Tree Spirit Chapter 2500

Tree Spirit Chapter 2500

The woman tilted her head up to look at the studying Jian Chen, and although she didn't know his name, Jian Chen had left a deep impression on her. Aside from the past 3 days, Jian Chen had always been the first student to enter the library, and was always studying for the whole day. There were even some days where he didn't eat lunch to continue reading. The janitor lady had already been serving the academy for many years, but Jian Chen had been the very first student she had ever seen that was so hardworking.

Big Yellow burst into laughter. He immediately sprinted forward and arrived next to the dead Combat Soul warrior's body, then he took away his storage ring without any hesitation. This man and dog duo were experts at killing people and robbing them of all their belongings.

Jiang Chen said.

"I wonder if the patriarch can tell me about it. Qin Xiao is one of the best brothers of Jian Chen. Even if you have encountered problems, Jian Chen will do his best to help out in favor of brother Qin Xiao." What Jian Chen had said secretly raised Qin Xiao's position in the Tianqin clan. Even though he already knew about Qin Xiao current strength and the fact that he would be the next patriarch, his action still helped Qin Xiao very much.

"Buddy, you've gained a lot this time! The Flood Dragon's blood essence is going to do you a lot of good!"

The ninth elder did not say anything. Though, he had pulled out a jade pendant from his clothes and inserted a sliver of his thought into it. Shortly afterwards, the surroundings of the jade pendant began to ripple. The sliver of thought the ninth elder had inserted was already sent away by a mysterious method.

Jiang Chen joyfully laughed out, then told Ling Yi with a loud voice.

There were at least ten thousand demons on the enemy's side, and all of them were elite. Even the amount of Combat Soul demons was greater than that of the Profound River Palace. Countless demons filled the entire sky, stretching out more than a few hundred Li. It was a scene of an incredibly gigantic scale.

"It's the headmaster££"

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and that alone made him destined to become someone really powerful. If he had just broken through to the Late Combat Soul realm with 15,000 Dragon Marks, his combat strength would only be equal to that of the Old Great Emperor. But now, as he had a total of 16,000 Dragon Marks, he was able to suppress the Old Great Emperor with his combat strength.

Nangong Wentian kept cursing at those bystanders, and while getting rid of the dust on his body, he was walking away from where he landed.

"Why just a Fourth Cycle? Even a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master would be hard-pressed to survive four Heaven Tier Battle Skills. I say that Jian Chen has to be a Saint Ruler!" Another elder announced. His expression had been complex as he thought about just how Jian Chen had managed to defend against four Heaven Tier Battle Skill. A feat like that was bordering on the unbelievable.

"That punch was too powerful.I can feel that Jiang Chen still hasn't shown his true powers££This young man is a beast!"

Chen Shuang roared out. The three of them attacked at the same time while grinding their teeth. They moved like three tornadoes towards the big yellow dog.

Wu Yan was completely pissed off right now. He drew out a cold longsword, and unleashed the energy of a Peak Early Combat Soul warrior, and swung the sword at Jiang Chen. Since this guy wasn't taking him seriously, if Wu Yan didn't teach him a lesson, he would lose his face, and he wouldn't get along as well in the Martial Palace in the future.

Unless there was absolutely no choice, none of them wanted to make Jian Chen their enemy.

Jian Chen and the patriarch of the Xia clan continued to exchange several blows. Despite the patriarch trying his utmost best to dodge Jian Chen's sword, he couldn't help but be stabbed three times and have his axe suffer another five chips. With the increasing amount of damage to his Saint Weapon, the wounds the patriarch himself grew even more severe. If his Saint Weapon were to be destroyed by Jian Chen, not only would his entire strength be thrown away, but so would his life.

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