Counterfeit Hero Chapter 855

Counterfeit Hero Chapter 855

"Why is a lady like you not with others? If you're so afraid, why would you walk through this forest alone? Just a few random sounds have even scared you to such an extent," Tie Ta asked in a muffled voice.

Jiang Zhen Hai didn't think that Jiang Chen had done anything bad.Since both families were enemies, they didn't need to be generous.

"Do you sense that? The space here has a faint trace of the fire element." An elder stated with a frown.

Jian Chen had not spoken in a loud voice, but when he spoke, everyone had clearly heard his words. They turned to face him and the other three.

It seemed like this huge sword was a sentient object. It didn't attack any humans, it only focused on demons, and it wiped out every single ferocious creature along its way. Nothing seemed to be able to stop it, and no demons were able to withstand more than a single strike from this gigantic golden sword.

"Mother! Father!" After a long while, two painful cries came from Jian Chen. Jian Chen slowly walked towards the group of people with trembling feet.

"Such a strong amount of soul power££ Since when has there been a great warrior hidden in young master's room?"

"Dad, a great master gave me that skill, if you like it then you can start cultivating using that skill."

"Yes, third grandfather!" Lei Yin departed courteously.

Jiang Chen started walking again. He reached the 35th step with ease, and his speed was extremely fast, just like a tiger hunting its prey.

"Fuck! If that Jiang Chen dares come back, daddy will definitely tear him apart! How could he let us waste so much time searching for him? This is outrageous!"

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

When the thousands of magical beasts were three kilometers away, Yun Li gave out an order, "Fire the Primary Tier Magical Crystal Cannons, let them feel the pain!"

The man's words had caused Qin Xiao to explode with fury as he stomped forward with a furious glare, "Uncle Tian Zhou, what is the meaning of this? Brothers Jian Chen and Ming Dong have received the Tianqin clan's invitation to join us on our travels to Mercenary City. They are both the noble guests of our clan, just how could you treat them in such a poor manner?"

"Miraculous! This young man has just created a new miracle! This is the first time in the Qi Province competition history that someone who isn't from the four big sects got first place, and also the first time someone has reached the top of the Stairway to Heaven! The trip here was totally worth it! His name will definitely be recorded in the Qi Province history for sure!"

Wen Hua was really happy. According to what he had heard from someone, this monk had found a rare treasure in the Chaotic Ocean. So, if he was able to capture this monk, not only would he obtain that treasure, he could also take credit for finding him, which would lead to him being rewarded handsomely upon returning.

"Wakaka, Little Chen, you're really cruel! But, I like this condition!"

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