First Player Chapter 1797

First Player Chapter 1797

Wu Cong nearly exploder from anger. If not for the fact that Jiang Chen was holding four plates, he would have already killed these guys. But now, he could only suppress his anger.

With a small hum to himself, Jian Chen spoke, "Shopkeeper Ochire, would you perhaps have any heavenly resources over the age of ten thousand?"

At the same time, Tianmu Ling revealed a long whip and laughed, "This little brother has quite the temper. I haven't offended you, so could you please not go around randomly using things to smash into people?" With that, her arm shook and brought the whip flying straight up at the seal.

Just as Jian Chen approached the giant gates, the guards at the gates blocked his path with a cold look and a loud shout.

"Alright, we'll listen to young master Jiang's commands. Let's go now."


Seeing this entrance, Yun Li's face seemed to be stricken with fear, and his body went slack.

The third elder's face looked as if he had suffered a terrible blow as his expression immediately scrunched up to look rather vicious and ugly like. Originally, he had thought he had finally cornered Jian Chen, but Jian Chen had somehow managed to cross the wall he had put up without any effort at all.

"I can agree with that sentiment. If we continue to sit around like this, then we will ultimately be digging our own graves. When the moment comes for the Flame Mercenaries to overcome us in power, then the next sacrifice to be annexed will be us. We must take action now without any time to spare."

The old man said respectfully.

His words instantly brought a tremendous storm to the entire square. Many people simply yelled out in shock. Even the three elders were enraged. As elders who were in charge of the outer circle, Jiang Chen's behavior was no doubt incredibly disrespectful to them. To them, it was a provocation to their position and status.

Jian Chen smiled bitterly. Even though his Space Belt contained a wealthy amount of monster cores, with this rate of consumption, the monster cores wouldn't last for more than a few days. When there were no more to absorb, Jian Chen would then be forced to rely on the World Essence. Right now, Jian Chen could only hope that his dantian and the two glows of light inside would become saturated with energy, and stop taking it from him when he cultivated.

Jiang Chen unleashed his Azure Dragon's Five Steps and stepped forward. In the blink of an eye, he arrived above Lord Nether and forcefully trampled upon his back.

Jian Chen was no stranger to the precious nature of the Radiant Spirit pills. If they were said to be life-saving miracle drug, that saying would not be an exaggeration. If a person were to sustain serious injuries, that person could consume a Radiant spirit pill to aid in their recovery. It couldn't completely heal their wounds in one go, but it could at the very least temporarily stabilize their conditions and prevent their body from further decay. If there were enough Radiant Spirit pills, they could even bring back a man on the brink of death to a healthy state. Their uses and effects were unquestionable to anyone.

Tyrant nodded his head.

Zhang Quan said.

Liang Xiao unleashed his energy. Obviously, he didn't want to waste any time either. He extended his hand and forcefully grabbed towards Jiang Chen.

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