since he remembered how she used to treat him before. Ever since the beginning, she made life difficult for him with all the obstacles she put.

Wu Jiu was laughing out heartily. He had the reason to be so happy, a man who had prepared to face death, but was then suddenly led out from despair and welcomed into a new life, he just couldn't help but be excited.

"Xiang'er, please go to mother's room; there are matters we must discuss." Bi Yuntian said as she walked towards her room.

Accompanied by a miserable scream, Lord Nether's 30 meter tall body was blasted into pieces by Jiang Chen's foot; causing a huge amount of blood and flesh to pour down from the sky. With just a single strike, the formidable Lord Nether was left with nothing but a head. However, he had yet to die, and he was miserably crying out.

The group had already ordered fifty of their Earth Saint Masters to make a circle around the white tiger and then charge at the final moment when ready.

"Chief Jiang, there is a man following us."


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