The Shadow of My Light Chapter 814

The Shadow of My Light Chapter 814

Glaring at the two for a moment, Bi Hai turned his eyes back to Jian Chen, "Who are you. Out with it." He growled.

From the side, Huo Wei told Jiang Chen the information he had about the Heavenhawk Island.

"Fourth brother, you can do it. Big Brother is watching you!" Suddenly, a familiar deep sound mixed amongst the other noises was clearly transmitted to the platform.

"Dong dong dong!"

"That damned school, that damned headmaster! Why do they have to force everyone to attend this type of event for no reason at all? Isn't this just deliberately trying to send us to our deaths?" Whenever she thought about how she had gotten into her current situation, Liang Xiaole could not help but start cursing in anger. Eventually her words gradually began to turn into sobs.Chapter 36: A Pack of Wolves

Jian Chen's words made Kai Er and the others extremely happy, "Many thanks to the captain for your guidance."

Xuan Yu looked at Jiang Chen and flipped his palm. A storage ring immediately appeared, "Here are some pills and herbs. Please take a look, Brother Jiang."

Jian Chen nodded his head, "Eldest aunt, you needn't worry. I won't let you down." Jian Chen spoke firmly.

Big Yellow cursed. The feeling of missing an attack almost made him go crazy.

Right at this moment, a loud explosive sound that came from someone erupting with anger could be heard from the island. A tremendous aura shot up into the sky. Hearing this, Jiang Chen shouted at those in front of him, "Everyone, move aside!"

At the same time, Jiang Chen flipped his hand and retrieved two Early Divine Core demon souls and absorbed then immediately. With the help from the Dragon Transformation skill, they helped him form another 40 Dragon Marks, giving him a total of 450 Dragon Marks, as well as more confidence in dealing with the Black Crow chasing behind him.

"Wonderhand Thousandtunes Wu Ningzhu, you've played your zither well. Just attack with everything you got, I wish to see how strong this Fantasy Zither Thousandtunes can be."

Following the aftermath of the damage from the energy wave, Jian Chen quickly traveled toward where the fight was taking place.

After an hour of witnessing the intense sales and trades of the pills, Jiang Chen started yawning and began to feel bored.

Jian Chen's sword was unparalleled in speed, striking out in all directions as an offense and defense at the unbelievably fast speed of light. The Light Wind Sword continued to collide with the other Saint Weapons, causing metallic clanging sounds to screech out. After each collision, the strong amount of Saint Force from the weapons would diffuse through the area, causing dust and smoke to pervade the air.

There was no sound outside the door for some time. Eventually, a voice said, "Sister, it's me."

Suddenly, the man shouted loudly and dashed forward at a mighty speed towards Jian Chen. The middle aged man's speed was almost terrifying, and in the blink of an eye, the Guan Dao was almost invisible as it swung down onto Jian Chen's neck.

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