Desolate Era Chapter 851

Desolate Era Chapter 851

Qing Shui focused wholeheartedly on the Talisman-shaped Beast Skin in front of him. He held the Golden Calligraphy Brush in his right hand and expertly drew the same image as the one in the Descending Heavens Talisman, especially that divine-like sword. A Descending Heavens Talismans was smoothly and naturally drawn.

Li Qinghou could see how bloodshot his eyes were, and knew it must have been quite a struggle to convince himself to come.

"I'd guessed that it would be him. Not that we would have had a say in it anyway."

Qing Shui wasn't surprised by her question. He slowly explained, "Through a treasure map that I have somehow obtained. I was looking for treasures."

However, instead of a boom, their ears were met with silence. After the six quasi-Core cultivators charged into his room, no sounds of combat emerged. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!

There was also pressure weighing down which restricted the cultivation bases of any cultivators that entered the city, making it impossible for them to fly.

Qing Shui followed Cang Wuya outside the door, Fei Wuji and the other girls came out as well.

He waved once again at the Qing Clan before climbing onto the back of Fire Bird with Di Chen!


However, the outcome truly exceeded his expectations. Zuoshi Yi looked quite pale and unsightly. At the time when he came, he had already promised Zuoshi Yun that he would help him achieve his goals by all means.


"He passed out again¡­?" Bai Xiaochun murmured, feeling a headache coming on. Big Fatty Zhang stared down at him in shock, puzzled at how poorly Song Que took a simple joke¡­.

Qing Shui was not overly humble since it would make people feel that he was being fake. He nodded and said, "That's right. I wonder if you know where they can be found?"

This fan was not, in fact, an archaean precious treasure. It was¡­ a world treasure that had once belonged to a sovereign!

Qing Shui wanted very much to see Shi Qingzhuang again, but she did not appear in the list of those who came who were representing the Shi Clan for the Yu Clan's banquet.

"Good good, Hai Clan seems to be resolved in their decision. You've got guts." Even though the elder of the Luo Clan was at his boiling point, he began to laugh.

Qing Shui told the creature not to touch the things within the pond. He found out that the Thunderous Beast would only eat the Rainbow Trout Fish. Luckily, there were now quite a number of Rainbow Trout fishes in the pond and the little Thunderous Beast had a somewhat limited appetite.

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