Reincarnation as Nanobots? Chapter 934

Reincarnation as Nanobots? Chapter 934

The 2,000 corpse troopers quickly created a spell formation which caused black smoke to roil out and cover the entire Zhou Clan, sealing it completely!

Bai Xiaochun took Zhou Yixing with him as he left the area of the teleportation portal. After checking to make sure they weren't being followed, they stopped in a random alley to catch their breath. Then Bai Xiaochun finally took a moment to think about how the three great clans had been buying so many souls that he was left with almost nothing to buy. In fact, they had even gone so far as to offer ten times the normal price for some souls just now.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn't use his divine sense, and therefore had no way to even look for clues to figure out what had just occurred.

"Fishing?" blurted one of the other nearby cultivators.

Already, he had learned quite a bit about the situation. Bai Qi clearly was a chosen member of the Bai Clan, with extraordinary necromantic talents. Although he wasn't at the terrestrial rank yet, he was obviously on the verge of mastering eleven-colored flame.

Yang Hongwu hesitated for a moment, wiping the blood from his mouth. At the moment, he was too shaken to chase after Bai Xiaochun. The power that had just been unleashed, especially in that last attack, left him with the sinking feeling that Nightcrypt... hadn't even called upon his full battle prowess.

However, things were not going well. The stones were infected with a sovereign aura, and caused the areas where they landed to rot away. If they were found quickly, the effects could be combated to some extent. Unfortunately, some areas required that a celestial intervene.

As if she had heard the sound of footsteps, Shi Qingzhuang slowly turned around. The cool and beautiful face entered Qing Shui's vision, remaining as cool and beautiful as ever, and as elegant as before. That coolness of the beauty coupled with the crimson-feathered clothes presented a deadly enchantment.

The enormous damaged fan was slowly floating through that starry sky, going in some unknown direction on a never-ending journey!

"I'm asking about your impressions of Jing Shang, he seems to be pretty tough." Qing Shui smiled and looked at Duanmu Lingshuang, without avoiding her gaze.

Godly Armor Shield!

"Have your investigations revealed who was the main chef over at Yu He Inn?" A middle-aged, tall and sturdily built man, with moustache akin to steel needles, with eyes that flashed like lightning, in a embroidered satin robe with two arms, that were longer in length compared to ordinary humans, questioned in a low voice.

Qing Shui entered the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal. As the issues came up abruptly, he had not managed to harvest the ripened fruits. Now, the time in the realm had upgraded, and the Strength Enhancing Fruit, Agility Enhancing Fruit...brought 3 harvests every 2 years, which was beyond the time in the Realm of Violet Immortal. ?

"It was definitely the best choice to side with the Grand Heavenmaster!" Bai Xiaochun couldn't have been more smugly happy. All of his worries about being glared at by the Arch-Emperor had vanished.

He took out the Greatsword of the North and studied it, thinking back to what the northern Heavenspan River region had been like. After a moment, he pulled out his turtle-wok, and using his new stockpile of multi-colored flame, began to enhance it!

"This... this is impossible!!"

"Can it be that you can only nod your head?" Qing Shui was still doubtful.?

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