Love is Sweeter Second Time Around Chapter 2181

Love is Sweeter Second Time Around Chapter 2181

"How impudent!"

It was Ming Dong's uncle, the grand elder of Mercenary City ¨• Tian Jian!

Jian Chen's face didn't change at all as he brought his Light Wind Sword to block the frontal attack.

With that, an expensively dressed middle aged man walked into the compound with a casual stride.

Tianxiong Lie clenched his fist in frustration as his face revealed a hesitant expression. In his heart a fierce struggle was being played.

"Sect Chief, let me explain what happened to you."

Although Jian Chen had spent many days refining his Saint Force in Phoenix City, he still hadn't completely gotten rid of the side effects from using the monster cores to cultivate.

Experts within the Tian Yuan Continent were like clouds, there was simply no shortage of outstanding civilians. Although Jian Chen had only heard of the five experts during his time collecting the tokens, they were not the only experts in the competition. In their midst were people who were excellent at keeping a low profile, and it was only when the final started that their identities were revealed. Otherwise, all of the men that had came across them were killed off so that their strength would not be revealed.

"Mother, you underestimate fourth brother. My fourth brother is a genius among geniuses. As an older brother, I am far beneath his power." Changyang Hu smiled from his bed. In his heart, he was truly cheerful because he knew that his fourth brother was a Class 6 Radiant Saint Master. No one had ever heard of one within the Gesun Kingdom before, and it was still rare among the entire continent.

When Yan Chen Yu and Liu Wei Wang's palms collided, Liu Wei Wang was forced back by the strike despite his momentum. This wasn't the most frightening part. The real horror was Liu Wei Wang's arm being covered in white frost. In the next second, his entire arm was covered in solid ice, and a cold energy then rushed into his body, making him shiver and tremble.

Upon seeing the sudden activation of the barrier, Xiu Mi had a startled look. "Father, what is the meaning of this? What has made you so cautious to create a barrier?"

Ziying and Qingsuo both looked at Little Spirit for a brief moment before Ziying stated, "A strong soul!"

That was because in the past, every single King of the Mercenaries had been at the very least a Heaven Saint Master. At the highest, they had been able to make the breakthrough to become a Saint Ruler.

The fatty extended an arm out to rouse Jian Chen from his stupor, but the moment he saw the frightful wound on Jian Chen's chest, his hand froze in midair. "With such a wound like this, shaking your body would definitely hurt. No no, I can't do that££ Hey, are you okay or not? Can you even hear the words coming out of my mouth?" Both of the fatty's eyes stared at Jian Chen's face with an expectant look.

"The Flowing Cloud Sword Pavilion bids 25,000 purple coins££"

"Who dares to be so audacious? To cause trouble for our Zhou clan? Everyone, with me! Let us go see who dares tread on this sacred ground." The Zhou clan leader stood up with a dark expression. As he stomped out of the room toward the courtyard with a furious mood, everyone else followed.

After saying that, Nangong Wentian turned to Jiang Chen and cupped his fist, "Brother Chen Jiang, thank you for the Nine Soul Restoration Pills, you've saved my life! From no onwards; you are my friend!"

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